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Mel Gibson/Oksana Court Hearing -- It's a Wrap

7/1/2010 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva court hearing is over, and everyone was mum on the way out.

We're told the hearing was set yesterday -- before the incendiary tapes were leaked -- and both sides had issues they wanted to discuss with the judge.

We're told the judge is interested in the tape leak, because there's a restraining order in place prohibiting Oksana from divulging info on the substance of the secret recordings.


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Let's hook up leather like Rachel Uchitel with abusive Mel Gibson. That's effn' justice. They are perfect for each other.

1574 days ago


Hey poster no. 3!

Why are you here if you hate TMZ so much?


1574 days ago


I hope Mel gets full custody if the baby is realy from him and that whore gets deported back to the cave from where she came from.

1574 days ago


They are both `````` messes!! If she didn't like what went down in JAN, she should have taken her kids ``` and left!!

1574 days ago


Another gold digging whore. I don't understand why these celebrities keep getting married. It only leads to legal/financial issues.

Lawyers killed the institution of marriage. Anyone that gets married is just looking for trouble.

1574 days ago


Poor Oksana is outspend and outgunned. She simply cannot compete with Mel's money or Mel's attorney's big mouth. We all know what he is. There is no denying it after this and the police video rant from years ago.

Mel Gibson is a nasty man. He defines racist.

1574 days ago


He is not supposed to give her his house but he did caouse of the baby but she deserves to be righ on on the streets. Whore.

1574 days ago


well of course she leaked the tapes...hello?! these things don't just magically happen. Please. She's out to punish him, becuase she's a pathetic little climber who no longer has her Hollywood connection to the grand life.
She's likely the one casuing the problems here. When all is said and done, he'll still have his money and fame, what does she get? nothin. Serves her right.

1574 days ago


Big frigging deal that Mel Gibson is a racist who hates blacks and jews. Get over it. You'd be hard pressed to find a white person on this planet who dosen't hate blacks and most other races. It's no big deal. It's who they are.

1574 days ago


Team Mel - get over it - hate this two-bit bitch. And who are all these pious people getting their undies in a bunch over a word used in what was supposed to be a personal argument that was not meant to be heard by the ever judging public??? Sorry - but I just don't lose my mind and call people racists because they used a word that a lot of minorities feel comfortable using amongst theirselves every minute of every day until a non-minority uses it. Bigger things going on in the world and as long as everybody overreacts to this kind of stuff - no peace anywhere. Don't sweat the small stuff.

1574 days ago

Bombshell McGee: Waste of life    

I love Mel. I think he is completely awesome. I can't believe that TMZ and everyone else is making such a big deal about this. This is America, he can use whatever speach he wants and if he wants to use the N word, go ahead. Blacks use the word all the time as a term of endearment - if you don't like hearing it from others, don't use it yourself! Also, I am so tired of this double standard in the whole black / white thing anyway, I mean, I wonder what would happen if we had WHITE entertainment television, WHITE entertainment music awards! WHITE College fund, etc. etc. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all the others MAKE BIG BUCKS on racism. A lot of really dumb and ignorant people keep those jerks in the lap of luxury at their own 'suppressed' claims. BS. Blacks have more opportunity, more money (minority college funds, minority business grants, etc.) than any other WHITE person could ask for. I'm tired of all their crying.

1574 days ago


Another celebrity whore getting another payday. This slut gets pregnant and ends up with a retirement fund. When are us guys going to learn, no woman can be trusted 100%, they are all in it for what they can get out of the guy, not love!
Mel has like 10 kids, cut that bad boy up dude, so you don't go broke. Remeber, women will sleep wth any guy who has money.

1574 days ago


GO TEAM MEL!!!!!!!!

1574 days ago


Mel is a mean alcoholic. If you can live with that, great. If you can't, then don't. What's the big deal?

1574 days ago


I am not defending what Mel alledgedly said on the tapes but get real people he was not making a public statement he was in the privacy of his own home. At least he thought he was.

Doesn't it bother anyone that the cherished American rights to free speech have become so controlled that you now must be careful of what you say at home, behind closed doors?

I bet if we heard the entire tape she was delibertaly egging him on.

1574 days ago
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