Joe Jackson Sues Murray's Clinics, Claims Cover-Up

6/25/2010 11:05 AM PDT

Joe Jackson Sues Murray's Clinics, Claims Cover-Up

Joe Jackson is not only going after Dr. Conrad Murray in the wrongful death lawsuit, he's suing the two clinics where Murray worked, claiming they are also responsible for Michael Jackson's death.

The lawsuit names Acres Home Heart & Vascular Associates -- Murray's Houston clinic, and GCA Holdings (aka Global), Murray's Las Vegas clinic.

According to the suit obtained by TMZ, "Defendants conduct of attempting to conceal the multi-state supply of drugs and the use of their facilities in Texas and Nevada to obtain medications was an extreme departure from the standard of care."

TMZ broke the story ... two women from Dr. Murray's Houston clinic went to Murray's storage facility the morning Jackson died and retrieved various boxes, this according to the manager of the storage facility. 

One of the women, LaQuanda Price, told TMZ she went to retrieve a bio-hazardous box, filled with needles.   She did not explain why she would take such a box back to her office, but claims Dr. Conrad Murray did not direct her to go to the storage facility.

LaQuanda's sister, LaQuisha Middleton, told us a different story.  That she went to the storage facility with her sister to retrieve a chair.

The suit also alleges the clinics negligently trained Dr. Murray, specifically in the administration of Propofol.