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Katherine Jackson: Michael's Kids Have No Friends

6/20/2010 3:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0620_katherine_jackson_bookKatherine Jackson says Michael Jackson's kids are isolated and miss their father desperately ... this according to her first interview since MJ's death.

Katherine tells the Daily Mirror, "They don't have any friends. They don't go to school, they have private lessons at home -- but that will change in September, when they are due to enroll at private college."

According to the interview, the kids spend hours listening to their dad's music.

She says Paris has turned her bedroom into a shrine to her "Daddy" and that Prince and Blanket talk often about trying to make him proud.

Katherine says she wanted to decorate Paris' room with pictures of flowers or ballerinas -- but "Paris went into a closet and she brought out seven or eight pictures of Michael, and she told me, 'No, I want daddy hanging in my room'. So she goes to bed looking at him and wakes up looking at him. She said, 'I always want to be able to see him.'"

Michael's mom goes on to say Paris is the most musically-inclined of the three and that Prince wants to produce movies.

This new interview comes days before the anniversary of Michael's death ... and in conjunction with a new book Katherine is selling (pictured above) containing pictures and Katherine's memories of Michael.

She says, "Michael was so misunderstood ... I treasure my memories of him and wanted to share them with his fans in my book. I remember when he brought gifts for me -- a watch, a necklace and a ring. I'll never forget how he smiled when I opened each one. He was so generous. I want the world to know that real Michael Jackson -- a loving person."


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266. There used to be a turkey baster obsessed poster here a long time ago.
Posted at 4:42 PM on Jun 20, 2010 by Chico
Yeah..that was only for a few comments....a long while back.

1500 days ago


-google michael jackson news and then select the article titled - Jackson estate steers towards next crisis.

1500 days ago


Any one see Geraldo At Large this evening? Unfortunately I missed most of it. Geraldo had Raymone Bain on and were talking about Murray. They all seemed to agree that Murray should be charged with Murder 2 with malice.

I know that the program is broadcast again tonight two hours later. If someone should happen to watch it or find the broadcast on youtube would you please post about it here.

1500 days ago


blah, blah, blah.....and she is releasing a book....they all want money, even her

1500 days ago

Phantom of the opera    

Wet, Thank you.

1500 days ago


Some people say the most outrageous things in here, like they are not humans or maybe never suffered any loss in their own families or maybe they do not care much about others. I lost my mother in February this year, I'm a regular 30 years old woman, with other relatives, friends, etc, but I never knew what loneliness was until now, I cry everyday and miss my mother so much the pain is unbearable, specially when I'm alone or something reminds me of her. I can only imagine what these kids must be feeling, specially if they get to read the nasty and cruel things some people write about their father, it must be a horrible feeling...

1500 days ago

Julie least they have each other. So they have someone to trust in.
(it's not always important to have many friends, it matters how good friends they are!) And I think OBee ;) is a wonderful friend to them too...
Michael must have been a wonderful Dad. You can tell. He was so brave to give them the masks, to protect them from all the hoopla. He just took all the garbage the press has thrown on him and protects his greatest treasure. To me that's badass!! He's like a black panther fighting and caring for his kids.
I hope they get the chance to live a normal childhood...somehow...without press...and they can be proud of their DAD :)
Katherine is so sweet. She makes people realize that MJ was a human being. A lot of so called "journalists" just treated him like dirt!

1500 days ago

Michelle R    

So heartbreaking to hear about the children. He was such a bigger than life person to the normal person. He seemed to be an awesome dad, very devoted.

1500 days ago


Tellit,Katherine did write a book years ago,it's called
"My family,the Jackson's"

1500 days ago

Queen Karma    

1-Mary of Nazareth, Mother of Jesus Christ, whom she immaculatly conceived,sacfriced her only child...younthe story.

Katherine Jackson did not sacfrica anybody for anybody.She is not a saint, but a mere mortal woman.
2-MJ was a brilliant, genius talent, but like,Elvis and some others like tha,lived a crazy life surrounded by yes people and away from reality.It killed him. His choice killed him. Oh thescandal, read all into both sides,shows you that he did dothat but that was a result of his relaity. Being friends with kids...ADULTs are friends with children. It isnot normal or in rality.
3-Paris and Prince, surrogated by Debbie Rowe, implanted from a White European sperm and egg donor, are not living a real ,normal life. Blanket was too born via an unknown surrogate usinf European ege and sprem donor.
THese kids are living as freaks. Away from reality. THey are money pawns of the Jackson by beingnot allowed to live free and beeducated.
Looking at her father's pic in a shrinebedroom is not normalo.
EXAMPLES- Prince William and Henry(his birth name) do not have shrines for their mother, Princess Dianan.
They have been in real schools since nursey school-college. NO, they do go to school nursery school-college with ordinary folks, but people of their class, but stillit is normal.
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis kids, Caroline and John , went to school, made freinds, got educated, and so forth.
NO, they did not go to P.S. # whatever in NYC, but schools of their own kind. HTey lived a noraml life.
MJ's kids that he bought should be allowed to do the same.

1500 days ago

lili 58    

It's so sad!

1500 days ago


oh wow now everyone wants to bash his kids for not having friends...shut the hell up!...The media ruined MJ's life...why don't they just keep his children out of it like he wanted!...

1500 days ago


I think once the children get older they will be able to have a more normal life. But Im sure they will forever be in the spotlight.Lisa marie Presley was abale to make a life for herself with a famous father. She needs to let the kids grieve in their own way . They will never get over it but as the years go bye they will learn to live with the pain of losing a loved one. They were really close to their father. probaly closer than the norm. because they were isolated because of MJ fame. Someday they will get married and have their own familys. I would think it would be hard to make true friends when your father was the KIng of pop. I think the cousins should have stayed with them for a couple of years so the kids could heal and have other kids to play with.Even if she had to hire a few more helpers to supervise

1500 days ago


to oleman 351

You cannot be ticking right in your fing head. Do you really think that Katherine Jackson needs more money???? It is bad ass thinking people like yourself that think about money and all bad things associated with it. Katherine Jackson does not need any ****ing money you Morons. She wants *******s like yourself to find out once and for all who Michael Jackson really was, what he stood for, and not what criminal USA portrayed him to be!!!! But the whole ****ing USA is a lynch mob and quick to draw the guns!!! ALL I WANT TO SAY IS THAT THEY (****ers like you) DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT US!!!!!!

Get your facts straight before you open your mouth, people like you, Tellit, OWWEll, Annie how much money are you being paid by TMZ, greedy aren't we not!!! THEY DO ANYTHING FOR MONEY CAUSE THEY ARE THE BACKSTABBERS!!!! I bet people like you and your TMZ friends ain't passed a single History test, they like to concentrate on Fiction too much. But keep rubbing your hands all the way to the bank guys, when is your next paycheck coming from Employer TMZ??

1500 days ago


Queen Karma,get the facts

1500 days ago
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