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Mike Epps -- Mel's N-Bomb was a Cry for Help

7/2/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not everybody is writing off Mel Gibson in the wake of his N-bomb scandal -- in fact, actor Mike Epps tells us he wants to help the guy out ... before Danny Glover beats Mel's ass down.


Epps was in South Central Los Angeles yesterday at an event for the Professional Community Intervention Training Institute -- when we asked him about Mel's hate-filled recordings.

Epps, along with the members of the organization, agreed that Mel's outburst was merely a cry for help ... and that if he truly wants to be forgiven, he needs to work with the African-American community.

But the comedian also had one last message for Mel -- joking that if he doesn't straighten up, "We gonna get Danny Glover on you ... he gonna whoop you!"


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george clooney    

I suggest any or all of you to tell me you have not used the N word....if so, you be the first one to throw the first stone. All people have to do is go into any black-oriented web site, like JET and read the filth written by the black community; seems the N word is used more often than any other word in the english language but a close second would be the word "bit*h" grow up and stop acting like it matters!

1520 days ago


It's sad, but 75% of Americans are closet racist. Just look at the support that the Arizona Governor is receiving for her law against immigrants in America.

1520 days ago


Why is it when blacks use the word its perfectly ok in any manner, yet a white dude says it and its automatically a hate filled or rage filled comment? If this is the worst this guy has said then I suggest you get a life. I saw her as a gold digger from the first minute I laid eyes on her and its obvious thats what she is. He was a an idiot to get involved with her in the first place, though. However, I've heard worse arguments than what was recorded, and again, if thats all you have on him then you need to get your head out of your bum. Grow up. Its just a word.

1520 days ago


Oh my god not the N word please not the N word. Not the one the n word use every f word day. What kind of an A word would use the N word that all the N word use in public, music, and media. What the f word this country coming to.

1520 days ago


If it had been a public explosion, Gibson's use of the 'N' word might have been a cry for help, but this was a secretly taped private conversation. The guy is a racist abuser (everyone underplays how the same tape has him saying he's going to force her to perform a sexual act on her, then burn her house down). Stop giving him a pass because he's famous.

1520 days ago


That would be one way to see Mutaugh and Riggs together again

1520 days ago


Maybe Dr. Drew can have a show on VH-1 called Celebrity Racism and help Mel out.

1520 days ago


work with the african american community..
give dem money

1520 days ago


Fair enough.

1520 days ago


You'll never see or hear NAACP go after anyone that is black for saying ******. Their isn't much different between them and the KKK, they both are hate fill groups. The only things is our government allows NAACP to get away with their crimes. Maybe they would like to come after me for say ****** in my own home to.

1520 days ago


f,?k mel gibson and any ricist m/f. Throw rocks then hide your hands!!!!!! shame on you cowards!

1520 days ago


What's the big deal? Black people use the word all the time so it can't be that bad.

1520 days ago


I'm wondering how many of your respondants said things that were "Politically Incorrect" when in an all out argument? I'd probably say 98% have, so what's the deal with the crucifiction of Mel?

I grew up in the 60's, and to me the only difference between black people and me was the color of our skin. We made fun of people with glasses, we made fun of each other, race was just another wepon in our teasing arsenal.

As I aged, and moved away I began to see things differently. For the most part I saw black people seperating themselves from white people. (I don't think that was Martin Luther King Jr.s desire)

I saw the rise of people like Jesse Jackson, Malcom X and Louis farakahan. People who were supposed to be men of God, but who have endlessly preached hate from their pulpit (thats how you know that they are in league with the devil).

Malcom X was softening his stand and his beliefs about white people, and he was assinated by a black man.

Now from what I see, the black race has become inflamed with hate. They are filled with violence and their feet rush to sin.

Now there are always exceptions to this, but an over whelming majority fit this discription.

They hold so much hate for white people, but when they get some money, they move to a white neighborhood because they feel safer, and are not worried for their lives.

I used to think it was about jobs (just like they try to keep telling me now) It's not! It's about heart. It's about attitude, It's about willingness, it's about conformity.

I see young black men sign up for a job wearing pants they have to hold up (you need two hands to do a job), wife beater t's and smelling of reefer, then scream racism because they didn't get the job.

But jesse jackson will never tell black people they have to be accountable. You don't get to blackmail and extort money from companies if your constituants are accountable.

1520 days ago


This is what Mel was warning about.

1520 days ago


Since you said 75%, I assume you are saying all races are racist. Sticks and stones, people, sticks and stones. It's a word, grow up and worry about important things, like the war or the recession. Allowing a word to affect you so strongly is very very sad. I grew up in a black neighborhood, a graduating class of 360... and I was only of two whites. I know about prejudice, trust me, but it seems to be ok to make racist remarks about whites, whatever. And you know what, I am still a good person even if I am a cracker (which by the way does not bother me - it's just a word.)

1520 days ago
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