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Charlie Sheen Car Theft -- Home Surveillance

6/15/2010 6:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For a second time, it looks like the car thieves who jacked Charlie Sheen's ride may have gotten away with it because of problems with surveillance video.

Charlie Sheen Car Theft

Law enforcement tells us Charlie had a surveillance camera at his house, but the video only shows one person who appears to be "messing with the car."  Problem is ... the video is "very shadowy" and it might be impossible to identify the thief.

As for surveillance video at the guard gate -- we're told it shows "nothing that was useful."

Rewind to 4 months ago, when car thieves hit Charlie for the first time.  Again, cops struck out in the video department and the crime went unsolved.


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bring back recent posts    

TMZZZZZZ...where is Prince Von Cuckoo, and Gummy Bear? these posts r soooo boring..cmon

1561 days ago


sounds like an inside job...

1561 days ago


B!TCH is only doing `` for PRESS!! He wants us to feel sorry for his douche`bag A$$!! SORRY Charlie!! So not happening ``` here!! GET HELP!!

1561 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..actually, Tmzzzzzz, prolly u should expand ur papps to the hamptons for the summer, nobody left to crack us up with in LA!

1561 days ago

Pornosec Prole    

This is what happens when you come out for 9/11 truth.

1561 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

So TMZ, thanks so much for running a useless story that only serves to point out the security weaknesses in Sheen's gated community. Calling all criminals!

Seriously, are you that in need of material?

1561 days ago


Came here to make a comment, but $$ beat me to it word for word.

1561 days ago


The ashtrays were full again, need a new car. Ah life in fantasy land.

1561 days ago


I think the other residents in this gated community ought to be suing for better security.

1561 days ago


Check the story on his crazy criminal wife. JMO

1561 days ago


Hey is Charlie so much of an ******* that his cars are committing suicide. This is the second on that ha jumped off a cliff.

1561 days ago

Charlie's dope dealer took the car until he pays him back!

1561 days ago


He's probably driving it. What are the odds of this happening twice? He can't even go 17 days without smoking, drinking and whoring; guys obviously an addict. And embarrassing addict who makes $2 million a week for a damned TV show. No wonder everyone wants to come to America.

1561 days ago


Ok, please tell me someone in the Police Department is finding this a little bit con****ed? Dont have a clue for what reason someone would do this.
But look:
-Hi Tech security cameras at Charlies
-Hi Tech security cameras and guards at the exit and entrance
-Both times car was stolen it was only driven so far and dumped over the cliff, not even a mile from Charlies house AmIright?
-Both times the security cameras were not operating or you cant see the person well enough. **cough** these security cameras systems are thousands and thousands of dollars especially the ones set up at the exit entrance to his community, and also around inside the community.
-"whomever" is not stealing it to dismantle or sell it in Mexico

So you have two things it could be. ~Charlie is looking for attention and doing it himself or ~Some is mad at Charlie over something, drug deal gone bad, drugs not being bought anymore, exwives, or wives, or girlfriends.

Also if its NOT Charlie doing it himself, and that this has happened twice in this community I would A. MOVE B. Kick Charlie out C. Get better cameras and security and check them everyday for operating.

1561 days ago


more like he got drunk and drove it in2 the house

1561 days ago
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