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Jewish Org:

Mel is an 'Anti-Semite

... Racist'

7/1/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson isn't just an anti-Semite, he's now shown himself to be a "racist" too ... this according to the head of a Jewish anti-discrimination organization.

TMZ just spoke to Abe Foxman -- head of the Anti-Defamation League -- who tells us, "Most people who hate one group hate another.  Not only has Mel Gibson shown himself to be an anti-Semite, he’s a racist.”


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RE "15. Love Mel, it's a free country and free speech isn't against the law no matter whether you agree with it or not!!!

Posted at 1:42 PM on Jul 1, 2010 by tori"


Excuse me, Tori, but this isn´t free speech. It´s hate speech. No free country can justify hate.

1544 days ago

Politico Pablo    

A Racist too? Mel's the gift that keeps on giving.

1544 days ago


I like Mel. He speaks his mind, as most other people do. The problem is he is white and not jewish... meaning he can't really speak his mind.

1544 days ago

Racist Haters    

This is a joke.. everyone who lives in the real world knows the true racists are the blacks and jew... Mel just catches the crap when someone in his inside circle wants to make some money. Every person who voted for Obama is a racist, and so are the people who dodn't.... stupid people rule the world get over it. Remember the Tower of Babylon? We aren't supposed to be all the same, speaking the same language, we are who we are and God loves us all.

1544 days ago


Many of these people pointing fingers at Mel are much worse bigots.

1544 days ago

average american    

travis- thats exactly what the NAACP and the ADL want you to do

1544 days ago

gerard oliver    

Racist is Jewish Org.

1544 days ago


I hear worse stuff from a lot of you who comment on this site. A lot of you are no better than Mel Gibson no matter what you think.

1544 days ago


Yep, more great remarks by cross clutching,holy roller, god fearing Melly. I love the supporters here who back him. It shows simpletons and their kind continue to thrive in America. Don't worry about who killed Jesus boys and girls. He didn't exist! Its all bull****. There is no talking snake, and Jesus didn't blast off into outterspace to be with his old man. Why people continue to believe such unbelievable stories is insane! Please go jump into a whale for a week and tell Jonah I said HellO!

1544 days ago

Lianne D    

Let me get this straight, California refuses to approve same-sex marriages, people make 'jewish' jokes all the time, African Americans use the 'n' word on TV/in songs, often use 'white trash' if one of them dares being with a caucasion person and yes, Tina Turner lives abroad because she can't stand the US and I also heard Glover complain about his country more than I care to admit... but Mel is homophobic, anti-seminite and racist? Does that mean everyone in the South is racist (they complain about Obama all the time just because he's dark skinned) and that all californians are homophobic??? Get a life. None of us know what she did to piss him off so badly. If you secretely tape someone, you have dishonest intentions to begin with...

1544 days ago


Lost all respect for him after the racist rant with the cop. Your true self comes out when you lose your inhibitions from alcohol.

However, Oksana has to share a little blame. This man most probably has uttered his rasist and hate filled comments about other peoples while he was with Oksana. This can't be a surprise to her. A man that treats you well but treats other's like **** will always aim that same hate towards you, once the cir***stances are right.

1544 days ago


mel gibson is not a racist for not agreeing with a religeon,I bet the head of the adlabe foxman is jewish huh thats why he is saying these things. what about Micheal Richards screaming the n word on stage to a group os black guys how come tmz and abe foxman arent still making a big deal about that Besides I think mel gibson's incedent with the law happend way before the kramer incedent andwe bant stop hearing about mel gibson and how bad he is you know why nobody ever says anything bad about micheal richards because hes a jew and god forbid a jew do anything wrong

1544 days ago


Did Mel forget that Jesus was Jewish......I guess he is right about the Jews responsible for all the wars....because most wars are based on religious differences. But, how the hell can a real Christian hate the Jews......I bet that if Jesus ever does come back Mel Gibson wouldn't let his daughter date him!!

1544 days ago


This is just more politically correct crap! I am more offended by people who think they have the right to tell others how they should think and feel and what they should say. You do not have to agree with Mel. You can ignore him and refuse to watch his movies. You can form clubs and associations all against Mel, BUT he has a right to his opinion. It is not your job to censor or tell others what they can and can not say.

1544 days ago

Mae White    

Looks like karma has come to bite him on the ass in the form of this Russian golddigger.

He's actually a ruined man, his reputation, his family and of course he's ruined his latest child's chances for happiness.


1544 days ago
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