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Oksana Grigorieva

Under Oath in

Mel Gibson War

7/2/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Oksana Grigorieva showed up at her lawyer's office this morning, before heading over to have her deposition taken in her nuclear custody fight with Mel Gibson.

We're told Oksana will have to testify under oath about her relationship with Mel, her demands, and we're certain she'll be asked if she leaked information about the explosive secret tapes in which Mel screamed, "You look like a f**king pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of ni**ers it will be your fault."

The deposition is on right now.



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I am sure that he didn't mean it to be a racial slur.. She's an ass for making their fight public; no parent should do that out of respect to their children....

1541 days ago


Pipi, are you saying that if she didn't provoke him, he wouldn't be abusive? Of all the dumb racist comments, I found yours the most offensive. The only pig in heat here is Mel, and if Hollywood kisses his ass, you still don't have to buy tickets to his movies.

1541 days ago

Throwing lemons at you    

"You look like a f**king pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers it will be your fault."

LoL! His house .... his rules. He has protected rights: Freedom of Speech. This was a private interaction happening between to two individuals in a personal relationship. He didn't attack her ethnicity. He spoke to her the way many parents want to scream at their daughters for dressing inappropriately when they are going out in public.

Mel comes from a generation when females dressed pretty or glamorous. Mel, I'll date you honey

1541 days ago

jus say'n    

His x wife must be so happy right now!

1541 days ago


Typical gold digger. I do not agree with his choice of words but this was an argument between two people, not the world. This is a private matter and should be kept that way, it is not news and it is not anyone elses' business. Mel, if you read this take my advise, because I actually like you. Please, keep his mouth shut and your pants zipped. Make a few more great movies and retire quietly.

1541 days ago


Hey, if Mel was the only racist in the world, this might be a story. Everyone's got this **** in them, whether they admit it or not. Mel's problem is that he's got a golddigging whore secretly taping him. You think Jesse Jackson's never made a racist comment, or had a racist thought? He's made a career out of racism. I work with Mexicans who are probably the most openly racist people I've ever encountered. (Viva La Raza??? Really?) I'm white, and I was brought up to NOT be racist, but it's getting harder and harder living in this "melting pot" where everyone cries racism when they don't get their way.

1541 days ago


Mel's MONEY$$$ at work. Another celebrity justice about to happen. He ran to court to keep her from telling this and now it is out. Mel will now place all blame and wrong doing on her.The focus will be to destroy this woman and Mel has the money to do it.

1541 days ago


Mel, you are such a peach. Mwah! (Sarcasm)
Time to retire, perhaps??

P.S. Watch out for that "pack" that is leering at your a*s!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

1541 days ago

Maria Ashot    

She is a disgrace to the race. What a cheap, malicious tramp. Never ceases to amaze me how intelligent, worldly men of means can fall for this kind of garbage. Seriously, given that MG was shamelessly betraying his wife & family, couldn't he have picked someone better that this?

She is ugly, stupid, vicious, narcissistic, a serial predator (a.k.a. corrupt woman: ask T Dalton), rapaciously greedy, shameless & utterly devoid of scruples.

If there was any logic to the system, she would lose custody of her children because she is a threat to their mental health & moral development.

Her mother should be ashamed of the piece of work she has foisted on the world through her own obviously deficient upbringing.

Not always on Mel's side, but he is the victim here -- and the system needs to defend him & the child. Yeah, his speech is vile & disgusting; he should make amends for the rest of his life: but it has no actual bearing on the merits of the case as this woman is a menace & belongs in prison for extortion. She would stoop to conceiving a child in order to squeeze money out of a rich, confused (probably half-senile) man.

1541 days ago


This will blow over fast enough and she'll be wrapping her skanky legs around some other sucker with money who wants to get laid. She'll get knocked up again and it will all start over again with someone else. Legalized prostitution my friends. Plain and simple.
YES, she obviously leaked the tapes...who else would have even known about them?? Her attorney would know in Ca it's illegal to use tapings of someone when they do not know they are being recorded.

1541 days ago


Why should this s*** be entitled to anything. Send the bitch back to her poverished country. There she can work as a prostitute and support herself. Mel, get DNA testing on the child. It might not be yours.

1541 days ago



1541 days ago


just wondering...if you are in a fight and you are recording it, you would make sure you dont' say much to use against could provoke though. I still want to know BOTH sides of these conversations. They are only reporting what Mel alledgedly said, not anything out of her mouth.

Also when you are recording, you more often then not are trying to get certain stuff on the recording and some people will edit out parts to make it sound worse. I am wondering what exactly was said in whole.

1541 days ago


The story always have two sides. This is her side. I wander what was Oksana saying or doing to push him to say these nasty things to her? And why exactly she was recording it?

Posted at 10:51 AM on Jul 2, 2010 by Pipi


Wow, so you're probably ALSO a sick Chris Brown apologist saying Rihanna _deserved_ to be beaten to a bloody pulp, bit (!!!), strangles unconscious and tried to be pushed out of a moving car!

So someone can do something bad enough that the other person is justified in saying you should be forced to give or[a]l and then burnt alive in the house which is assume is BEFORE they get raped by a pack of Blacks? Hate to be YOUR child!

1541 days ago


WOW, what is the BIG F---KING DEAL, he said ******. Get over it people. Yes the word is deplorable but African-Americans refer to each other as such all the time. Well some of us! Not I, not for one minute do I refer to people as such!! There have been times however in anger I've said it to someone but that is rare. I hate the word. However, last time I checked Congress didn't pass a law changing the meaning of the word. So why is it when a person of non-color says the word it's a major "faux pas" but when we use the word NOTHING is ever said. Rappers, Actors and Comedians have made millions using this word, that hasn't stopped African-Americans from buying their music or supporting their movies or shows/events. Can I get an Amen!! Mel Gibson showed poor taste just like Lil Wayne, Mike Epps, Monique, Martin Lawrence, Ice Cube, Biggie Smalls just to name some, we all know there are much more public figures who don't think twice about the words usage. The word is horrible and nothing positive can be associated with this word. Just like the media and others are up in Mel Gibson ass over this s/h/i/t they need to be up African-American asses also.
This is a double standard, racism goes both ways. African-Americans are racist against some of their own, so please lets stop making Mel Gibson & his crazy baby-mama drama, front page news. The issue should be banning all derogatory words regardless of race.

1541 days ago
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