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Gary Coleman

Don't Pull the Plug on Me!

6/14/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained legal documents signed by Gary Coleman in 2006 in which the actor specifically directed that he did not want anyone to pull the plug on him ... if he was ever in that situation.

Gary Coleman
The documents were ironically filed by Shannon Price -- Gary's ex-wife -- the person who authorized doctors to take Gary off life support last month. Price has filed the docs in an effort to be granted control over the disposition of Gary's body. 

Among the documents filed today by Shannon is a health care power of attorney which Gary filled out in 2006.  Under the heading "Instructions for Health Care" -- Gary checked a box  titled "Choice to Prolong Life" which states, "I want my life to be prolonged as long as possible within the limits of generally accepted health care standards."


The other option Gary had -- "Choice Not to Prolong Life" -- was left unchecked.

In the docs, Shannon explains her decision to end Gary's life saying she was "forced" to pull the plug. She does not explain why she felt forced.


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Poor Gary. Send her to prison.

1591 days ago


This saga is far from over. But, could someone PLEASE give Gary Coleman a funeral?

1591 days ago


she did the right thing,,,,

1591 days ago


This is simply pathetic then why fill all of the paperwork out if noone is going to pay attention...FAMILY LAWYER UP!

1591 days ago


She was "forced" to pull the plug because otherwise he risked waking up and telling everyone she pushed him. TMZ is not the brightest set of crayons in the box these days.

1591 days ago


I blame the hospital as much as I blame Shannon Price.

Both are idiots, and both should be held accountable for neglence.

Someone needs to go to jail.

1591 days ago


hello? she wanted him to die because she wanted to get all his money. Remember that's what they faught over, she wanted all the "high -end stuff" and he was getting pissed because she was pissing through everything he had. He should of not had anything to do with her after divorcing her. She obviously wanted and got revenge on him.

1591 days ago



Sorry, I misspelled the word.

1591 days ago


She's a horrible person and I can only hope, she will get hers in a legal court of law. Hey Utah! Do something please!!!

1591 days ago


Tha box that is checked looks different then the other box above it..Looks like someone made another box and checked it. This whole situation screams scandle !!!

1591 days ago


Used and abused his entire life... even till the end.. that BITCH killed him.... None of her pix with him even remotely show she loved him.. not one sincere sweet look his way... nasty whore

1591 days ago


#7 It shows how greedy she was by not fixing her horrible gum problem before she blew it in Vegas.

1591 days ago


This whole situation just keeps getting sadder and sadder. Gary Coleman lived a tortuous life and now in death he cannot even be in peace. I just don't understand how Shannon Price keeps getting away with all of these unethical thing she is doing. I really wish Gary Coleman had someone, anyone .. to stand up for him and put a stop to that evil woman. RIP Gary.

1591 days ago


Not to defend her because she is definitely a piece of **** but he was probably brain dead. The fact he went from alert and talking and rapidly deteriorated shows the hemmoraging and swelling in his brain were very severe. That is why she wouldn't have a choice.

1591 days ago


I've grown to hate this woman. She's utterly loathsome and despicable.

1591 days ago
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