Lohan's New Assistant -- Not Long for Job

6/18/2010 8:05 AM PDT

Lindsay Lohan's New Assistant -- Not Long for Job

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan's new assistant was an intern at a major Hollywood talent agency before he became her new man-slave ... but we're hearing his new gig ain't exactly working out.

After Lohan's old assistant quit earlier this month, multiple sources have confirmed that LiLo reached out to her agent Nick Styne to help find a replacement ... and she asked specifically for a male.

We're told Styne scoped out his office and found an eager sap intern looking for an opportunity -- and the dude agreed.  As Lohan's assistant, we're told the dude was promised two days off per week and paid vacations.

He should have asked for a severance package because our sources say the new guy is not long for the gig.