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Mel Gibson's Baby Mama: He Beat Me Bad

6/26/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva -- the mother of Mel Gibson's eighth child -- claims the actor "beat her up badly" in January ... this according to sources familiar with the case.

TMZ broke the story ... Oksana went to court on Monday and got a domestic violence restraining order against Gibson, requiring him to stay clear of her.

The picture (above) shows Oksana leaving her lawyer's office yesterday. 

Sources connected with Gibson tell TMZ Oksana's claim is bogus, and they point to the fact that Oksana stayed with Mel after the alleged incident.

But sources connected with Oksana say after the alleged beating, Mel promised to get help and she still loved him ... but only stayed with him a short period of time before ending the relationship.

We're told Oksana fears for the safety of her daughter, and that is why she would not let Mel spend time with the baby on Father's Day. Sources say she thinks her baby is at risk if she spends time alone with Mel, although the sources would not elaborate on specifics.

As we first reported, sources tell us Oksana claims after January, Mel continued threatening her.  We're told Oksana believes Mel is so violent, her life is in danger.

Sources connected with Mel tell TMZ Oksana is making it up and money is at the root the allegations.


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Geez and she's not even cute.

1588 days ago


Like no woman has stayed with a man after he beat her. They both have problems they should seek help for. And, she shouldn't keep him from seeing his child.

1588 days ago


Mel obviously has demons, don't most of us? For some it's drink, drugs or both, for some it's food, depression or whatever. Like most actors who came to fame young, he took on some egotistic entitlement behavior and booze. I wish he and Robyn would stay together and work out their problem. Mel needs to get help, and not those stupid Hollywood vacation style rehab type places, but some real down and gritty, Priest and Mel counseling type help. A priest who has training in Psychology. Mel needs to get right with God and himself and his family, the one who stood by him for over 27-30 years.

1588 days ago


Mel and Robyn lived together for 27 years before their separation 3 years ago, and they are still legally married. NOT once during all this time was there any rumor, gossip or stories of spousal abuse or violence in their marriage. They have 7 children, and you've never heard of those kids being abused. We've all known of a drinking problem, but violence? No. So suddenly this ex mistress is saying he beat her and she's afraid he'll hurt their daughter? Sorry but I believe Mel in this one. She is the ex mistress, and she isn't happy and wants more money or she is the type to use the kid to get revenge. He probably had to physically get his daughter away from her when she was shaking her, anyone heard of shaken baby syndrome? Mel should get sole custody and raise this baby around his other children, which by the way he has no issues with.

1588 days ago


for your record, Mel and Robyn married when Mel Gibson had no money, and Robyn was working as dentist assistent to make a living for them both..

yoicks.... I think we have little golddigging Robin on here... sure she married him when he had no money and when he did not want to work... She brought him to the USA on his own money... and let him have sex with all the important women ion Hollywood (he was a looker back then) to have a role in a majoir movie... You, my littlie, brought your hubby to these powerful whores yourself... and then, when he started esarning good bucks, because he f//ed powerful women, you gor pregnant every time he met someone powerful and rich... to make it very unrpfitable for him to leave you... then, when you had seven children, to keep your hubby, you stopped puttinjg out, moved into an expensive ranch, with a young gigolo, and waited for your hubby to get into trouble with some whore sooner or later... which he promptly did... then you started threatening him with divorce, and he coughed up more millions to keep you in, though that divorce is unprofitable for both of you... now go to your rick you vrawled under, my whore, go back to these young kept men for who you pay with your hubbies money, who earned them because he slept around with powerful women and you turned blind eye... my little old pimp

1588 days ago


Hey Mel.....GET A VASCETOMY. It will save you alot
of $$$$$$$$$$$.

1588 days ago


Wow! It sounds like this Sweetheart really knows the scoop. Who are you Sweetheart? Obviously a Russian, who knows Oksana and maybe someone who has good reason to hate Oksana? If she is who and what you say she is, then it will come out and she will become the "current most hated women in America". I hate to say this, being a woman myself, but women out there we all know this; there are some evil, conniving, cold hearted, money grubbing women out there who always seem to come out on top, who will steal another womens husband or boyfriend in a heart beat, without a shred of moral conscience. We've all met those types of women, and this Oksana may just be one of those women.

1588 days ago


I think this "Name" person who is ragging on Robyn Gibson is in fact Oksana or a friend of hers posting on here. She is full of hate, jealousy, and female venom, which a ex mistress would have for the wife of what, 30 years? She has been his wife of 30 yrs. Oksana was the mistress for what, 2.5 years? What a evil witch this Oksana sounds like. Like an enraged child who didn't get her way, set on revenge of the nth degree. See her for what and who she is, get those kids away from her, she's dangerous.

1588 days ago


I think this "Name" person who is ragging on Robyn Gibson is in fact Oksana or a friend of hers posting on here. She is full of hate, jealousy, and female venom, which a ex mistress would have for the wife of what, 30 years? She has been his wife of 30 yrs. Oksana was the mistress for what, 2.5 years?

yeah, I agree... the more you pimp your hubby out, the more respectable you become... what a venom... wow... living with a young stud on a rancho, bought by money, earned by the husband's whoring... wow, venomous people, do not understand, wow

1588 days ago


Dang!!! wish TMZ could trace "Name" down and see who this actually is...nice little feud going on here!!!! Sweetheart, good job!!! lol

1588 days ago


So, that explains why Oksana (aka..Octomom) has a fat lip! Geez, does this thing own a mirror, so she can see how hideous she looks?

1588 days ago


Dear Name, Mel and Robyn have been legally married for 30 years. Separated in 2006 because of Mel's drinking. He's depressed, drinking and in walks you, the mistress. Do you see or hear Robyn Gibson calling you a whore or slut? NO. She is far above you in the class department. You, dear name have no class. Why do keep harping on Robyn being a Pimp? Robyn is the mother of Mel's 7 children, who she raised very well. His grown children don't say bad things about their Dad, and I am sure his children do not appreciate their mother being called names or slandered in the press.

1588 days ago


Two words: DNA Test.

1588 days ago


how do YOU know how SHE raised the children? Do you have access to
multi-millionaires families? No? You just says so?
All of the family of your dear Gibson, his wife and his children
included, knew about his mistress Oksana, yes, and they did not say anything. As well as they do not say anything about their mamma and her young studs... The Saint Robin is such a saint... She did not out out for her husband since 2006, knew about his mistress, kept mum, and started speaking out only when the mistress got pregnant...
Then she THREATENED with divorce, but, surprise surprise, the saint NEVER DIVORCED HER philandering hubby after he coughed up more millions... If she is such a saint, why does not she get a divorce from this bad bad bad husband? Cause she would lose major backs, and her kids, too, know, that they would lose major bucks, so they keep mum... She raised them well, they know what side of their bread it buttered and act accordingly. Your saint, why did not she divorce her husband when the affair started, eh? Maybe she was too busy screwing young men, your saint.

1588 days ago


To Name; Never said she was a saint, but compared to you she is. In America you had better have proof to back up what you say, cause if you don't it's called Slander, can you say, Slander? What a jealous vindictive fool you are for attacking Mrs. Gibson AND her children. Their laundry is for them to wash, and it's not for you to hang it out. But no one really believes all this trash you are spewing out about Mrs. Gibson and her family, so why not go back to Russia and STAY THERE!

1588 days ago
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