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Gary Coleman's Ex Gets Shady in Court

6/15/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing Chanel sunglasses, Gary Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price showed up to court in Utah on Monday to file documents in which Gary indicated that he wanted to be kept on life support "as long as possible."

Shannon says she was "forced" to pull to plug on Gary last month -- but she does not specify how she was forced.


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chiclet teeth needs to be arrested and thrown in jail with Joran Van Der Slooth and OJ Simpson!

1553 days ago


I'm tired of reading about this pasty chichlet teeth hoe!

1553 days ago


What's all that crap she's dragging into court? Is she gonna have a picnic?

1553 days ago


This is so sad because. I believe that she harmed him and pulled the plug to keep him from talking. I feel really sad that she will probably never be brought to justice. Utah does not seem to be interested in delving into this any further. I just hope that she does not benefit from the will. She pimped this poor guy until he took his last breath. The proof is in that scandalous picure in the globe. Pity.

1553 days ago


Fact is, sources indicate that Gary probably has millions in his retirement fund that he couldn't access until he reached retirement age. She is probably going to get that money anyways, but she wants to assure that she does by pretending that they were still married. Depends on if she was specifically named in the pension do***ents or if he chose "by law" which would cut her out if they were divorced. Hopefully police are still investigating because she has a motive and she is certainly acting suspicious with all of her lies. I can't believe the hospital let her pull the plug on him without even determining if she had the right to do it. If I was his parents I'd be lawyering up right now. Hospitals don't really care about their patients and they will let anyone in to visit a patient, even if he's in a comma. They'll let complete strangers in to visit with your children if you don't watch them.

1553 days ago


yet another classic case of why we need life guards in the "gene pool"

1553 days ago

Politico Pablo    

This women is determined to squeeze every penny she possibly can out of Gary's estate. All she ever saw in him was a dollar sign on his forehead.

1553 days ago

to little    

You people are dumb if she wanted to kill him why would she call 911 when he was clearly still alive? If she wanted to kill him she wouldn't have called 911 until the next day saying she woke up and found him dead. Next the Hospital is not going to take someone off life support if there is chance of recovery. Look up renal failure something that Gary was suffering from before all this, you will die from it. When it becomes medically impossible for someone to recover they offer any close family the choice. Like others have said he chose this woman and was living with her. Lots of ignorant people on here. I don't like the b anymore then you all do but saying she killed him shows your ignorance.

1553 days ago


Little at 2:35PM June 15 2010. I agree. Why would she call 911? She could have easily not called 911 or walked out of the house if she did not want to help Gary. Further, medical professionals will tell you if someone is not going to be able to survive. The little guy's brain bled and he was not going to get better given his other health issues. And no, Shannon is not a person that most of us would want to know but apparently Gary wanted her in his life even after all the problems they had. Go figure...

1553 days ago

get a life ho    

*ucking *unt

I wish she would get hit by a freight train for putting Gary down against his own written wishes

what a witch !

1553 days ago


Gary didn't have any money. He worked at low paying jobs such as security guard. I believe this woman loved him and probably is the only person that did since we know his own parents haven't talked to him in more than 10 years.

This woman wasn't after his money since he had none. She stayed in the relationship because she cared about him. Until you have ever been faced in a situation where doctors want you to allow them to end life support you simply have no idea how difficult it is to do that, and to not do that.

When she says she was forced, I'm sure it is because his health insurance wouldn't continue to pay for life support when the hospital is against doing so. Sadly it is not a free service to keep someone alive. When hope is gone, so is the insurance. I hope the media leaves her alone. I read that she said she didn't have money for his funeral. I beleive that and I am sure it was suggested to her to take the pictures and sell them. She still isn't rich but she can bury him now.

1553 days ago


She was "forced" to Pull the plug so she alone could get control of his assets and pension someday -- follow the money!!

1553 days ago


She has fake designer sunglasses, but what she needs is a fake designer purse. She's always carrying so much crap around- why can't she just pretend shes not trailer trash.?

1553 days ago


Ain't she a sight to see? Wearing Chanel sunglasses? I thought she said she didn't have enough money to bury him? So ridiculous it is pathetic.

1553 days ago


The more the idiots comment, the more "press" this slob gets. I'm guilty too. Unbelievable that this woman (?) continues to invite the press/comments. Obviously she's all about getting her 15 minutes and all the money she can from this. Hope she can live with herself when her 15 minutes are over. Whatever was left in his estate should just go to kidney one person should profit from his death.

1553 days ago
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