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Melissa Etheridge

Files to End Relationship

7/3/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Melissa Etheridge has just filed legal documents with the court to formally end her relationship with Tammy Lynn Michaels.

Etheridge filed a document called a Petition for Dissolution of Domestic Partnership in L.A. County Superior Court.

Etheridge and Michaels were registered as domestic partners in California. They had a commitment ceremony back in 2003.  There were reports they tried to legally marry in 2008 -- during the time when same-sex marriages were permitted in CA --  but they missed the window. 

In the docs, Etheridge cites "irreconcilable differences."

Etheridge is asking for joint custody of the couple's two children.  Their twins were born in 2006, after Tammy was artificially inseminated by an anonymous donor.

Etheridge's lawyer, Judy Bogen, is also asking the judge to reject any possible bid by Tammy to get financial support.

There are reports the couple split back in April.


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Melissa Ethridge is the female version of John Edwards. But her lady friend has to see that when you start a relationship that is already in sin (she cheated with the girl while being "committed" to the other baby mama)it was only going to end in drama.

1540 days ago


Team Tammy all the way. Used to be a Melissa fan. Not so much now. Melissa has become a real ****head.

1540 days ago


OH, YAAAAAAWN! Who cares!

1540 days ago


That f'ing cow. Tammy had a very thriving acting career before she gave up everything to be with Melissa. She then carried twins and took care of them while Melissa strayed off and now she is asking the court to not grant any type of spousal support? I sincerely hope there is at least some type of palimony that Tammy is eligible for. I am a gay man and it sickens me that Melissa would fight for the right to marry and then try to have it deleted without any responsibility.

1540 days ago


Melissa, you should be ASHAMED of yourself. You get your partner to carry your children for you. 9-months and delivery of twins...and you can't work out your partnership? And on top of that, you want to block the mother of your children from ANY financial support? That's why they have spousal support, honey. When a-hole partners/husbands induce their wives into bearing their children w/ the promise of commitment and a life together. The wife forgoes her own dreams/goals to carry your children (loses potential income, deals with the horrible pain of delivery and the stress of raising children), and the a-hole partner breaks the marital/partnership vows he/she made. I never honestly believed much in spousal support until I saw situations like this. But, you should be SO ashamed of yourself for disrespecting the mother of your kids this way and not wanting to support her. SHAMEFUL.

1540 days ago


Funny, she wants part custody, but is fighting to keep from paying support. WOW...what a way to talk out of both sides of her fat mouth.

1540 days ago

go home!    

Melissa is a serial marrier. SHe's like one of those bad men that marry women, knock em up and then leave them high and dry to start a new life. This is twice now. You'd think the cancer would have given her some prospective and make her realize what is most important in life. Tammy birthed those 2 children and deserves child AND spousal support. We used to see her acting and since she was with melissa and knocked up, she pretty much gave up her acting career. Melissa needs to compensate her for that. I'm really dissapointed in Melissa. Tammy seems like a great girl. Loved her in "Popular." Maybe Ryan can give her a role on Glee, she'd be amazing.

1540 days ago


OH HECK NO, MR/MRS ETHERIDGE! No support payments? You want to be treated equally? Man up and pay up like the rest of the divorced men in the world! LOL!!!

1540 days ago


Whether by natural, artificial, or adoption, those children are Melissa's as well as Tammy's. Melissa is asking for joint custody, so obviously she is claiming them as her own. THEREFORE, regardless of their sexual orientation, BOTH parents are jointly responsible, and Melissa should pay support, since she is the higher income and Tammy has the kids.
I don't care if it's a real marriage, common-law or a shot in the dark... she is their parent tooand she needs to pay up!

1540 days ago


Another break-up!
Can't figure out why people even bother anymore. Relationships are such a waste of time!

1540 days ago

Are you sure?    

Joint custody but no financial support? Come on Melissa! Your'e a millionaire! That's pretty low to agree to have children with someone and then not pay child support?!!!

1540 days ago

Kimmy Ef    

Please remember that ONCE again you are only getting info that the media is feeding you here. Who knows what really went on in their home. Before you judge, get all the facts.

Either way, I wish all of them, and especially their children... peace.

1540 days ago


Damn!!! Now that they have split up what are those kids going to do without their father.......oh wait....

HOMO's shouldn't be allowed to have children. Just like @proud2befemale said. There are going to be a bunch of F'ed up kids here shortly trying to figure out why they have homo parents are kissing and all of their weird friends have a mom and a dad.

I would rather see one parent in prison for selling crack than a couple of old lesbian tree hugging carpet hounds having kids....

Shame Shame

1540 days ago


I used to be a huge Melissa fan but her trying to deny spousal support tears it for me. She is obviously NOT the person she tries to portray. The truth she speaks is WAY different than the truth she LIVES. She comes off now as VERY selfish and entitled. This lesbian won't buy her merchandise anymore.

1540 days ago


Legally, the children are Tammy's. Etheridge is sh*t outta luck! Irony = gays want the "equality of marriage", but when the divorce comes, they don't consider themselves equal partners. I can tell Etheridge was the a-hole in this relationship.

1540 days ago
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