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Lindsay Lohan Birthdays on a Budget

7/2/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan turns 24 today and it's not gonna be the best birthday ever ... by a long shot.


Lindsay's friends tell TMZ ... so far, she's made no plans.  One of her best friends put it bluntly, "I mean there's not much you can do with a monitoring bracelet and no money."

Lindsay's friends say this weekend will be Lindsay's toughest test.  She's got her SCRAM on tight (though she's bitterly complaining it's ruining her life), so alcohol is off limits for her BD and for the July 4 weekend.

If Lindsay stays dry until Tuesday, it's possible Judge Marsha Revel will show her some mercy.  Since her last court appearance, Lindsay has brought herself up to date on her Alcohol Ed classes, and she's passed every drug test.

Lindsay may have a crappy weekend, but she had better hope Judge Revel has a good one.


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This judge may have saved her life. She needs to learn how to have a good time without liquor, and drugs. Invite friends over, play music, get some chips and dip, talk, dance, play games ect. There are other ways to have a good time without alchol. If you get drunk you don't even know if you had a good night, and you certainly aren't going to have a good morning.

1571 days ago


Maybe Carvels will donate a cake for her birthday!! *evil laugh*

1571 days ago


I'm not for anyone disrespecting the court, but couldn't they, for the one weekend we celebrate our Country's freedom, give her a break? Alcoholism is a terrible thing to deal with, but not to be able to have a beer or to with family this weekend seems harsh.

1571 days ago


Can YOU for once TMZ give this girl a break and stop with your sneering stories. Its her birthday for gods sake, leave her alone. She's doing everything asked of her so for you to continue your vicious vendetta against her is heartless. Good work Lindsay, we are rooting for you!.

1571 days ago


PLEASE! Please! NO MORE LINDSAY. A total waste of time. I never thought this, but find some dirt on Paris again. This getting old.

1571 days ago


I don't drink and have no probem having a good time, have a good day Lindsay.

1571 days ago


Happy Birthday Lidsay !!!!!

1571 days ago


Somebody better stop giving this girl a free pass.

I couldn't care less what she's up to date at this point on. Fact is, she violated the terms of her probation in the past and that is what Judge Revel had better address. Jail her for the past. Any one of us would be.

1571 days ago


Happy 40th lilo!

1571 days ago


"Happy 40th lilo!" that is soooo funny!!!!!!!!!

1571 days ago


TMZ = "THE MEAN ZEROS"....Your non stop vendetta against Lohan has long ago crossed over into bullying and badgering. You seem to take great glee in bashing this girl over the most petty of reasons. Not only is it boring but its become ridiculous. Perez Hilton can take a lesson from you guys on how to be consistantly vicious. ENOUGH ALREADY!! You hunt this girl like she is prey then will crow over her dead body after you have pushed her over the cliff. She is doing as told now and is not the first child star to have issues. Takes BIG MEN to harrass a sick girl. Vomitous.

1571 days ago


So lets see, she blames the SCRAM bracelet for destroying her life. How about her own behavior which made the bracelet mandatory. Has she figured out the connection between her own drunken, drugged behavior and the ankle bracelet? She'd best look in the mirror if she wants to find someone to blame.
I find it curious that people on here are blaming TMZ for reporting LL's behavior. TMZ is a new organization, Lindsay is a 'celebrity.' If she wants privacy, get into another business.

1571 days ago


she will be just fine

1571 days ago


"GINGER"..your comment is inane and immature. TMZ reports like the National Enquirer does..."a close friend says"...."those close to her say". This could be anyone and ZERO proof. Lohan is wearing the SCRAM braclet due to drinking...not drugs. See? you prove my point. TMZ's constant accusations and spreading of rumor have sunk into your brain and your convinced of things not proven. Lohan is like so many whose fame came too early. All I am saying is she obviously has some issues or she would not be wearing a court demanded,Scram bracelet so why pile on with abuse?? BTW: when did having a profession that gets you name recogniton, become open season on your entire life?? They are but actors, singers, etc and are not punching bags. No one's life could withstand constant scrutiny. Its inhuman to go after a sick person like this and I am not even a Lohan fan. TMZ appears to be biting at the bit to write Lohan's obituary.If TMZ exaggerates on Lohan what else do they exaggerate on??? Its not a solid news organization its a mean girl tabloid.

1571 days ago


Another year older but is she wiser?

1571 days ago
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