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Shocker -- Katherine Shows Up in Court with Joe!

6/14/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He delivered one of the most heartless insults of 2010 -- yet Katherine Jackson maintained her united front showing up to court with Joe Jackson for the Conrad Murray hearing.

We don't know if they drove in the same car together, but Katherine walked into the courtroom with Joe and sat with La Toya and Jermaine. 

Katherine and Joe didn't really speak to each other in court, and Joe at one point put on his shades and seemed to doze off.

Pretty stunning -- they were sitting in court looking at the man who is charged with the death of Michael Jackson, after Joe said over the weekend ... his wife was partly to blame.


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That not unusual _ A mother and father have to make sacrifices to stand up for thier children _ Becuase they have to stand united for Michael no matter what. Thats what family's should do. The other issues will be solved seperate. Katherine may be very well use to Joe running his mouth innapropriatley he has been doing it FOREVER _ She will get hers :) and he will get his :0

1589 days ago


They are Jehovah's Witness so divorce is out of the question. They feel like you should stay in the marriage no matter what is going on. Otherwise Joe would have gotten the boot years ago. Still I can't understand how the church thinks it is ok for Joe to cheat have other children be mentally and physically abusive and that's ok. God does not want that life for anyone.

1589 days ago


Leaches all....just different shades of the same class-less family

1589 days ago


They are not even a Couple. THEY LIVE IN SEPERATE STATES!!! The only reason they are "together" is because her religion. What a sad way to live your life.

1589 days ago


#80 9 kids and no divorce = a couple!!!!!!!!

1589 days ago


@#82: "Oh Please."

To respond to your post that KJ had to stay with Joe because of her religion, I just wanted to let you knkow that Jehovah's Witnesses do believe in divorce on the grounds of adultery or any sex act outside of marriage, including homosexualility. The Bible allows for this (even though the Catholic Church, for example, appears not to recognize adultery as grounds for divorce and still requires an official annulment by church officials.)

So I think if a husband or wife has even heterosexual oral sex, or homosexual sex of any type, in addition to straight-out heterosexual adultery, his or her mate does not have to put up with it. At that point in the relationship, the vow to the other has been broken and, if the spouse who was cheated on wants to do so, he or she may seek a divorce. HOWEVER, if the "innocent spouse" resumes sexual relations with the adulterous spouse, then that spouse is considered forgiven. That innocent spouse cannot later decide to divorce, unless there is a new incident and thus new grounds.

So KJ had grounds to divorce Joe long ago, and for whatever reason has chosen not to. But it was NOT a requirement of her religion to stay with him.

Just wanted to clear that up, because Jehovah's Witnesses have a very reasonable and scriptural view of divorce, and few people are aware of it.

1589 days ago


With parents like that he didn't have a chance to love a normal life in this world. It's no wonder he was so horribly screwed up. May he rest in peace now that he's free.

1589 days ago


Katherine is their for Michael not Joe. Joe must be desperate for money to go to the Globe and talk **** about Katherine. They could all blame each other for the rest of their lives , but that wont bring MJ back. Im sure everyone in the family could of done things different. MJ was a grown man. the last thing he would want is his mother coming over and trying help him. MJ had enough money to go to the best treatment center in the world. But he choose to use. If their is anyone to blame it the stupid doctors for giving him all the drugs he wanted.

1589 days ago


she does not need the media to make her point. Joe knows his place. that's why he leaves in Vegas and not in her house.he is like a begger, after little pennies to survive. he won't be here for long.what a pittiful dad!!his kids should stop covering for him. MJ was a only one speaking out.

1589 days ago


If they have been married 4 60 yrs. we all need to butt out..Keep our eyes on the prize.. Murray will pay!

1589 days ago


I have no sympathy nor any respect for - Katherine.

She should have divorced that abusive, lying, cheating SOB years ago. Right now she has the power to cut him off at the nuts but she still stand stoically! Lady, enough is enough. Teach your sons how to treat a woman and your daughters to be strong and not tolerate men like Joe. he is an ignorant waste of human flesh.

Send his ass back to Vegas to mooch off of his OTHER baby mama!

1589 days ago


My heart really breaks for this family. To lose your loved one, than it seems like things are going right for the murderer and not for the victim. We can only imaging the heartache and stress they must be feeling. Stay strong, Jacksons.

1589 days ago


This is nothing new they would always show up at court together.
He raised his boys the way his father raised him. Joe was also
a boxer. I think he is proud of Michael,he wanted to be a great

Miss you Michael
R.I.P. Michael

1589 days ago


What's shocking about that, when we all know Katherine and Joe are the deceased's parents. You guys,really are persimists. You only want the ugly out of every situation, what's wrong with you. No wonder why things are not getting any better in this world, with all this hate, ppl wanting to see other pple's downfall. Shame on you all, who think that way. You really serve no purpose in this world, as you are only contributing to the woes we face today as a ppl in this world. This only shows that you sensationalised that story, twisted it to look negative. Joe did not mean it that way, and to all those who are not ignorant, they know exactly what i'm talking about.

No matter how much you want to create hate and tension between that family so you can sell to fill your pockets, it will never happen for as long as Katherine is alive, and not surprisingly even after she's gone, bcz that's what she has taught her children. Of-course they have disageements like any other family, but they are still a family by the end of the day, and they need each other more than ever at this particular moment, and they will be there for each other no matter what....SO SUCK IT! And i'm glad they,ve just proved it in your faces. So what are you going to say next time you hear they have pointed fingers at each other again, and they appear together again? Huh.......will you say shocking again? Get a life TMZ and your supporters. There are better stories to report on. You are hearding for your own destruction, cz ain't no one goes any lower than this!

1589 days ago
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