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Cristiano Ronaldo -- Pool Boy

7/7/2010 9:50 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Team Portugal soccer stud -- and new dad -- Cristiano Ronaldo got over losing the World Cup by cooling off his golden, buff, hairless muscles at a pool in Manhattan the other day.


Ronaldo is only partly to blame for the record heat in NYC.

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Does anyone else find him repulsive? I find him quite unattractive and his body just skeeves me out..

1548 days ago


Seriously, the stupid comments are just annoying now. Straight men hire surrogates, too. It's not "gay's only". please educate yourself before making ignorant comments about a situation.

1548 days ago


So you guys who can't even get a girlfriend because you're fat or out of shape. Check this guy out.... Great Muscles and nice trunks as Daniel Craig's ones.... Time for American Men to stop wearing those stupid long shorts that look like they are wearing a dress and go to the Gym....
Say no to the Haters ! Go Ronaldo... You're a Hottie !

1548 days ago

J Simp    

Wasn't he dating Kim K?

1548 days ago

Dave Mazz    

First of all, any Dude wearing those fruitcake sunglasses is definitely GAY!!!!!!

1548 days ago


Hes not gay,
hes european, thats how they dress.
But you americains are too ignorant to realize that so therefore you lable him as being gay.

So maybe he used a surrogate mother.
But the guy is filthy rich, what were to happen if he married then later had a child then maybe his gold digger of a wife would decide to divorce him.
She'd get so much of his money and he would also have to pay her child support money.

OR ...
Maybe it was a fling or one night stand gone wrong and the mother didnt want the child, it happens.

Thats no right to call someone gay,
just because hes a single father that doesnt make him gay.
Are all single mothers lesbain ?
No, a few are.

Stop talking so much crap about this guy,

good luck Cristiano with your child.

1548 days ago


Has it even been confirmed that he's used a surrogate? Anyway, he is absolutely ridiculously good looking, not even joking.

1548 days ago

I Chinee    

what the **** does he have on? I seen him before with his pants jacked high up. Gay

1548 days ago

Clooney is GAY    

@Sarah - its OK to be GAY. Take a deep breath and BREATH!!! As far as his "Model Girlfriend", she is a "BEARD" (and Vice-versa). I work in fashion and I can tell you that it is a known fact that 99.9% of all female models are LESBIANS!!! (110% of all male models are GAY).

1548 days ago


Good God Almighty Jesus! Whoooshhh! It is HOT in here. Holy moley!

1548 days ago


Honestly, I don't care if he is gay or straight. All I know is that he is very good looking, talented and in great shape. He has a son now and no doubt will be a great father. I wish him well. (But...I also wish he was MINE! lol)

1548 days ago

I Chinee    

@Posted at 3:47 PM on Jul 7, 2010 by Sarah

Umm... he dresses gay, right here in this picture he has on booty shorts. Hell to the naw! And he has the Gay vibe thing going on.

And this is a gossip site so we can talk crap on here all day long about anyone. If you don't like it go some where else *******.

1548 days ago


I could swear his toenails are painted... just sayin!

1548 days ago


Earrings - the right earring is visible in the photos - say the gay soccer player is a catcher not a pitcher.

1548 days ago


SO HOT...such a waste :( PLEASE don't be gay ronaldo. Any woman will take you!!!

1547 days ago
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