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MJ Fans Begin to Arrive at Cemetery

6/24/2010 5:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The first group of Michael Jackson fans have just arrived to Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California -- where MJ is entombed -- in preparation for the one year anniversary of the singer's death.


We're told the cemetery is expecting thousands of people to show up in the next 24 hours.

Forest Lawn officials tell us they're already preparing security efforts to keep the crowds under control.


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TMZ stop stalking the cemetary. Let him rest in peace. I love you Micheal

1584 days ago


I am so f???ing tired of hearing about MJ. I wish he would die already...Oh yeah the child molester did...So plz God or TMZ stop the stories about him....

1584 days ago


We did not see you close your eyes,
Or hear your last faint sigh,
We only heard that you were gone,
Too late to say good-bye.
There is a bridge of memories,
From here to Heaven above,
That keeps you very close to us,
It’s called the bridge of love.
A thousand prayers can’t bring you back,
We know because we’ve tried,
And neither will a million tears,
We know because we’ve cried.
To us you were so special,
What more is there to say,
Except to wish with all our hearts,
That you were here today

1584 days ago

Lee lee    

I am sure the fans will be respectful . Show the Forest Lawn people and the media( who think that we are all RABID fans) that all who are visiting are there only to pay there respects to Michael. To remember him ..and reflect on what we have lost.
I will remember him in my own way..

1584 days ago


Michael it'll be a year tommorrow since you left us.we love you angel.we miss you and your handsome laugh.your a beautiful person inside and out.just to let you know i'll never forget you and all the memories you left us.Michael love you and hugs sweetheart.

1584 days ago



1584 days ago


TMZ then why did you say fans weren't going to allowed?

1584 days ago


Rest in peace dear Michael, rest in peace!

It's all for L.O.V.E.

1584 days ago


With the one year anniversary of his passing coming up, people should be kind to MJ's memory as he is unable to defend himself. Not wanting to speak ill of the dead is a human & rational desire. Agree?

On another note, the petroleum engineers at my hubby's office (none of them are "rabid" fans), they all agree that he was, no doubt, a talented artist, and they see him as falling prey to the manipulations of others. This is so true, so very true. Missing MJ.

Posted at 2:05 PM on Jun 24, 2010 by Daphne

1584 days ago


To the fans that would actually go to this service. Good God, let it go and then get a life.

1584 days ago


It's just curious to see that MJs fans are still trying to impose upon him the lifestyle that they say, they knew he grew tired of. If you care so much for him wouldn't you want him to have his peace? Ya more lights, cameras, security, and what not. just a thought.

1584 days ago


HUM..tmz even stated their LOSER TMZ lives have never been the same since last year when they announced MJ's death.

Without MJ stories, TMZ would have zero hits, no interest,nothing. TMZ has made a FORTUNE (TOO) off MJ stories, like every other rabid obsessed person out there who claims to know him, knew him, blah, blah, blah.

God, no wonder MJ ended up the way he did, his entire life was like this. Who could he ever trust, even his frickin family is selling **** about him. His makeup artist, costume guy, and every tom, **** and harry will be on some program, channel, media outlet tomorrow trying to sell their story on Michael Jackson.

Randy tweets he's against what his family is doing!

1584 days ago

Seems like the mourning hasn't stopped since last year!

1584 days ago


Michael Jackson is not there. That's just an empty grave with no name.

1584 days ago


Awwww! these people are so lucky. wish i could be there.


1584 days ago
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