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Tiger Woods Divorce

Elin Nordegren

The $100 Million Woman

7/2/2010 5:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Elin Nordegren will walk away from her marriage with Tiger Woods with approximately $100 million.

Elin Nordegren
As one source with direct knowledge of the terms of the divorce tells TMZ, "She'll be getting close to $100,000,000." 

There have been reports Elin would score $750 million, but we have confirmed that figure is wrong.  Indeed, as we first reported, Tiger is not even worth $750 million.  We're told his net worth is somewhere between $500 and $600 million.

The $100 million is way more than Elin would have received under the prenup.

Sources say Elin will receive child support, but we do not know the specific amount.
As for the $100 million figure ... this is not speculation ... it comes from sources with direct knowledge of the property settlement agreement.

To put this in some perspective, Elin will be getting 10 times what Rachel Uchitel scored from Tiger.

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Anon E Mouse    

For months that is what I was saying that she would get.
Only true morons believed that she was getting $750 million.
It is a fair amount for a woman that did jack **** her whole life.

1576 days ago



1576 days ago


I think that is way to much money! he worked hard for that she should be compensated, but come on 100 million thats obsurd who was she before marring Tigar Woods anyway! Damn Tigar it would of been cheaper to keep her best wishes to you both i still say she is stupid for leaving him.

1576 days ago


Tiger is going to go nuts when she starts dating...she is ridiculously hotter than any of his other women.

1576 days ago


Wow you've just got 100 mil and still need child support. Please tell me what the F@

1576 days ago


I dont think she should have gotten anymore than what she would have made as her professional career of a nanny.

1576 days ago


Fair or not, no one should be sticking up for Paper Tiger. Those who do are just plain sick and twisted, thanks a lot Mel Gibson's of the world. Your views are pathetic, worm-ridden piles of cow slop on the hottest of days. I dare anyone to justify why Paper Tiger should get any sympathy what-so-ever. It would suit me just fine if he disappeared and was never heard from again. And for those who still like him, May a rabid rat climb up through the toilet while you are sitting on it. 'nough said. Next pathetic topic.

1576 days ago


She sould get more she sould get it ALL!!!

1576 days ago


Very Good Elin,

Now Tiger should pay the Money and get back to playing Golf. Hopefully he will not get Married again until he is ready to settle down. Now everyone else should stop judging because many of you are no better, you just dont have the Money that he has to do those things. My Only criticisms of Tiger is 1. He sould not have gotten Married 2. He should not have used Texting or leave Messages. He was STUPID on all of theose.

1576 days ago


Rachel got 10M to keep quiet. Tigers wife got 100M for the divorce, even though she should have gotten way more. If one whore is worth 10M than Elin should have gotten 10M for each infidelity. That sounds fair to me. By not doing that it makes her less worthy percentage wise than the women he cheated on her with. And if any more women come out and say they were with him during their marriage and its proved then she should get an extra 10M. Make it fair, every hoe banged equals 10M. She should realistically be getting around 200M to even do her justice. How embarrassing for the world to know your douche bag of a husband cheated on you with 15+ women. C'mon lawyers.

1576 days ago


Man these women shouldn't be getting this much money who cares what Tiger did make the bitch work for her ****!!! I can't stand all these chicks getting a free ride when the divorce there husbands whats this world coming to womens rights come on man seriously go out and make a living 2 mill woulda been more than enough greedy that's all that is leave Tiger alone i'm sick of hearing about all this crap

1576 days ago


Excuse me, but why should Elin get ANYthing? How many birdies did she make? How many eagles? That's Tiger's money, why is she entitled? Because she gestated and gave birth twice? So what? He doesn't owe her anything! She had a cushy lifestyle for 5+ years, she got beautiful kids with great genes....she is not owed a single penny! These cases are just ridiculous. When people split up, no one "owes" anyone anything. It's not like she was his caddie! Good lord. Child support, yeah, and split custody, but NO PAYOUT!!! And yes, I'm a woman, and I think this stuff is patently STUPID. If she had any pride she would take ZERO DOLLARS, not a PENNY! Self-respecting divorcees don't expect to be bought, and this is in part a bribe. Nauseating.

1576 days ago


Young, healthy, gorgeous, rich... and single.


1576 days ago


She was in it for the money anyway. That is the reason he cheated. It is tough to have to put up with someone who is not your equal. college ed - nanny.

1576 days ago


Every time a black guy gets a little bit of money the first thing he does is run to a white woman He can't find one fast enough. So I don't feel sorry for him or any other black guy who can't stay away from them. They just can't get it through their heads that one way or another, given just an iota of of chance, they are going to get the money right back from them..........the idiots. If they hate black women so much I would hope that they'd at least start giving some of the money to hispanic or asian women.

1576 days ago
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