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Gary Coleman 911

'Yeah, He's Suicidal'

6/15/2010 4:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman 911 CallGary Coleman's ex-wife told police he was "suicidal" and acting crazy during a 911 call she made 4 months before she was -- in her words -- "forced" to pull the plug on Gary.

During the call, made back in January, Shannon Price doesn't sound overly concerned about Gary's well-being -- she told the operator that he was "humiliating me in front of my friend."

Police showed up and arrested Gary on a warrant for failure to appear in court for a 2009 domestic violence incident.


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They sure do have nice 911 operators in Utah. Here in Southern California you can call to report a man getting shot in the street and the 911 operators act like you're disturbing their lunch.

Hey Shannon, you don't really have to, you know, say "you know" several times in each sentence, you know? It makes you, you know, sound like, you know, a complete moron, you know?

1562 days ago

Lynn M    

Both Gary and Shannon are troubled people but after listening to this, it sounds like Gary could also be quite a handful as well as self-destructive. Bottom line is while Shannon is an odd person and obviously immature, I do not believe she killed anyone.

1562 days ago


Jesus, she doesn't 'need' to deal with suicide, She can't deal with him being 'gross and bloody'. And we're expected to believe she loved him?

Gimme a break. I'm not sure she pushed him (or whacked him with something) but it wouldn't surprise me.

What a sad mess.

1562 days ago


ARE ALL POLICE DEPARTMENTS FRIGGIN IDIOTS! During the 911 call she was more worried about her friend and not touching blood while the guy is bleeding to death.

This chick is a psycho nut job and there should be an investigation yesterday

1562 days ago


Let the stupid little creep/loser rest in peace already.

1562 days ago

Gloria Unread    

I wonder why the audio dropped at 2:52 when the dispatcher said 'Well, we just need to get him some mental help."

That's funny, because it sounds like Shannon is the one who needs mental help. Narcissitic Borderline Personality Disorder. Everything has to revolve around her. Count the times she says 'I' and 'me' versus how much she mentions Gary. Pathetic.

"I thought it would be kind of mean if I just left. You know? Because he would just die." Ugh.. her leaving would have been the kindest thing she could have done.

1562 days ago


Shannon needs to be put in a nut house. I don't believe anything that comes out of her mouth after all the things she has said and done since Gary passed. Yeah Gary wasn't the greatest....I get it, but still this chic sounds like she is up something. She could have pushed him or gave him something to make him dizzy.

1562 days ago


She is a stupid lying moron who can't finish a sentence. Sure he would have died if you left...more like maybe he would have lived if you left.

1562 days ago


maybe its a good thing he died,,ever thought of that?

1562 days ago


Again as i have stated in the past.....This B i t c h is crazy and out for money but i don't think she killed him...

1562 days ago

She did it    

Pretty obvious she pushed him down the stairs to kill him.

1562 days ago


#2 Greg, you made, you know, your point, you know. I think, you know, we get your message, you know?
I fully agree with you. People who say "you know" several times in each sentence are very hard for me to understand.

1562 days ago


My only questions is did she really need to call 911 to have a conversation? I mean honestly she was going on and on about nothing important, where I am from you give the operator the basic info and then just hold to wait. But then again where I am from they would have told me to hang up the phone cause being humiliated is not a emergency and she could call the non emergency phone number... this chick is a NUT job, it all has to be about her...

1562 days ago


May we just let this man rest in peace?

1562 days ago


I know I'm gonna be flamed for this, but he really was a little negative, pain-in-the-butt-difficult jerk. I think this woman is AWFUL, but really, they deserved each other. What kind of 42 year-old a-hole "Bangs their head off the wall and heater" in a tantrum? One down, one to go.

1562 days ago
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