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New Michael Jackson Video Game for Xmas

6/14/2010 9:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson is still on the cutting edge of technology -- TMZ has learned the King of Pop is set to star in a new revolutionary video game ... and the people in charge of MJ's estate are totally on board.


The game -- currently untitled -- will essentially be "dance karaoke" ... which means gamers will see Michael Jackson dancing on screen and will then be challenged to imitate his moves.

The game will be available on multiple platforms including Wii and Xbox 360. The Xbox version will incorporate Microsoft's new Kinect motion capture technology -- which will allow the gamer to play without holding a controller.

Also in the Xbox version, the gamer will be judged based on full body movements. The game will process the movements and display the gamer's avatar on screen ... dancing right next to MJ.

And there's more -- the game also includes a karaoke feature, in which gamers can sing MJ songs like "Billie Jean" ... and even mess around with their voice thanks to an autotune feature.

The game is being developed by Ubisoft -- the same people behind Assassin's Creed and Ghost Recon -- and we're told Ubisoft properly secured permission from the MJ estate ... so it's all legit.

The game is scheduled to hit shelves sometime before Christmas.


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Seriously, that photo is creepy. Dude's flesh looks like alabaster and not in a good way.

1595 days ago


If they money goes into the estate why is that exploiting MJ? When he was alive he made deals to bring money into his estate, like the MJ doll's.

1595 days ago


Snatch the underware of little boys would be more realistic... the guy was a disgusting freak. Good riddance.

1595 days ago


Its always after they die the true heros and genuises are recognised

1595 days ago


In between songs i bet they make you try to get little boys to your room with jesus juice.Then you try not to balance your coke drinking with your drugs and not die.

1595 days ago


Wouldn't MJ have enjoyed this for all the wrong reasons?

1595 days ago


Great Idea lots of money for Michaels estate and sounds like it will be a winner _ what better game than listeing to MJ music watching him dance and being a part of it _ I applaud the Executers of Michael's estate.

Of course it for Money silly _thats the whole idea DUH !!
Thats what is suppose to be happenign thats what Mj hoped for and drew up the trust for his children for _ he wanted to make money
with his music art and other commrcial means in death as he has always done in life _ he loved games made with his image. so what
is the problem with the estate making MONEY - They are doing an AWESOME job so far.

They are doing a great job doing what they are suppose to do
which is Make Money for MJs estate . People are so uninformed.
What the hell do they think the executers are suppose to be doing. Loose money or make money for the estate - some replies have me sctatching my head.

1595 days ago


Follow the money.. it all goes back to Branca. The Will is not legal and Branca is making a fortune off of a dead Michael Jackson just like AEG and SONY are. Dr. Murray was used to kill Michael because they all knew he was worth more dead than alive. Look at the deals being made.

1595 days ago


why couldn't these creative genius not come up with these brilliant ideas when MJ was alive, at least it would take care of some of his debt!

1595 days ago


will it have a kid touch mode where you get to see him touch little boys then try to mimick him??

1595 days ago


I can see the 'Trolls' are out again. Geezzzz, give it a rest already.

1595 days ago


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1595 days ago


****ing stupid money whores! Leave MJ alone!!

1595 days ago
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