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Friends Say Katherine Jackson is Joe's Puppet

6/21/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

People closely connected to the Jackson family tell TMZ they believe Joe Jackson is manipulating Katherine Jackson to make a quick buck -- to the point she's now in business with a dude who's in the erotic content business.

katherine jackson & joe jackson
Katherine has partnered with Howard Mann for her new book, "Never Can Say Goodbye: The Katherine Jackson Archives," according to Mann has made a fortune on online gambling and erotic content, venturing into online nude gambling.

And Katherine has sold a story about Michael's kids to a tabloid and even helped Joe sell cheesy MJ belts. But here's the thing -- Katherine doesn't need the money.  She's getting an allowance from Michael's estate and will have the use of untold millions of dollars generated by co-executors John Branca and John McClain.

Joe, on the other hand, isn't getting squat from the estate or from Michael's will, and he needs money stat.

As one insider put it, "Katherine is a strong woman who can stand up to pretty much anyone but Joe. There's too much history there.  Joe has always controlled her and always will."


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Please don't quote that two faced traitor LaToya.

1593 days ago


@FATI, your point only works against her. She has the backbone ONLY when she wants to. She didn't protect her children from being oiled down and being whipped like animals, she didn't protect her grandchildren from beig exploited for $1500 belts, now she is going to a TABLOID to exploit Michael's children that he tried so hard to keep away from media to promote a book!!!! So when Joe does it, we criticize him but when Katherine does it it's ok? She is dispicable dishonoring Michael on the first year of his annivesary! I lost all respect for her! Joe is using her because he saw how public reacts when HE promotes things off of Michael so he is using Katherine to do his dirty work. DON'T encourage Joe by protecting Katherine because he'll continue to use her for her upcoming promotions!

1593 days ago


Debra,know your facts,it was dyed/bleached,it's naturally brown
steven,get your facts aswell,he was not,he never hurt anyone,now run along and try to find your real parents

1593 days ago


74. People should verify the facts first before they send negative comments.
Propaganda sells.
Just ask (((((THZ))))).

Posted at 8:55 AM on Jun 21, 2010 by LunaticFringe

WTH is going on?
I know I typed T (M) Z.

1593 days ago


MichaelJACKSON,I don't see Katherine saying that,Latoya maybe,but not Katherine,because the Jackson's have white and native american indian genes,so I really can't see that being said.

1593 days ago


Agree with 'MichaelJACKSON' above! I don't think Mrs Kate Jackson is all 'sweetness & light' & never have. She has grown accustomed to the finer things that her childrens talent have afforded her for sure. I also believe that she has somewhat lost sight of just what it was like back there in Gary, Indiana! Yeah, yeah, yeah....she talks about 'Gary, this & Gary, that' but just try to send her back to that shack she started out in & see how much she "Loves, Gary"? I also think SHE herself is a master manipulator of her own children. Sure MJ 'loved' her. What else did he HAVE?? JOE?? She was the lesser of two evils. Just watch 'Jacksons: American Dream' & see how she goaded Michael into continuing to perform with his brothers. He had to be talked into the Victory Tour, the Pepsi commercial(& we all know what happened with that). He would have cut the ties with the others & gone solo LONG before he actually did had it not been for his mother & her 'scheming'; all part of her effort to 'go along to GET ALONG' cause "Lawdy, laws.....we don't want to upset Joseph. We're FAMILY, Michael!". I think MJ wanted a family of his OWN so he could make right all that was horribly twisted in his own upbringing. He gave his own children 'unconditional love' because that is what he NEVER GOT.

Michaels psyche must have been so damaged yet, he was able to transcend it all to a certain extent to produce such great kids. I find that absolutely AMAZING & pretty hard to explain. Sure hope he gave them enough of a 'headstart' so they can avoid suc***bing to the Hayvenhurst mental illness. I do worry about the MJ3.

A,huh. Katherine's got her own burden to bear when it comes to damage done to her son. Just staying with an abuser is ENOUGH to inflict lifelong psychological damage. She did MORE THAN THAT. She conspired & manipulated behind a veneer of 'sweetness. motherly-love, & her good Jehovah teachings'. Problem is, Katherine 'observed' the Jehovah teachings she WANTED TO & IGNORED THE ONES THAT PREVENTED HER FROM FATTENING UP THE JACKSON BANK ACCOUNT. She taught Michael to 'purchase' her love by subjugating his own needs for a man who hurt him emotionally & physically. Terrific. Is it any wonder MJ couldn't TRUST WOMEN??

I don't think there's anything wrong with this 'memory book' & would probably be interested in reading it but am not fooled for a second that her 'fond memories' of Michael are not directly tied into her 'lifestyle'. She lost the ability to distinguish the difference between the two a long time ago.

1593 days ago



Your headline should be:


Ain't that the TRUTH???

1593 days ago


70. Electriczipper....come on now, these people are in their 80's who knows if they'll even be around in 5 years. Katherine lives in the valley (L.A.) and Joe lives in Vegas, they have lived apart for years. Don't underestimate a woman, especially a mother. Did you see the show on the kids last night? There are so many more people to talk about and Katherine isn't one of them.

Posted at 8:44 AM on Jun 21, 2010 by dd

good afternoon dd..for those of us on the east coast..and its hot as hell..anyways..I know from where you are coming from and was just running my mouth..although when I was a kid my German grandmother looked really nice and freindly ..but boy ya better watch out if she told you to do something and you blew it off..and back 30 or 40 years ago,kids got spanked and much worse and people looked the other one cannot judge things that happened in the past by todays standards

1593 days ago


Oh well,
Lets face it, they have loads of history and they are still conected by their many grand children including MJ's so I say "It's their family so let them do what the hell they want, including Katherine supporting Joe".
It's high time everyone understands that once you are married to a control friek, the fear never goes away no matter how old you get. Joe rulled his family with an iron rod and will continue to do so at every chance he gets. Now we know why Michael has named Diana Ross as the kids guardian after his mother dies but who the hell is going to look after them when she goes???? Lets hope they learn how not to live like their Daddy and stand on their own two feet when the time comes to do so.
I miss and love MJ but he allowed too many bums to leach of him so Katherine has her work cut out for her to teach them not to live like that.
God Bless her and the kids. Love

1593 days ago


MichaelJACKSON, in those tapes Michael was telling about a friend named Kathy who was a nurse not Katherine. Katherine wanted to be a nurse but never was. Believe it or not the Kathy Michael was talking about was not Katerine Jackson.

I want to buy Katerine's book. As someone said I would rather read a book from her (someone who truly loved Michael) than the likes of Ian Halperin.

1593 days ago


@Missy, I don't like Toya any more than you do but whatever she wrote MICHAEL also confirmed. Listen to Secret Michael Jackson concersations on youtube. Katherine does have prejudice against white and jews, she does endorse spanking. I BELIEVE MICHAEL. She raised her children with those prejudices, Here's MICHAEL saying "JEWS SUCK, THEY ARE LIKE LEECHES"

Katherine isn't the "gentle' person we think she is. We woud like to believe that because Michael loves her but its common in children who grew up in abusive homes to favor the non-abusing parent. He saw her as one of Joe's victim. In one of the interviews, Michael says he used to tell Katherine "why won't you divorce Joseph". Joe made everyone's life miserable, what kind of mother would allow her children to be oiled & beaten with tree branches & iron cords. Are you honestly telling me it's Katherine that's exploiting MJ's children & her son on the anniversary of this book by selling private family pics? ITS JOE & SHE IS LETTING HIM! NOT because she is helpless, she has backbone when she wants to but because she is a FOOL who doesn't care enough! if she did, she would have protected her children, even animals protect their children!

1593 days ago


@87 I'm in Vegas so you know what kind of temps. we're expecting I hope it's not humid back there. My grandma was half Italian, she was from New Orleans, the kindest, sweetest, prettiest woman in public that you've ever seen, BUT ONE ON ONE with her grandkids, and I swear I didn't know who she was. Talk about getting your butt beat, well I have some stories. Luckily times have changed and we all know better now, at least the majority of us know better now..Whoooo I am having flash backs better go put some extra padding on my legs LOL!

1593 days ago


katherine jackson is PATHETIC. she needs to grow a set of ovaries and tell joe to slink off and die somewhere.

1593 days ago



I wonder what your parents said behind closed door and in front of you about other races in this world????

Please TELL!!!!

1593 days ago
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