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Elena Kagan - Death Sentence for Bad 'Twilight' Joke

6/30/2010 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan isn't a fan of "Twilight" ... 'cause at today's Senate confirmation hearing, the gun critic shot down a terribly delivered "joke" question about "Twilight" like she was Annie frickin' Oakley.


The super uncomfortable exchange all went down when Sen. Amy Klobuchar had the floor ... and informed Kagan that she had just watched the "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" movie ... and wanted to know if Kagan was Team Jacob or Team Edward.

She chuckled ... but it didn't seem like Kagan was amused.


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This woman is no more experience to tell others how to live when she is not living right herself. She is just another liberal who this country does not need and I pray God will not let her get the votes she needs. I pray that God will do what he has to to get rid of all the liberals in this country and anyone else who don't believe in him or the constitution of United States. If the flag and constitution offends you than go to your own island and start your own evil little country and leave this country alone now and forever.

1544 days ago


Sen. Amy Klobuchar is a moron. I feel sorry for the people of her own home State!

1544 days ago


Amy Klobuchar is a bonehead running the state of MN!

1544 days ago


Believe me, we in MN don't care about the opinions of a bunch of kids on a TMZ website making their snap judgements based on a 41 sec excerpt from a multi-day hearing. Enjoy your few seconds of delusional self-importance while it lasts. If you can't understand what Sen. Klobuchar was trying to do, then it's a good thing you aren't actually anywhere near being in politics.

1544 days ago


What the heck does that have to do with being a Supreme Court justice? Get to work asking pertinent questions and quit wasting our time and money with this dog and pony show.

1544 days ago


If you'd have thrown in the chick as a third choice, you'd have goten an answer

1544 days ago


she said she couldnt comment dumbasses

1544 days ago


This is a confirmation hearing for a Supreme Court nominee and this nitwit moron of a senator ( I question the intelligence of those that voted for her) asks this question? This is a serious matter and I wish these public servants would treat it as such. Ask tough question to understand where the nominee is coming from. You ask the questions that provide answers as to the character and decision-making qualities of the nominee. I'm not a Kagen fan, but I'm happy to hear she was not amused. This is not cute, it has nothing to do with the country. It's a stupid twit of a senator trying to get her 15 minutes. Grow up you twit.

1544 days ago


Write about Doda's new song "Bad Girls" or "My way or no way". She's going international!

1544 days ago


O.M.G. Really? In my opinion, remarks like that have absolutely no place in session. Save it for the hallway during a break if you want to be chatty or try to lighten the mood. In session means you get down to the business at hand. I think she handled it in the perfect way. A light laugh, followed by "I wish you wouldn't." was the GREATEST slap in the face. :*)

And really, can't we just wait to see what happens instead of bashing her before she's even had a chance to do the job? She may be absolutely brilliant, but people just sit there and comment on her looks and her intelligence without even having the knowledge to do so. That's just sad. People are saying this is why the country is in a state of downfall...I tend to think it's more because of the lack of support in ANY areas, and the fact that people always spout off with "their opinion" without having any real facts to back it up, by the American people.

1544 days ago


Who cares what her 15 year old brats are watching? How can this woman bring up Twilight? What an idiot. She should stick the movie up her a$$!

1544 days ago


The Minnesota senator should be privately slapped for this. Tough enough for women to be taken seriously in the higher echelons of this world without this vapid horsesh*t. As for Kagan, sorry, I don't think she has what it takes in terms of either qualifications or the character to affirmatively stand up to either this frivolousness or to bullying by other Bench members.

1544 days ago


I think people want her as a Supreme Court Justice just because she's a female. I'm Jewish, but I didn't like hearing her talk about her mikvah during questioning. I'm all for separation of church and state, and that comment along with her lack of real world experience makes her a bad fit in representing our constitution.

1544 days ago


This chick is a B-otch! Isn't one of the qualities needed for a public figure/judge people skills? Not too quick on the draw,is she!

Jack Bauer for Supreme Court judge!

1544 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

thispig of a woman looks like kevin james (from king of queens)in horrible drag...and is this bitch going bald? tell the lesbo they make wigs or is she trying on purpose to look like chaz bono! it will be dykes on bikes in the supreme court!

1544 days ago
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