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Phil Spector Interview Surfaces, Details Infamous Night

7/5/2010 2:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman who claims to have worked for Phil Spector when Lana Clarkson was shot at his home has released an interview she did with Spector back in 2005, in which Spector talks at length about what happened that night.

Among the highlights, Spector claims Alhambra PD officers broke his nose, gave him two black eyes, cracked his spine, and tasered him with 50,000 volts.

Spector was found guilty of the murder of Lana Clarkson and is currently serving 19 years to life in prison.


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This would be a joke if he hadn't murdered someone - it came out in the trial that police tried to taser him but they hit his clothing not his body. No one beat him up (he just looks like a loon in his mug shot) and he even admitted to police that he killed her when they finally got into his house. Hope he enjoys his stay in the Cal State prison system for the next 19 years.

1538 days ago


Guilty as charged!!

1538 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Certifiably B*A*N*A*N*A*S!

1538 days ago


Lets' see; the same guy that beat & held his wife (Ronnie Spector) captive, pulled a gun on John Lennon and has a history of abuse with women killed this poor Lady?


Rot in Hell Phil & I hope all of your pals who protected you all of these years meet you in their private Hells soon.

1538 days ago


What is with his hands and arms shaking??? Is it a medical condition or nerves from lying???
His "story" is so off it leaves more questions than answers.
I hope he is enjoying his new "castle".

1538 days ago


He's a liar.

1538 days ago


And also on that night, you took a woman's life, Mr. Spector. And btw, none of the photos from that time show any marks on your body. Hmmmmmm....

1538 days ago


he is lying and it is so obvious...from looking away, how deep and sick must a person be to lie this much. Him and Joran Van Der Sloot will both be in jail and then hell and hell can't come soon enough to these misogynistic murderers.....rot in hell Phil, and you too Van Der Slut!

1538 days ago


This guy has been crazy since his producing days in the 60's and prior. Who would believe him.

1538 days ago


Sorry devil.
.!! (a play on the Spector signature "wall of sound"...lmao....
He didn't get even half of what he really deserves....but even with this sentence he'll die a broken old man in custody.
Fame/extreme wealth in the wrong hands is a is a lack of

1538 days ago


Considering they used 2000 volts of electricity when executing people in "the chair"...don't you guess he's full of "it"!

1538 days ago

Sad sad    

I wish someone taped the tasering. I would have thoroughly enjoyed watching that. Honestly, I never would have been alone with that guy anywhere. Creepy as hell. Didn't one of the Jacksons say he was peaking in through the bathroom keyhole at them or something?

1538 days ago


OMG! Have you seen the 'first' video on ??? Where's he going on vacation, Tahiti or was he going to run away to American Samoa where he could still use his royalty cash?


1538 days ago

too good    

Crazy. He is certifiable. I cannot believe they didn't just use the 'insanity' defence. What a creepy old bast*rd. Liar liar liar. He is a complete liar. Those hands shake EVERYTIME he lies you can see it. While his crazy 'wifey' is running around spending his leftover cash money on her bbs and teeth - did you hear her making light of the whole conversation??? "blah blah blah..." are you serious??? I hope they come out with footage on her crazy a$$ too. Bahahahahaha time's up Spector. Wall of guilt INDEED.

1538 days ago


phil and alf need to go back to their home planet

1538 days ago
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