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Kate Gosselin -- I'm Lonely, So Lonely

6/21/2010 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin made a sad statement about her personal life this weekend -- telling the paparazzi, "I am lonely and I do need help."

Gosselin was loading groceries into her car at a Whole Foods in Reading, PA this weekend, when the paps began to ask about rumors that Kate would be starring in an Internet dating show.

Kate sorta danced around the rumors ... but she did try to clear up one thing -- saying, "I'm not mean like everyone says I am."


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She's not as nice as she likes to pretend she is.I've met her before and she wasn't that nice.She wouldn't take pics with anyone and she slide my dvd down the table like next.I thanked her for signing my dvd and she said nothing back.The meet and greets aren't like what you see on TLC.

1581 days ago


Kate projects a totally false self that is everything that she is not. She is a narcissist. The more a narcissist needs someone, the more they try to control them. They can not stand to be seen as weak and needy and "common". A man would have to be crazy in order to date her.

1580 days ago

faye milano    

Dear Kate, You have the face of a horse fly, please go land where you're suppose to be...... You have NO talent,you're whiny, and incredibly annoying. Please I'll like you better if I see LESS of you, like real less, invisible less.... Go be a real mother to your kids, bake cookies....

1580 days ago


I have heard that these pictures of kate were taken at the Whole Foods located in Devon, PA. I live nearby and believe me, she better stay in Wernersville where she belongs. The women of the main line would never tolerate a woman who pimps out her children for money. We main line moms volunteer, work at real jobs, and raise our children to have respect for others. We do not film our children's potty training for the world to see, nor take away their childhoods to give their parents a living. STAY AWAY KATE!

1579 days ago


She is a complete nobody who would love to be somebody! This will never happen because she HAS NO TALENT!

1579 days ago


Can you sue people that get you sick every time you see them on TV? I don't know why I they put people like this on TV. I guess its like a train wreck, you just can't look away.

1578 days ago

Kim Harris    

Kate, just please go away!!!!

1575 days ago


whats the deal with kate on her roof with a skirt on, i bet all the workers that day were looking up and seen everything.tlc tries to act like kate works around the house they show her lifting a screen out of the window ya right, and then spraying her house with water you know she only done for a minute, the men crew done the rest. tlc trys to make it look like she works hard. i think kate wants attention from men, i think she has a crush on steve neid her body guard,kate needs to accept she's white and quit tring to be brown, she's starting to get a lot of freckles on her skin. i think they need to let nadya suleman (octomom) take her place.

1568 days ago


There is NO Whole Foods in Reading, Phila is closest.

She is So Lonely. You reap what you sow (yes I ment sow, pig). I would be surprised if any man would want her, as controlling and nasty as she is.

Yes, you are nasty. In a store shopping for clothing and telling people to "Part" not excuse me just "Part". Oh I know Kate was trying to be Moses!!!

Your 15 min of fame is on overtime, GO AWAY!!!

1564 days ago


Need Help? Come on. You can't do anything by yourself, your kids are in school you have nannies (3), housekeepers, gardners, organic chef, body guard. Chee I guess I would be begging for help with all that also.

I'll help with a donation for a hysterectomy and labomody (?).

1564 days ago


I can't even believe some of the comments on this page. Doesn't anyone have a heart?
Being lonely is terrible.
Kate, if you read this: You will get thru this period of time and come out stronger, I promise. Hang in there!


1543 days ago


everyone is missing what she is really can be surrounded by people,children,"paps" but when the day is done or the house is quiet,she is alone.there is nobody to share any honest emotions with or to call.I used to have many friends but they all work during the day but i was an R.N. IN ICU..i lovd my job, had 3 kids,great husbandthen a patient broke my spinal disc at t-11-12 and i am now totally disabled.I AM LONELY!!so don't judge Kate,you haven"T WALKED IN HER SHOES OR MINE!!

1528 days ago


She probably wasn't a very good nurse either.

1522 days ago


I would like to know if Kate Gosselin really thinks she looks good in all the shorts, revealing tops & high heel shoes she wears for sight seeing & are they at all appropriate? I have done lot's of traveling & have never, ever seen another woman in such attire while sight seeing. Most of the time I do belive she looks like a hooker. I have always thought Kate is so full of herself, some actress, some "look at who I am" & in reality she secretly really does enjoy the papparazzi around her. Quite an actress I must say. I don't know who she thinks she is fooling but there are many of us out here she is not fooling at all. Kate does not have a down to earth bone in her body. One other annoying person in that family is Maddy, one of the twin girls. She is so like her mother & spoiled. That child needs some anger management ASAP. The little girls & Cara seem to have much nicer personalities. The boys also seem much easier to get along with. When Kate calls Joel, "Joley" I cringe, not a good pet name for a boy. I actually wish Jon were back in the show, a more calming person in the family instead of Kate's hysteria. Wonder what became of their two dogs they had which Kate never seemed to have a likeness for. The children loved them but off they went..... Now they have chickens, wonder how long they will be around before they are dinner?

1502 days ago


Unsolicited info has a purpose

1499 days ago
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