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'Sandlot' Lifeguard Pleads No Contest in DUI Case

6/21/2010 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marley Shelton -- who played the hot lifeguard in "The Sandlot" -- copped a sweet plea deal in her DUI case today ... because the court dismissed her two DUI charges.

Shelton -- aka Wendy Peffercorn -- ended up pleading no contest to one charge of speed exhibition and was sentenced to two years probation and fined $240 plus penalties ... which is exactly how her lawyer said it would play out.

As we first reported, Shelton was arrested in Hollywood on April 30 after police say she failed a field sobriety test.



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I have no idea who she is.

1586 days ago


It's kind of discouraging reading about all of the stars/celebrities who are caught driving drunk, and the very worst punishment they get is having to go to rehab. And that's only in the most egregious cases. Most of the time they just get a fine and maybe some probation or community service. Not much of a deterrent, is it? So much for how serious California legislators are about the problem.

1586 days ago



1586 days ago

dan the man    

She was definitely my favorite part of The Sandlot. Classic kids sports movie. It's up there with Mighty Ducks 1 & 2.

1586 days ago


A new buddy for Lindsay!

1586 days ago



1586 days ago


There is no need to get a lawyer for a DUI in California. They cant do a thing for you. You get no leniency. The penalty is the penalty is the penalty - its a formula. She wasted her money.

1586 days ago


Pisses me off that even non-celebs, D actors/actresses get such lenient sentences when regular people get jail time and systems installed in their cars. TWO DUI CHARGES? Are you kidding me? And they just put her back on the streets that I drive every day with my child! She can kill herself, but stay away from the rest of us that drive safe and want to live!

1586 days ago


Such a shame. She's a beautiful woman and a good actor. She just had her first baby a few months ago. I'm wondering if she's suffering from post pardon depression or something. You never hear anything bad about her until this happened. She's been in a few good movies. I really hope she can pull herself together and get back on track. If not for herself for her new baby girl West.

1586 days ago

James Woods    

Imagine that, another hollywooder off the hook for what is probably one of the worst crimes you can commit.

Let's just hope that her family members never find themselves in the street when a drunk driver comes speeding through.

Celebrity justice.

1586 days ago


I was about to say the same thing MightyMad:

I don't even consider myself a fan or not a fan but hell, I can remember her from "Pleasantville", Brittany Murphy's best friend in "Uptown Girls"; "The Bachelor" with Chris O'Donnell/ was Renee Zelleweger's sister; and the head bitchy girl in "Never Been Kissed" with Drew Barrymore. She also was on that TV show (kinda average) called "Eleventh Hour" last year...sheesh!

Having said that she won't have a career if she pulls this kinda thing again. I bet it was a one time thing. You hardly ever hear of her in the press or anything. Hopefully she won't be a repeat offender.

1586 days ago


Amen, MightyMad:

I don't even follow her and I can remember her from "Pleasantville", "The Bachelor" with Chris O'Donnell/Renee Zelleweger; "Never Been Kissed" as the lead Mean Girl; and the best friend of Brittany Murphy in "Uptown Girls". She also was on TV show last year called "Eleventh Hour". They make her sound like she only had "Sandlot" under her belt.

1586 days ago


Let's not forget her in Sugar & Spice. Loved that movie!

1586 days ago


I agree with SantaFeJack's comment -- fines worth thousands of dollars, a year of probation and a couple of hours worth of community service is hardly a deterrent to celebrities who continue to drink and do drugs prior to driving. Worse, some celebrities who are even legally drunk can get off by pleading guilty to an infraction or much lesser offense. Everyone should be treated equally under the law and celebrities should never be an exception to that rule. Hopefully, Ms. Shelton learns her lesson despite having gotten off the hook before she drives drunk again and causes an accident.

1586 days ago


Wasn't that movie 17 years ago? What's she been doing since, shoplifting from Target?

1586 days ago
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