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Oksana Grigorieva

Under Oath in

Mel Gibson War

7/2/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Oksana Grigorieva showed up at her lawyer's office this morning, before heading over to have her deposition taken in her nuclear custody fight with Mel Gibson.

We're told Oksana will have to testify under oath about her relationship with Mel, her demands, and we're certain she'll be asked if she leaked information about the explosive secret tapes in which Mel screamed, "You look like a f**king pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of ni**ers it will be your fault."

The deposition is on right now.



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my mom calls my dad worse things. who cares?
Bubbe doesn't care either. oh, jdate time.

1519 days ago


Gibson is a sick son of a bitc*.

Best wishes to Oksana and hopefully she will stay away from abusive racists.

1519 days ago


Geesh, She is nothing but a GOLD DIGGING wh%#e, she probably had plans to get pregnant and lined up support for another 20 years since her time is running short with the child that is 11 years old now that she had fathered by Timothy Dalton. Sorry to say the men were taken for a ride....and all she see's is $$$$$$$$$ What a way to make a living.....

1519 days ago


I hope no one is surprised at Mel G's feelings toward blacks. The guy hates Jews. Blacks are only a hop, skip, and a jump away in the eyes of people like him. Sounds like he's just an all around a-hole though.

1519 days ago

Esther Heras    

i thought i read the judge order the tapes not to be released? how did this become public?

1519 days ago


Who gives a damn! Since when was using "politically incorrect" words in a private, heated argument WRONG. If he said the words in public, people can get pissed. This "political correctness" bullsh** is just that...BULLS***! As if we all have never said thes words before...?? Who truly is offended? This world is just turning into a "bunch of *******"...sorry if I offended you.

1519 days ago


regardless of what Mel said, last time I checked, it was a felony in California to record someone's voice without their PRIOR consent. However, if he left in on a phone message machine, then he knew he was being recorded, that doesn't apply. So, TMZ, was this a voice message or what this a phone conversation? If it's the latter, that's a felony. Mel's still an idiot, but the felony trumps that.

1519 days ago


I miss Lethal Weapon and Tequila Sunrise. What happened Mel??
You were So good. Where did it go??

1519 days ago


This is what Mel gets for leaving his faithful wife after years and years of forcing her to live like a catholic nun for a teenager. After he went around being a holier-than-thou tridentine catholic it comes out he is a cheater. They're both dirtier than pigs rolling in their own ****. I do say it is especially low to use a baby as a way to get money.

1519 days ago


#48 Big Kiss, *huggs*
I can feel your hatred spewing into your comments. I don't want to judge but you simply prove my point. Stick & Stones. Prejudice? Yes,i am Racist against Beaters. A beater is a beater. Nothing happens suddenly..It starts somewhere.
Gosh, your name calling?! talk about MENTAL. Calling anyone a hurtful name is Mental Cruelty. I'm not comfortable with your tone. (no pun meant don't want to anger you further)their are men beaters as well as women sounds as if your one of the help from a therapist =)
p.s. i will no longer take part in your negativity

please end the name calling. thank you

1519 days ago


A lil bit of karma aye!!!! ;) its a bi*ch.. :P

1518 days ago


I can't help but wonder what she was really trying to get on tape... just the tip of the iceberg I'm afraid.

1517 days ago


Now that she's given her deposition under oath - perhaps the low life who paid for the tapes will now expose who they paid UNDER OATH lol!! Freedom of the press is one thing, but since everyone knew via the media that these tapes were sealed by order of the court, they knew they were committing a crime!! I wonder if Oskansa will one day down the line tell anyway - once she's realised she's not getting the sort of money SHE wants from Mel lol!! I mean I wouldn't trust her anywhere, anytime, any day or night not to sell everyone out - how many years is it before it becomes unactionable hm lol?!! I wonder if it'll be her lawyer who takes the fall, Oskansa (doubt it - too sly), or a mystery burglar who only took one recording or two lol!!
The reality, no ones going to tell are they now too much money involved - too much to lose, so tmz was it a mystery biker clad in black with a black ski mask on and gloves who delivered the tape - IF this stuff was ever the reality of a tape?!

1516 days ago

Masala Chica    

I don't know why I can't come up with witty comebacks like Mel when I get into a fight. At least he is not like me, who says, "Oh man - I wish I had gotten her good with the pig insult! It always works!"

1516 days ago


I hope Happiness finds them both in the future. Fame sucks!

1516 days ago
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