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Lindsay Lohan -- You Can't Run from SCRAM

6/16/2010 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at an L.A. gym yesterday -- where she monitored her heart rate ... and alcohol intake.

After days of keeping her SCRAM bracelet hidden under a collection of boots, Lindsay once again modeled it off during a workout on the treadmill.

She can drop the pounds ... but not her ankle accessory.


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I hope she gets her self together... This girl truly has talent... she is a great actor, and has a unique look about her, its too bad she doesnt love herself.

1590 days ago


What's that double chin?

1590 days ago


and all you fools had her coked up and drunk..looks to me like she is doing just fine,,ehhh too bad huh

1590 days ago


Gotta be in shape in the porn industry......

1590 days ago


Run, run Lindsay. They're after you!

1590 days ago


This woman is suh an attention whore.

Why cant she buy a tredmill,and work out at home?

She does everything she can to get noticed.

I hope this attention whore disappears soon.

1590 days ago


Eh! She has kankles! lol

1590 days ago


Is her ass getting chunkier?

1590 days ago



This woman will son be the most annoying woman on the whole planet.

It also loks like Lindsay's mother is here again telling everyone how talented she is.

She's a washed up pill addict,with very little tallent left.

The only tallent she has is being an attention whore.

1590 days ago


I can't believe this woman so loves the attention she gets.Can't she stay in for a day?
I'm so sick of this woman,and so is the rest of America.I have no ****ing intention of watching any movie she ever stars in again.

I'm also sick of he mom comming here making posts how dam special she is,and all the tallent she has.

She a LOSER!!

1590 days ago


LOL So I guess someone finally showed her a picture of herself with a double chin. Or maybe that picture from last week when she was shopping wearing shorts and had giant thighs.
Kinda odd the photographers are INSIDE the gym with her, don't ya think? Nice try Lindsay, another staged "look how hard I'm working and how good I'm being".
Meanwhile, soon as the Scram comes off and the weekly drug testing stops in 3 weeks, you will be back to doing blow in nasty bathrooms and putting vodka in water bottles again.

1590 days ago


Who ever says this loser has tallent needs their head examined.

She's a ****ing loser,and Lindsay is only doing this to try to market herself.

The dumb bitch couldn't run a block anyways.

Another thing I'd like to add is..There sure is always somebody here making posts promoting this retard.It's so obvious it's lindsay's mom,or her sister.This retard has no fans left..

Get outa Hollywood Lindsay..Even California wants nothing to do with you!!

1590 days ago


Why does anyone even care? Ugh-so sick of TMZ being obsessed with her. GET A LIFE!

1590 days ago


Good try

One day you hate the paps,and the next day you invite them into the gym,so they can take pictures of you,trying to market yourself.

This woman is so fake,and she thinks she's actually fooling people.

Oh..and the ones that post here proclaiming how talented she is..Are Dina,and Lindsay's sister.

When are the Lohans gonna realize that people will avoid movies Lindsay is in?

I don't see any tallent from this attention

1590 days ago

Lindsay Rocks!    

Can someone please explain to me why she's having to wear this SCRAM device to begin with? She hasn't really done anything to justify having to wear it in the first place. Either way, in three weeks it will be off, and Lindsay can resume her career. Your fans still support you, sweet girl. Rock on, Lindsay!

1590 days ago
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