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Chris Brown Breaks Down Crying During MJ Tribute

6/28/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After about four minutes of some of the best Michael Jackson inspired dancing you will see, Chris Brown broke down crying on stage during the BET Awards tonight.

The waterworks start around 4:30 mark if that's what you're into -- but seriously, his dance routine before that was amazing.

He started crying right as he got to the "Man in the Mirror" portion of the medley. Coincidence?



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I give props to TMZ for being fair and not judging him based on the stuff he did before and giving him a fair chance. Yeah, Chris messed up before but there's no denying he has talent and it showed tonight.

1516 days ago


Michael Jackson and Chris Brown were both at the World Music Awards in 2006, so they have to had met.

Chris Brown, imo, did not do the job he is capable when it comes to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards. If you look up Chris Brown and Michael Jackson on youtube, there are AMAZING videos of Chris Brown imitating MJ. I don't know who they would have gotten that would have done a better job as far as dance, though.

Brown, imo, was not crying for MJ, although he could have been. He was crying because he was taking the lyrics to "Man in the Mirror" to heart, and stating to the world that he is trying to make that change. I thought it was genuine, and it just goes to show that Michael Jackson STILL has an impact of the world!

1516 days ago


I REALLY Don't think It Was Real At All!!!!!!!!! C'mon It's Just Part Of The Show!!!!!

1516 days ago


I am certainly no Chris Brown fan but WOW that was some great dancing who knew LOL

1516 days ago


i don't care what anybody says chris brown you are to forgive those who did wrong. we all will never forget what happened but these world need to learn to forgive people when they have done something wrong.he have been through so much one mistake that was very very wrong still need to be forgiven. remember he is also human.with an heart. i love chris brown i just don't love what he did.if you did't feel that performance then you really are evil person with no heart. R.I.P MJ

1516 days ago


First off the tribute is by far the best one yet! I would like to say I'm not saint, but who are some of these people to pass judgement on Chris Brown's situation. Yes, he mangled that girl, but a man here in Nashville got his head blown off by a girl who was under the influence, but no one hears about the small violence, no judges the small violence. Oh, but he is Chris Brown, she is Rhianna; let's make a big deal out of it. Those type of things happen everyday. It's sad, but it happens. I takes two to tangle and she caught the worst of it. Would things been different if he'd caught the worst of it? When the people in this world start letting God be the judge and the juror we'd be a better off society. Until then we will always here some sort of negativity; instead of finding ways to help our youth so these type on incidents are no longer an issue......

1516 days ago

my opinion    

AMAZING, GREAT, WONDERFUL performance by Chris Brown...PURE TALENT.

Love Chris Brown and his God given talent

1516 days ago

Throwback kid    

I still say Chris Brown must have had the best lawyer ever! If anyone on this board beat Rianna to a bloody pulp they would be sitting in a jail cell right now. I still can't believe he did not spend one day in jail after punching a woman in the face.

1516 days ago


CB was amazing! Stop hating because you don't have his skills. I don't think anyone is saying poor Chris; I think it's more like damn he messed up but everyone deserves a second chance. How will he ever make amends if no one is willing to except his apology?

1516 days ago


Really?!? If Chris broke down b/c he was taking the lyrics "to heart", then did he cry during all of his practice sessions? He would have had to if he was taking it all 'to heart'. Why not cry during all the practicing and get it out and then he wouldn't have had to break down on stage. Come on people, he did it for his own selfish reasons to fool everyone into thinking he wants to change. Or TMZ can dig deeper and find out what happened during all the rehearsals and if he cried during them too. Again, PUHLEASE!

1516 days ago


The most amazing tribute I have seen, Chris Brown you are truly talanted, I cant get over this video, I literally started crying watching this. Great Job!!

1516 days ago


The world and media are gonna kill Chris brown like they killed Michael, point blank. Even though I believe Michael's situation was him being wrongly accused, he still had to pay his dues for what he did (i guess being too nice to children, giving thier families money then denying it later making one child's horrble father mad enough to make up the story and him even being so welcoming in children and giving them a child hood since he didnt have one, thus putting him in the position to be seen as a child molestor, was his what he had to pay for).

Chris has been doing the most to change. TMZ and others didnt release his mugshot because he was just as beat up as Rihanna. Rihanna did the most in playing the victim, whic is why Chris always stated he won't talk in details but he wished Rihanna would have been a bigger person about the situation (not sweep it under the rug, but not bad mouth him like she did. Plus she STARTED the fight. He only bit her hand cuz she came up behind him tryina choke him). Not to mention he didnt come out and sweep Rihanna under the bus by saying "she beat me up too! look at my pictures!" because either way he still knew he hit her and it was wrong. It was wrong for Rihanna to hit him, but shes a girl (blah but even so she still is a girl that used to box with her brother growing up, is fit and has muscles, so her punch can still cause some damage), so people think it is fine. They would praise her like they did Tiger Woods' wife even though female domestic violence should be unacceptable as male domestic violence.

People need to forgive Chris! Not forget, but definitely not hold him to his past. People dont talk about how much of a slut Khloe Kardashian was before she was "famous" or how Billy Ray Cyrus had kids out of wedlock and even got 2 ladies pregnant at once but left one in the dirt and went with Miley's mom (yes, Miely has a half brother that is the same age as her!), but just see them now that whole family is seen as some big "christian" bunch of love. Is it because they arent black? I dont know...but I like everyone should be above holding a grudge over Chris because you will Kill him like we Killed Michael and his talent will go to waste. At least we got to see all the capabilities of Michael (...even tho i think there was still move Michael had in him!) but Chris' career was still a baby!

1516 days ago


okay, i dont get it. chris is woman beater so call him that. michael was a child molester. how come now one is bringing that up? dont feed us the bull**** that he was never charged bc his insurance paid for it either. insurance doesnt just pay for something. if someone hit me, my car insurance would just pay them bc i did feel like messing with them. there has to be something there to pay for. if it was a lie the insurance company would have done everything to prove it wrong so it wouldnt have to pay. and for his mother to say the victims father killed him self over guilt. the pot calling the kettle black!!!

1516 days ago


you effin losers it was good performace no one else could pull that off life him. let that rihanna crap go she kemping it up. sit behind ur computer and judge he has acomplished more than you fools any way.

1516 days ago

Voted 4 Obama and Completed my Census    

Coincidence???? Y'all can eff up a wet dream.

1516 days ago
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