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Lindsay Lohan: I'm NOT Going to Jail!

7/8/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay Lohan vows to appeal Judge Marsha Revel's 90-day jail sentence.


One source who was with Lindsay last night says LiLo proclaimed, "I'm not going to jail!" Lindsay was talking with people in her apartment about appealing the case.

As for how Lindsay could appeal ... the only real basis is arguing that Judge Revel abused her discretion in nailing LiLo with a 90-day sentence.  The chances of winning such an appeal are extremely remote under the best of circumstances, and given Lindsay's performance on probation ... snowballs and hell come to mind.

Lindsay's vow to appeal could explain why Shawn Chapman Holley just threw in the towel and resigned.

We're told Lohan's new attorney, Tiffany Feder-Cohen, has already been in touch with the Sheriff's Department.



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Hey Lindsay,

If you're not going to jail, then..

I've got a bridge to sell you!

Shut up, and CLEAN UP.

1567 days ago


I have to say those are some really cool friends she has, hahaha... My guess is that they aren't her friends leaking information out to the tabloids.. ouch!! She's really got no one to talk to.
I don't know about an appeal for 90 day stint.. Prisoners appeal since they've been in prison longer than a year and have been convicted so they can be heard again. She doesn't even understand what she was stating the UN Charter on torture that her rights were violated. There was not torture, if she thinks of it that way she's gone completely bonkers!! Ahem.. This is America and we have the Bill of Rights.. It doesn't look like it was violated in anyway. She got a speedy trial, able to afford a lawyer, and was treated just in respect to the court... Its time for her to start "acting" as a professional since her career is over, but then again her "acting" professional isn't working out either. I think we will see her on the news next time with breaking headlines stating, "Lindsay Lohan Dies Prematurely at the Age of **" or "Lindsay Lohan Makes Full Recovery: Do you care?" or "Is Lindsay Lohan ready to be a Mother like her Mother?"

1567 days ago

Joe Blow    

Dear all the clueless people who think Lindsay shouldn't have to go to the clink because her last "serious" crimes were in 07: she violated her probation stemming from those charges back in 07, hence why she's going bye-bye for a little while. And it's very debatable that she's been on the straight and narrow since 07, considering all the drug use, alcohol use (even though she was court ordered to stay away from it), and clothes and jewelery theft that have occurred since then. Face facts, people: Lindsay just doesn't get it, feels she should not have to pay the price for her crimes that any normal, non-celebrity would have surely been serving jail time a long time ago, and that she feels that she has done absolutely nothing wrong, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

She ****ed up, multiple times, despite a ton of warnings to stop. Now she has to suffer the consequences of this. It's pretty simple.

And anyone trying to use the excuse of her having so much pressure on her because she's a celebrity, and that's why she's done the things she's done...well, I don't see Brad Pitt or George Clooney or Jennifer Aniston doing things like this, and they are FAR bigger celebrities than Lindsay, and I also don't see every Doctor or Lawyer out there doing them either, even though every single one of them faces a hell of a lot more responsibilities and pressure than Lindsay every day.

She messed up, now she has to pay for her mistakes.

1567 days ago

alex lecount    

I feel like that Judge was really unfair, and that's cause I hate Lindsay Lohan.

Part of me feels like that Judge was aware of all the attention this case was getting so wanted to be a "badass". NOTICE: How She didn't want to let Lindsay do his drug tests in another city.
I don't blame her. If I was judging a celebrity I would probably want to spend as much time with them too. If there was "misunderstandings", then that should have been taken into consideration.

1567 days ago

Mel Gibson    

I don't know why her lawyers just don't tell her you can't appeal a probation violation.
There is no such thing. She was already found guilty on the charges she pleaded to. They found She violated her probation. She can't plead guilty or not guilty to that. She is being treated more harshly than regular folks. I violated my probation twice and got less than she did and mine was a felony DUI.
What they are trying to do is save her life.
And make her grow up.

1567 days ago


I respectfully disagree. 90 days is not a long time, for anything. 3 short months. 3 short months that may benefit her for the rest of her life. And may actually save someone's life. It's not like she's getting stoned to death, or she's being put in a hot box. She's going to jail, she's going to get fed, she's going to have a roof over her head. It's not torture and it's not a long time. She should be glad she isn't in Maricopa County where they would put her in the general popluation, in a tent in the scorching desert heat, eating green bologna sandwiches. We take our DUI's very serious. I had a DUI and I will guarantee you, I will NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE AGAIN. EVER! We have had Charles Barkley, Glen Campbell, Diana Ross, etc. No special treatment for celebrities. And what's more, those celebrities all said that the sentence changed their lives for the better... 90 days sober, followed up by 90 days of rehab sounds like a good prescription. She's young enough to get her life together and enjoy a comeback!

Most posters on these boards are full of garbage. Lindsay at most has a horrible attitude. But she isn't a child molester, murderer, rapist, or any other social deviant like that. She didn't rob people of their lifetime investments either. Why don't you save your extreme anger and disgust and nastiness for people that do harmful things to others on this level?
I agree 100% the DUIs were in 07 the only thing she has done wrong since then is not attend a few classes.
She didn't deserve jail and certainly not 90 DAYS !
Marsha N. Revel disgusts me

Read more:

1567 days ago


Yeah Lindsay, you ARE going to jail. But don't worry, with your red hair, you'll look great in an Orange Jump Suit. And since you wont be able to sleep on your cement bed, you can party all night. Think of it as a slumber party with Whores, Drug Abusers, and assorted criminals. Hey this is just like your real life.....

1567 days ago


Lindsey needs some serious down time, a little jail time and alot of counseling and rehab. She also needs prayer because this little girl isn't long for this world if she doesn't grow up and get her head screwed back on straight. What a mess!!

1567 days ago


This skanky slut won't win the appeal and her ass will be put in jail for the entire 90 days....I guarantee it!

1567 days ago


You can't put a shine on a sneaker. Pathetic little girl~turn the cameras off, the show is over

1567 days ago


LL, it is simply time to comes to terms that you are a loser. You thumbed your nose at the system and even more so, your finger at the judge. You have made a mockery of her. You cry about your career, just exactly how do you think your career is? You are not the promising star you once were, you started to peak and just lost it. Even the porno star Ron Jeremy would not suggest you do a "porno flick," because it would do you no good. Now that is hitting rock bottom, when the porn industry does not even want you. You simply can not face that everyone has had enough of you. You are as bad as Britney was, you equal Mel Gibson in people just are getting really, really tired of the "poor me" it is everyone elses fault. So, shut up, go to jail and rehab. We will happy to see you in 4-6 months and maybe give you another chance then...just not now. You have no takers. You are lucky to even have the empty sympathy of KK and your other "friends" who are piggybacking to look good in the limelight. Do you understand how they are just trying to make themselves look better? GROW UP AND GET OUT OF YOUR BUBBLE!!!

1567 days ago


Don't hate these celeberties for getting away with what they get away with. Hate on those who allowed them to get away with it. There are those in authority who lack in doing their job. Lets face it I would never drink & drive but, if someone offers to let me skip in line to get an iphone.....HELL YEAH I'D DO IT!!!!! Lindsay should pay the price but let the power that be deal with it, not the everyday joe blow. We all do things that are not right. I respond better to love ones & Authority. Not complete strangers!!!!!!!! Ok friends,family of Lindsay & those in authority STEP UP! And in the future step up "SOONER"!!!!!!!!!

1567 days ago


Sorry Linds but you ARE so going to jail. Anyone else would have already been there for many more days than 90! Just deal with it, you will be fine and better for it in the end in so many ways. You are surely loved by so many even if you cant see it now. Besides now you will have street cred and can record a rap record with Dr Dre and Snoop. No shiate! Anything is possible, take a sleeping pill and go to bed and forget about it. At least you are stil breathing and believe me there are much worse things than jail that can happen to you!

1567 days ago


I feel Logan must pay for her actions.

she must go to jail and pay a big fine.

1567 days ago


Note to Lohan;

Do the time and shut up about the matter. Go back to rehab and clean up. Turn around from being a spoiled brat and becoming a decent gal.

1566 days ago
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