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Tiger Woods Divorce

Elin Nordegren

The $100 Million Woman

7/2/2010 5:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Elin Nordegren will walk away from her marriage with Tiger Woods with approximately $100 million.

Elin Nordegren
As one source with direct knowledge of the terms of the divorce tells TMZ, "She'll be getting close to $100,000,000." 

There have been reports Elin would score $750 million, but we have confirmed that figure is wrong.  Indeed, as we first reported, Tiger is not even worth $750 million.  We're told his net worth is somewhere between $500 and $600 million.

The $100 million is way more than Elin would have received under the prenup.

Sources say Elin will receive child support, but we do not know the specific amount.
As for the $100 million figure ... this is not speculation ... it comes from sources with direct knowledge of the property settlement agreement.

To put this in some perspective, Elin will be getting 10 times what Rachel Uchitel scored from Tiger.

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@Stupidity at its best
you too dumb to remember you called his skanks retarded?
she's just one of a line of many leg-spreaders.

she hooked up with nerd-0 knowing his reputation. the only 'changing' that happened was her changing diapers while he was dropping loads on the skanks of las vegas

@henry hill
your book sucked

that is why she married him -- because she saw a payday down the road

shame on you for adding to the situation by posting in the comments page. and then you quote astrology.
you need your head read more then LiLo does

1571 days ago


High priced call G___.

1571 days ago


She is a lovely woman who married a professional golfer (just like many other lovely women who are married to professional golfers) wherein she perceived herself to be in a "committed" marital partnership and they "both" created a (family) of two beautiful offspring.

The golddiggers are the swines who willingly participated in illicit and non-sacred sex with a world famous golfer who was married and whose wife brought not just one but two children into this world to create a family while he was whoring with them. The reason they all came out with their stories after his secret life unravelled last Thanksgiving is the fact their gravy train was just about to run dry not because they thought they were special to him or "loved" him.

Tiger, stop golfing, get well, and become a mature man and decent father to your children.

1571 days ago


Men with money should not marry in todays day and age. marriage is a business and men always lose.

1571 days ago


The men will be chasing her for Tiger's money and she will know what it feels like to have people near you just for notoriety. Money can't replace what was lost. It is reported she does not talk to Tiger. She should take a page from Sandra Bullock - co-parenting means you have to talk to the other parent. Kids will know and suffer from anything less than that.

1571 days ago


***** sure is expensive?!?!?!?!

1571 days ago



Do you REALLY think she didn't know he was a player and liked the kink when she married him? Both women AND men want immunity from their actions and mistakes.

And please, stop commenting on how hot she is...how many supermodels and hot guys have been married multiple times? Most of you were attracted by your mates, and then that wore off in a little while. The baggage of marriage and day-to-day life wears the passion out of every relationship.

She supposedly tells him to give up what obviously has been his focus for his entire life...golf...and sit around the house and act repentant. That's going to make for a healthy relationship (maybe just setting him up for failure). Two immature people got together and dragged kids into the equation. Both should accept responsibility.

She has never come off as a gold digger, although when you hire lawyers to represent you, they pretty much run the game. Frankly it doesn't matter what you think she should get, because he and his lawyers decided for whatever reason that this was a good settlement. He is not being forced to do this. Just as he wasn't forced to marry her or carry on with his life on the side.

Anyone who believes the public persona anyone presents is an idiot, so why you are so surprised is beyond me. You wonder why most golf pros are so quiet about this? You don't think many/most of them have dangled their toes in the water?


1571 days ago


wow, being a dumb blond house wife pays more and more everyday!

1571 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Ah, yet another trophy wife scores a goal.

Hell, for $100 million, I'd **** him.

1571 days ago


thief. golddigger.

1571 days ago


so proving that a wife is nothing more than an expensive prostitute. congrats

1571 days ago

Michael Jenkins    

Are you kidding me? What kind of miserable ******* would follow Elin, with her child, and ask such imbecilic, ignorant questions. If you're proud of yourself you've got the perfect job. What a way to make a living. I hope the tables are turned on you one day.

1571 days ago

Pound Sand    

Tiger the dipsh*t got off easy...of course he always gets off easy!

1571 days ago


$100 Mil AND child support!! Hell NO!!! Like someone else pointed out - she didn't even help him achieve his wealth!! Some of you ladies don gold-digging apparel and don't even have the right to! Tiger - I hope you bone all the groupies and hookers you and your lil' buddy can handle now!! You've earned it!! You've already been tarnished so you should have just agreed to say $20 Mil + child support and LIMITED confidentiality...E.G. she could give all the interviews she wanted in future, but no books or paid literary rights, etc. No wife for me and why bring kids into this world!?!? EVERYBODY'S pretty much disgusting in one way or the other!

1571 days ago


No one within a marriage wants to find out that thier other half was banging every ****tail waitress in a 50 mile radius. That $100 million will be paying for the emotional pain Tiger dealt her. The child support will pay for all the therapy the two chilren will need in their lifetime.

1571 days ago
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