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Chuck Liddell Sues -- My Image Took a Beating

6/23/2010 8:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UFC legend Chuck Liddell is trying to lay the smack down on a clothing company that allegedly sold a bunch of Iceman merchandise without Chuck's blessing.


In a lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Chuck explains that he allowed a company called  MMA Authentics to use his image on certain clothing items -- but ONLY if he pre-approved the designs.

However, according to the docs, Liddell discovered that MMA Authentics was selling several "novelty items" bearing Chuck's trademarks ... without first submitting their "samples or artwork" to Chuck for approval.

In the suit, Chuck doesn't specify how much cash he wants to beat out of the company -- but we're guessing it ain't gonna be cheap.

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OMG more TMZ sports? PLEASE tell Evan and Charles to stop! This is all they chattered about on TMZ live. ENOUGH sports people we don't even know or care about.

1561 days ago


Who cares if he "has to approve". Can this clown even spell?

And yes, I'm sure its going to be plenty, as he need's the money for his new career.

Modeling Black Eyes..

What a D-Bag....

1561 days ago

Bulgarian BeeGee    

These UFC guys and their loser fans are bores. But to wear ultimate fighting clothing makes you the ultimate losers. Its worse than wearing a sports jersey, make your own life.

1561 days ago



1561 days ago


ams165 - actually he probably CAN spell since he has a bachelor's degree in business. And perhaps you should proofread your posts before saying such a thing, since your grammar is pretty poor.

Bulgarian BeeGee - and I'm sure whatever you are into is only enjoyed by MENSA members and upstanding citizens. Don't judge a sport by a few idiots unless you're ready to defend the moronic behavior of fans of whatever sport, music, or entertainment you like. I assume you make all your own clothing and never display your support for -anything-?

Did someone in a UFC shirt kill your World of Warcraft characters or what?

1561 days ago


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1561 days ago


Poor Chuck, got his brains beaten out long ago...

1561 days ago


A lot fo UFC hating nerds out there. Get a life and quit judging people you don't know. Sports and the UFC is great entertainment, and good to participate in. World of Warcraft playin maf's need to stop being nerds and get with reality. Nerds nerds nerds

1561 days ago

Bulgarian BeeGee    

Rolling around on a mat in a cage seems like a gay thing to do. WTF is this world of warcraft these UFC pumpers keep mentioning? Another queer sport?

1561 days ago


I'd still prefer if he wasn't pissed at me.

1561 days ago


the way his carreer is going its a wonder they are not sueing him..but he can always start a new line of clothing.....
he needs to stop drinking and retire.

1561 days ago


oh and did I happen to mention I used to kick his ass...
umm back in first grade

1561 days ago


ams165, what's funny is that he can spell, use better grammar than you, and kick your sorry ass at the same time. While you can obviously spell (barely), you probably won't need that skill while he's kicking your sorry ass. What an ignorant comment that was.

1561 days ago


AMS and Aces - he is not dumb. He graduated from Cal Poly in accounting and runs numerous businesses. He is a great guy and knows about business. I suggest you two get a life or a degree from a good school.

1561 days ago
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