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Gary Coleman Cremated

6/18/2010 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary ColemanGary Coleman was cremated Thursday night and his ashes were locked away until a court decides what to do with them.

The administrator of his estate, Robert Jeffs, released a statement saying, "The proceeding was conducted in accordance with Mr. Coleman's desires as expressed in his will, that no funeral service, wake, or other ceremony memorialize his passing."

Coleman's ex-wife, Shannon Price, had previously stated that she wanted to scatter Coleman's ashes around train tracks because of the actor's love of trains.

Coleman passed away on May 28 at the age of 42.


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I hope Gary finds the peace and happiness in the afterlife that seemed to have eluded him in life.

1553 days ago


They better have done a thorough autopsy that we don't know about before cremating him. If not, then it's too late now and Shannon will just get away with everything, like she already has. And if that's so, just remember Shannon, what goes around comes around.

1553 days ago


she deservees everything she gets...

1553 days ago


Why didnt this heathen jump in and burn with him? shes such a bi*ch

1553 days ago

Kimmy Ef    

#2 I completely agree!

1553 days ago


Actually this was "breaking news" yesterday on all the other sites. TMZ needs to quit chasing Lindsay and get back to reporting news. They are either 1-3 days late on stuff or they don't even cover it.

1553 days ago


Utah just exucuted someone with the firing squad. How about charging Shannon price with murder?

1553 days ago


such a sad life and passing. His "wife" was up to something and I hope that her motives forpulling the plug are found out. She is Barely passable for a human being..

1553 days ago


I get sad every time I see his picture now, angry too. People in the celebrity world follow a different set of rules and laws. How is she being allowed to get away with all she has done? He didn't pass away, he was effectively murdered. He had written instructions to wait 15 days if I understand right. She knew about that and didn't enforce it, nor did the hospital spend enough time making sure that his wishes were followed...and both get away with it. Disgusting. He had the right to a chance to live.

1553 days ago

Colonel Bleep    

Arrest that murderer ex wife. She pulled the plug on him before he had the chance to wake up and say she hit him from behind. Utah is negligent in its investigation. This is clearly obvious. She had been planning this for a long time. First degree murderer! Give her a fair trial before execution by Utah Firing Squad! Arrest her now!!

1553 days ago

Hope Wilkinson    

Utah seems to be a good state to kill and get away with it - even though there were witnesses to her pulling the plug! She jumped the gun - the hospital took her word that she was his wife and had the right to end his life. Better beef up security. She missed the first time by not letting him bleed to death and then by poulling the plug and not giving him a chance to recover. She said his heart was stopping - so is hers! She compared him to the GREAT BOXER, who is alive, walking, talking and enjoying life! Such a rotten liar. she has changed her story so many times. UTAH POLICE - ARREST HER!

1553 days ago


A suggestion to Shannon Price: why don't you take the ashes of Gary, fill dozens of little lockets with it and sell the stuff on Ebay?

1553 days ago

Hugh Jass    

it figures. first she threw him under a bus by pulling his plug despite his Advance Directive to continue life support under such cir***stances. now she wants to toss his ashes onto the tracks.

1553 days ago


Please let this guy Rest in Peace!! I can not believe all this crap.

1553 days ago


You are a sick piece of garbage Samantha. Like Thumper says: If you can't say something nice, Don't say anything at all!! Your thanking someone for getting away with murder. What do you do in your spare time?

1553 days ago
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