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TMZ's Shawn Throwin' Objections Game!

7/6/2010 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer -- Shawn Chapman Holley -- threw everything but the kitchen sink at prosecutor Danette Meyers today to try and keep LiLo out of jail ... and now it's your chance to fire off the objections for her!!!!!


It's simple ... just grab a hold of your mouse ... aim ... and fire away!!!!


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I love this woman "Meyerse"..... DAMN GOOD JOB!!!!!!

1568 days ago


Yes, I agree. Love Meyers, great job. I did not like Holley's attitude, she had a smirk on her face most of the time. Meyers was correct when she said Lindsay was thumbing her nose at the Judge, at the Court.

1568 days ago


Lindsay is getting railroaded. All you female haters who can't stand any one better looking than you and have to tear them down,
listen up. For these alleged offenses no ordinary person, first time offender, 'ordinary citizen', goes to jail in most of this country! Fines, and maybe probation at best. Give me a break. 90 days is what you get for a felony! The judge for some reason (that she is an ugly bitch too?) has to make an example. People feel a need to tear down celebrities, to their low brow level, it makes them feel good. it is shameful.

1568 days ago


Hilarious. First LL act I've enjoyed in ions. Sorry, but if she was one of the "real" people in the world this would have happened 3 years ago and maybe she would have gotten her life together by now. The justice system didn't do her any favors when it showed her special treatment.

1568 days ago

tom p    

Holley's only facial expression IS smirk.
She is a bad attorney from the get-go, and anyone that gets her for defense is making a mistake.

1568 days ago


Ms. Holley did an outstanding job in defending her client.She is classy, articulate, fast on her feet and gave it her all. I dont think Lindsay could ask for a more loyal and able attorney. I think Ms.Holley put up a good fight, God Bless her.

1568 days ago


I Loved the way the Judge & DA Meyers stood true to their one is haten on LiLo..they are doing something her parents should have done long time ago..especially by her being in the "Industry"..As for the comment "us women are just madd cause she looks better..thanks for the laugh, it truly showed your intelligence. She's 20 yrs younger then me, and majority of the young ladies her age, plus me and majority of my friends look younger than she does..She looks about 45..poor thing..oh yeah & u 2..LUV YA TMZ & DA MEYERS..props to ya both :) LiLo, I'll pray 4 ya grl !

1568 days ago


Madame D.A. Meyers IS supeb, fabulous, BRILLENT, smart
et. al.!!! We taxpayers deserve to give Madame D.A. Meyers
a RAI$E in pay + 6 weeks off w/ PAY!!!!!! Merci beaucoup,
Madame D.A. Meyers!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAYERS(SSSSS) to you & your Fam, you ARE the best"est"!!!!!! :-) I doubt very much that that ole Holley will ever get paid haaaaa!! Haaaaa!! Did you see when stupid ole lind-do do was cryin' alllll over Holley's suit, allllll the black mascara haaaaaaaaaaa!! Let's alllll sing it~happy days are here again!!!!!!

1568 days ago


does anyone else think its ironic that both attorneys are black and are "fighting" over the freedom of this poor little rich white girl? just sayin

1567 days ago


This is in response to, “For these alleged offenses no ordinary person, first time offender, 'ordinary citizen', goes to jail in most of this country!”. This court proceeding does not pertain to “alleged offenses”, she was clearly caught of video (on numerous occasions) conducting herself in violation of her probation. If ANY person violates parole, you face all or a portion of jail time. I don’t believe at this point that anyone would be jealous of Lindsay, she has a long difficult road ahead of her.

1567 days ago


What was that remark re: "poor rich white girl", lind-do do IS
NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT rich, Wbitch ani't got no $$$$, wonder how ole Holley is gonna get paid & who is gonna pay to have Holley's suit should dry cleaned after lind-do do cried on her shoulder, speading her mascara allllll over her suit!!!!

1567 days ago


Shawn Chapman Holley was awful. SHe is a joke. She was not prepared and did not know the difference between a bail motion and a probaiton violation.

1567 days ago

Poker Diva    

If we don't find her dead on a bathroom floor before she goes to jail, this sentence will probably save her life!

1567 days ago

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