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Naomi Campbell Hits a Rough Patch

6/29/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While usually no stranger to getting into hairy situations, supermodel Naomi Campbell's latest scandal is all about her bald spot.


During a photo shoot in NYC on Monday, the 40-year-old showed off what appears to be unbeweaveable hair loss.

Forget the headlines, this time she's ripped from the hairline.



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TMZ I bet you wouldn't bash her bald spot to her face. She would have you for lunch. She's a mean one. You would be screaming 'UNCLE."

1575 days ago


It is a crime what some black women do their hair and their children's hair.The "straightener" they use is toxic, and one mistake you can burn(like this picture) the scalp, and the hair off, and no one is sure what extended exposure will do. If you want to know about this, there is a Chris Rock movie called "Good Hair". It is hilarious and intelligent.

1575 days ago


why did she do that to herself! it looks really bad, and kind of painfull! I wonder how they'll fix that!?

1574 days ago


Ha Ha Ha Ha!! That's soooo funny!!!

1574 days ago


@shut up i didnt ask

I never said I was not racist. I said I was trying not to be. Obviously I failed. But at least I can spell, ignoramus! "Usally," "sereotypical," "unintellible," "there hair secrets," "stereo typing," etc.

Nah, it's not okay to be racist, no matter your color. And anyone can post. But not understanding hair texture? Give me a break. That is ignorant. (Look up the definition, and you will see that I'm right.) And as I said before, I wasn't calling "all white people" racist, I was calling myself racist! (And who's to say I'm not white!?!)

1574 days ago



I actually didn't confirm my first post (the white people are dumb one), because I took a moment and realized it wasn't the right thing to say. But when I confirmed the second post, the first one posted as well. I'm sorry about that because your comment was innocent enough and not malicious. Again, sorry.

1574 days ago


Sad what vanity does to you.

Hair loss is one of the bit falls to the extension rage. I'd rather wear a wig then have extensions.

1574 days ago


At this point, I think that she should just shave her head. It would look very chic I think, as she has the face and the cheekbones to carry it off. Like most people, I'm fairly sure that she started off with a good head of hair, but for some reason, made a decision to ignore the damage caused by relying on weaves over the years. The problem with wigs and weaves is, when you go swimming, or to bed at night, you know that that thing on your head is not really yours, so there must be a negative psychological effect there. I understand that there is pressure from popular culture and the modelling business for everyone to look the same, but we were all made different for a reason. We were not meant to all look the same. That was a man-made contrivance. I really believe that all races of people are beautiful in their own way.

1574 days ago


That sucks for her. I see alot of celebs and wonder if they have any hair left. Britney, Lilo, Posh (finally had to go short), etc. and it looks like their hairlines are receding and there are visible bald spots. I figure that as more weave is added to mask damaged/thinning hair the breakage must increase at an alarming rate. I don't think I'd risk the health of my own hair for the sake of a bunch of fake looking hair extensions. At some point you're going to be rocking either the shorn look or a wig.

1574 days ago


All of you have missed the mark with your unkind remarks. For any woman, this type of hair loss would be devastating emotionally and physically. Imagine if your only claim to fame was your physical appearance and you had to spend your life hiding any flaws because of the fear of how people would react to you if not as perfect as an airbrushed photo. It wouldn't be fun. Shame on you for your lack of compassion and shame on TMZ for exploiting a personal condition for the express purpose of mocking and humiliation.

1574 days ago


She is obvioulsy wearing a wig. You can see more of that kind of hair at her neck. My guess is that is what is under the wig. Oh and why is the person racist for saying that a black persons hair grows out course and stuff? It does and everyone knows it does. Are we supposed to believe that the straight hair she is wearing would be how her hair has grown out. Some of you people can be so dumb. It is what it is so stop trying to make it something its not.

1574 days ago

to little    

I guess TMZ just figured out the long hair on her head is not real? I never thought she looked good or even model material.

1574 days ago


Uh what do you think that happens when hair is continually pulled by each tiny strand? It gets pulled out!!! Or the damage glue can due... you can only shave it off.. ok white people... try to pretend you can think...

1574 days ago



1574 days ago


Why all the venom for people just asking questions about something they do not know about? Do you know everything about everything? I am sure there are areas you know nothing about also, I am the first to admit that I do not know everything. I have been very fortunate to have never colored, used extensions, weaves, or wigs. If I have have never done or used these items, why would I have a plethora of knowledge about them? Please do not be so quick to judge somebody because they ask an honest query. How about a little compassion and enlightenment instead?

1574 days ago
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