Justice4MJ Has Gift4MJ ... But Will They GiveIt2MJ?

6/21/2010 4:45 AM PDT
A group of Michael Jackson's most rabid passionate fans have put together a token of their love and affection to give to MJ on the anniversary of his death -- but they may not get the chance.

Justice4MJ -- the group that previously said nothing will keep them from being at MJ's tomb on June 25 -- has put together a hope chest filled with photos and messages for the King of Pop. A rep for the group says they have hundreds of messages from people all over the world.

The group says they've been told by people at Forest Lawn Cemetery the box will be placed on the steps near MJ's tomb on June 25 -- but a rep for Forest Lawn told us that won't be happening since it's against the rules.

Sounds like the staff at Forest Lawn might want to sign up for combat pay this week.