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Justice4MJ Has Gift4MJ ... But Will They GiveIt2MJ?

6/21/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A group of Michael Jackson's most rabid passionate fans have put together a token of their love and affection to give to MJ on the anniversary of his death -- but they may not get the chance.


Justice4MJ -- the group that previously said nothing will keep them from being at MJ's tomb on June 25 -- has put together a hope chest filled with photos and messages for the King of Pop. A rep for the group says they have hundreds of messages from people all over the world.

The group says they've been told by people at Forest Lawn Cemetery the box will be placed on the steps near MJ's tomb on June 25 -- but a rep for Forest Lawn told us that won't be happening since it's against the rules.

Sounds like the staff at Forest Lawn might want to sign up for combat pay this week.


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Christ he's dead already, get over it idiots.

1593 days ago

Hugh Jass    

"Get.... a Life," you people, he's dead and gone and his embalmed remains have decomposed after a year.

1593 days ago


Justice4MJ is coming across as a bunch of wackos. Don't think this is good for the cause and I am a huge MJ fan. Boxes full of notes and photo are for 10 year old groupies, not those of us who love him and are sad he's gone.

1593 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    


1593 days ago

Why oh Why?    

Well said, JLS.

Messages for Michael? Next to his tomb?
So if he is alive - which I gather these people believe - they think he will turn up at the gravesite?? Why there?
Wouldn´t he rather stay in hiding and read the messages on the Internet?

OR, do they think he is dead but will emerge like something from the Thriller video, read the messages, and then crawl back into the grave again?

I do not QUITE get it.

1592 days ago


Well well tmz, I thought you couldn`t sink any further than low,
but you did it.
You are all behaving just like what you accused MJ off...only MJ was childlike and all of you are childish.
Guess taht`s why you all work at this sleazy company,cause you couldn`t find a job anywhere else but here.
People with your kind off attidude and appraoch of things are not welcome in the real world.
For the fans...turn your back on tmz and discuss MJ at the proper (fan) boards,where a normal
discussion is possible,without hatefull or just plain filfty comments from stupid tmz insiders,who`s posts mostly contains of cut&copy.
Let them have those discussions(ahum) amongst themselves.
Turn your back ,they`re not worth it!
Remember,the more visits,the more money they earn ( sponsors).!!!
Let`s not make them any money!

1592 days ago


A message for the Justice4MJ group: GET A LIFE... ASAP...
When MJ's kids made a crown to be placed on their father's casket, I thought it was touching... This is just disturbing...

1592 days ago


maybe michael jackson is a vampire and this will be his new home when he rises from the grave and walks the earth in search of blood blood blood.I mean it is red and maybe they are sending a secret messege to Count Wacko Jacko..TMZ loves to use the rabid fans thingy,,(hey tmz words not mine)

1592 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Justice4MJ & MJSFC - Thank you for continuing to visit Michael every month and be the point where fans can send cards, letters and tokens as we continue to remember MJ. You have done so each month with dignity and L.O.V.E. for Michael, his family and have remained respectful of Forest Lawn's rules. Thank you for being a shining star for all the fans who can not visit personally.

I think it is touching to have made a Hope Chest so all the messages can be placed in them. Michael would have L.O.V.E.d that.

Thinking of MJ this week more than ever.
Much L.O.V.E.

PS. Just focus on the positive!

1592 days ago


Hey have a pretty nice kitchen in that group home you live in...Did you and all the other rabid fans(tmz words not mine) make this box for count michael to live in when he rises from the dead

1592 days ago


To JUSTICE4MJ group..

Are all of you in the age group of 5-12 years old? I mean get real. Michael is dead, he can NOT read your little notes and letters and he can not view pictures.
You want to do something nice for the anniversary of his death. Let him rest in peace, say a prayer, light candles.

1592 days ago


they're all nuts.

1592 days ago


Must be hard up for stories.
This picture was taken straight
from off somebody's private
Facebook. Not nice to do that.
Hey don't you staffers at
TMZ have work to do instead
of writing inane comment at
start of every new story?

1592 days ago

Princess Jackson    

So sweet. :-)

They need to ask the staff to put it up there!

1592 days ago


I don't any real harm in this. All through past history people were buried/entomb with all sorts of things in hopes they could use them in there after life. Just comes down to what a person believes in.

1592 days ago
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