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Lindsay Lohan's Ex Assistants -- They're Baaaaack!

6/27/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Lindsay Lohan tell TMZ her new assistant just didn't cut it -- and not one, but two of her ex assistants are angling to come back.

We're told the new guy "couldn't keep up" and he (pictured 2nd) and LiLo have already parted ways. We're told Eleonore (pictured 3rd), the assistant who quit two weeks ago, wants her gig back because she needs to pay her bills and can't afford to be sidelined any longer.

But get this -- Lindsay's assistant from her glory days, Jenni (pictured 4th), is also interested in an encore.  We're told the job pays waaaaaaaaaay less than it did back in the day, but Jenni is also in dire need of work.

Oh ... Jenni and Eleonore happen to be roommates. Awk-ward!


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These people need to learn some actual skills

1581 days ago


Agree with #1. I would rather work at McDonalds then work for Lindsay Lohan. The director of Georgia Rule said she was crap. Her "friend" Marcus called her "tempermental" here

Guess what Lindsay? It's not EVERYONE else saying things that are "untrue" (your favorite word), it's YOU.

1581 days ago


They loved being connected to celebrity and they want that back. I hear Eleonore just about came in her panties when featured on TMZ.

Too bad none of them can cut it at a production company. There is no celebrity recognition but it pays better and has potential for advancement if you're competent and willing to work your butt off.

1581 days ago


awwwwww poor tmz just admitted you're wrong again

No one care about your "Ex Assistants" quit story
You don't even know that LiLo's ex assistant Jenni now a part of her clothing team for 2 years not to mention Eleonore.. oh no I don't want to give you much info.Let's the gossip fanmail continued to fool you that's better.

1581 days ago

From Norway    

It is not so smart to quit a job before you get a new one. We all have bills to pay. This Eleonore is not to smart but she loves the attantion. It is fun to be here in the paper and online for the world. Now she is broke and not so special anymore and that is no fun. I hope Linsay says no and gets another one.

1581 days ago


2 Assistants 1 Cup

1581 days ago


These women sound like fun! Loyalty just can't be bought!

1581 days ago


And now we know how crackheads find employment.

1581 days ago

Production Assistant    

#2, Garry Marshall, the director of Georgia Rule, said Lindsay was crap? I never heard that, and I was on the set of that movie every day. Lindsay was fine if you could get her to set and keep her there. Getting her to set was always the problem and was the reason the studio released a letter to the public chastising Lindsay for being late. When certain people were around Lindsay (Patrick!!) she seemed harder to deal with. Ultimately she is responsible for her own behavior.

1581 days ago


They see Lindsay looking a little better and maybe doing a movie and that means the crack will be flowing again. Face it, Lindsay runs with a group of lesbian crackheads! Not that there's anything wrong with that.

1581 days ago


The economy really stink to Lohan level. LOL.

1581 days ago


Lindsay admitted that she made mistakes during Georgia Rule and her timekeeping could have been better but the movie still featured great performances from everyone. However they didn't market it properly or the plot wasn't suitable for the target audience.
Totally correct about Jenni
How is this an exclusive Eleonore was seen driving her the other night.
I hope she gets off on July 6th so are we spared all the bs about her going to jail and turning herself in for a sentence that won't be more than a few days.

1581 days ago


Here is my opinion: her former assistents who quit and now want that job back, are people without a backbone. And I detest such people.

1581 days ago


"her new assistant just didn't it cut it" ...TMZ CHECK YOUR GRAMMAR BEFORE POSTING. Once again FAIL!!!!! "Just didn't it cut it" Nice.

1581 days ago


Lindsey just needs to get an old school day planner and handle her own business like an adult. I know many people with a much more hectic and demanding life in business that do it by themselves. They are simply organized and not drunk or on drugs.

This is what happens when you don't learn basic skills and have everyone do everything for you - She's sober right, then now she needs to learn how to be an adult and take of her basic life. Spoiled biatch with no more talent - you're washed up girl, pack it up and move to Nebraska.

1581 days ago
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