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Lindsay Lohan

Time is Not on Her Side

7/7/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Friends of Lindsay Lohan tell TMZ ... they fear for her safety -- even her survival -- during her two weeks of freedom before going to jail.

The judge could have sent Lindsay to the slammer immediately, but instead gave her until July 20 to turn herself in.  Friends worry that Lindsay is now fully off the hinges and may not be able to resist the drugs and alcohol.

The catch-22 -- if Lindsay falls off the wagon she could end up getting even more jail time.  Even worse, her friends worry Lindsay could become so irrational she could harm herself.

As if there weren't enough temptation ... there's a big belated birthday bash for Lindsay set for tonight at an L.A. club -- not the best place for a future inmate with a SCRAM accessory



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But if she's recovered the way SHE and her lawyer claim she is, then tonight will be no problem - neither will jail.


1569 days ago


WOW ! How much crueler can you people get, seriously ? You call her names, make fun of her, wish she would just die. Who raised you all ? A pack of wolves ?
I feel for her. She is hopefully coming to the bottom she needs in order to get sober and clean. We've all watched her downward spiral, and believe me I too watched and was angry about how she disrepected everyone with her sense of entitlement. She's a alcoholic and drug addict who is in denial.
This may very well save her life and I hope she does the entire 90 days before going onto rehab. This judge is trying to save her life not punish her.
But all you people see is this pathetic woman who is on a collision with death. Dina Lohan, what a piece of work you are. You think your daughter doesn't deserve jail time ? Then maybe you should do it for her, since your the one who has condoned it.
Lindsay's father might be alot of things, but guess who is turning out just like her father ! This girl is in trouble and I hope she finds recovery and responsibility for all of her actions. I'm surprised that she was surprised !
Get your act together Lindsay, your young and still have a whole life to live. Get sober, change everything and you can be happy again.

1569 days ago


Please, Please, Please all the hype and sensationalism on this poor little girl that ignores the law, does what she wants, shows up when it is convenient, basically does not care about our laws and our courts. I know she has had a tough life in part, but stop playing the blame game, take responsibility and do the time. We have all had some rough spots and and many have had more than their share, stop whining and complaining, crying and just take resposibilty, grow up. Look at all the homeless childrem the abuse around the world of women and children, the animals covered in oil from a mistake that could have been avoided, all the people that live day to day and have no idea where their next meal will come from. Stop whining!!!!!!!

1569 days ago


The fact that she had a party planned for herself on the night of her court date just goes to show that she was sure she was not getting jail time, and was also thinking she was getting her SCRAM bracelet off. She was all set to have an all night raging binge to celebrate, it would appear.

Also, I think she needs to do rehab first and then do her jail sentence. What good does it do her to go sit in jail and have them delivering dilaudid, ambien and adderall to her twice a day every day? She needs to get off the junk FIRST.

1569 days ago


I heard on the radio this morning that she had FU painted on her fingernails while in court ..and as far as the jail time ..big deal ..she serves 25% and does 90 days in rehab and then it is party time..hell by thankjsgiving she can be buried in coke and drugs and alcohol...she will be given the red carpet treatment in jail because noone would want her being hurt on their watch..

1569 days ago


maybe she should have thought of this before she blew everything off thinking she's above everyone else. dina you must be so proud, first your loser ex is a jailbird, then your thieving loser brother was (is) in jail, now your daughter, who had the world at her feet and threww it all away for a few drinks. good job dina baby, maybe you should take more interest in the well-being of your kids than driving around town in your bmw and black roots. oh, please do something to your mother's house, it's bringing down everyone's property values on our block. she lives in a dump.

1569 days ago


For all of you who think this is over it's just the beganing!!!
When you volate probation you have to serve the full sentence,one, two the 90 day rehab will be complieted right from jail!
Also!! this is just the start of the remainder of her now "probation" she would still have to finish out that without a scrach! and if she does??? she starts the whole process ALL over again!! She's better off telling the judge that she wants 6 months strait up and no more probation!!! OH boys and girls this is JUST the beganing!!!
Ask Harvey!!! "I'm a laywer"!!!

1569 days ago


c'mon TMZ

what?? no picture of the writing on Lindsay's middle finger/left hand nail??

Perez and even the Today show this morning have close up pics of the F#@% U! that's printed on the nail

shows how much she respects the judge and the court-what an actress-crying/remourseful/did the best I could judge all the while being disrespectful and thinking she's pulling a fast one

good for the judge!!

1569 days ago

george clooney    

Pathetic! We have young men and women being sent around the world in uniform, serving honorably in places you can cook your eggs on the ground its so hot, who are losing their lives and this piece of s*** gets this much attention? I want to know by name who these friends are? she engaged, married? Or is that just what they do in Hollywood...where a ring on their wedding finger. Oh by the way Mom and Dad...losers! Father sat around and complained for the past 2 years how worried he is about her and that she needs help...was offered and given help and she abused it and now both parents do not want the only thing that will give her help...JAIL! I should SLAP you both!

1569 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

We could only hope she hurts herself or worse.

Hang the bitch.

1569 days ago


grouch ,she is just a misunderstood youth.Blame the parents

1569 days ago


Here's an idea, if you want to quit looking like the Court Jester instead of the Court Judge, make Lindsay (and future offenders) an example of fairness (despite what her idiotic mother rants about)and see that she completes her time. She obviously doesn't know what good behavior is and will not deserve the consideration.

1569 days ago


It's a good thing the judge did not see Lindsay's nail polish or she would have gotten contempt of court. If the pictures are real, Lindsay has F**k U on middle finger.

1569 days ago


I didnt know anderson cooper was gay...geez the things you find out nowadays...Im surprized tmz isnt all over the f u things on her nail..good for her,,she gets the last laugh by showing up the judge,,

1569 days ago


the "lohan losers" need to get a wake up call, 90 days? this little junkie loser is very lucky i wasnt the judge, i would have given here a minimum of 2 years without probation or good time. the lohan loser stands in an american courtroom with the explicit letters F-U-C-K Y-O-U ON HER FINGER NAILS !! lohan loser needs real jail time. the lohan parent losers need to get their own jobs. get a real life loser lohan!

1569 days ago
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