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Tiger Woods

Not the Daddy!

6/17/2010 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... a DNA test disproves the claim of Devon James -- that Tiger Woods fathered her 9-year-old son.

A source handling the situation tells TMZ the DNA test was performed in 2002, as part of "an ongoing child support battle."

We're told although the DNA test excludes Tiger, it establishes to a reasonable certainty who fathered the boy -- a guy from Florida.

The boy's pics were posted on Kikster.com. Coincidentally, he does look an awful lot like Tiger.


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This is no surprise.Women in search of money and fame will say and do shameful things,like lying about their children's paternity.

1553 days ago


"Don't get married," I hope you take your own advice and don't get married or procreate. Anyone who tries to blame the victim -- Elin -- in all this is a class A idiot. In addition anyone who thinks Tiger is good looking or sexy is blind and has a low IQ. Anyone who says they'd "do him" has a serious lack of morals problem and would "do" anyone.

1553 days ago

solar panel    

It would not be good for a youth to have a miserable sociopath sleeze-loving AIDS virus as a dad. free golf clubs are no way to sway the argument.

1553 days ago


My guess is some (or all) of the tabloid shows and websites who have been covering this story knew this from the beginning but conveniently waited to first sell some headlines. Questions of paternity these days are too easy to prove, or not, to get much mileage from such a story. Move on people, no story here.

1553 days ago


What does he shoot, golf balls? At least it will keep him out of trouble!! Why is it so much fun to make fun of this fool?

1553 days ago


It's pretty irresponsible, even for a group of shock "journalists" at TMZ, to claim that "Coincidentally, he does look an awful lot like Tiger." based on a set of grainy - at best - pictures of a child. Hell, by those standards, I might as well pull out the 16-year old baby pictures of my (bi-racial) son and claim he's illegitimate love child. Apparently, TMZ might buy the story from me...

1553 days ago

Don't get married    

Algonquin: It sounds like you're very immature (defined as being stupid, weak and needy). I feel sorry for any boy that's with you. Any girl that plays the victim card is immature in my book and NOT marriage material. The reality of life is that it takes two to bring down a relationship. Get your head out of the gutter!

1553 days ago


Don't get married you are a psychologist now..... It takes two to bring down a relationship ? Really the same applies for Sandra Bullock . If I follow your comment Sandra is to blame as well as Jesse for her falling of her marriage right ???????
Just because Elin married Tiger you need to find excuses for this jerk. What kind of planet do you live in ????? It's normal for you to sleep with more than 2000 sluts including porns stars and escorts ; not using protection while your wife is expecting ....
You must be a degenerate to think like you do. Like it or not this is your so loved Tiger Hypocrite Woods who did wrong and he must bear all the blame in the world.
You need to get a life and leave the innocent ones out of this discussion. Something tells me you have some serious mental issues.

BTW here in Europe there are rumors that Woody did father an illegitimate child back in 2004 with Teresa Rodgers. He had a DNA test and he's indeed the father. He paid this woman 2M$ to shut up.
What do you think about that loser ???????????????????

1553 days ago


I see the moralissing idiots like ZR and Alogonquin are still blogging about TW. He does snot care about you fools. YOU DO NOT MATTER, PSYCHOS!!!!

Please STFU and get a effing life.

1553 days ago


Stop spreading lies about TW and possible paternity. You know that it is a LIE. WTF?

BTW Phil Mickelsomn is the one rumored to have the illegitimate child , not TW. please STFU, you *******

1553 days ago


actually we all are wrong for commenting about anything on here...we have no idea whats really happening in tigers world,lindseys world are michael jacksons world other than what we read on here and other places ..thats like them commneting about your marriage or mine if I was married,,thay have no idea about us,,can you imagine tiger commenting about your relationship,,somehow i doubt it..but its fun to put in my two cents worth ..thats why i do it..sometimes I hit the mark and sometimes I look like an idiot..the only real difference between us and these umm stars is that they are mostly rich and could care less and im not..and that sucks..

1553 days ago


Why didn't that woman know who the father was? I wonder if she went 1 on 1 or 1 on many.

1553 days ago


Anthony learn your grammar before posting. English is not my native tongue but at least I try to make some efforts.
I have noticed that all the Cheetah lovers have something in common : they talk like a 3 year old and must have a 1IQ rating.
Hey Anthony your hero is still ugly ugly ugly ugly as hell and nothing in this world will change that. You are a pathetic loser like your golfing hero. Hope this week he fails miserably and we don't have to look at his nasty dirty face anymore.
BTW are you paid by Woody and his pr team to defend and support him ? Hope he pays you good because behind every Cheetah lover there are 100 Cheetah haters. Think about it JACKASS !!!

1553 days ago

me not you    

Lowest of the low is splashing this innocent kid's face across tabloids. This kikster site should rot in hell for doing it, and TMZ for linking to it. You reached a new low, TMZ.

1553 days ago


tmz why didn't you report that devon's mom has given interviews where she say's her daughter NEVER had a relationship, much less met tiger...& that the little boys bio dad is of mixed race (puerto rican & black)& was just released from prison...or that devon's mom is the 1 that has custody of the 9 year old...& devon owes like over $25,000 in child support!!

1553 days ago
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