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Lohan's Lawyer

Sentence Just Ain't Fair!

7/7/2010 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, the effervescent Shawn Chapman Holley, was back in court today for a non-LiLo-related incident ... but it's clear, she's still ticked about Lindsay's sentence.

Holley tells us, "All we want is for Lindsay to be treated like everyone else and that hasn't happened so far."

As we previously reported, Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail plus 90 days at an inpatient rehab program.


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Booo hoooo hooo! If she'd been treated like "everybody else" she'd have been either behind bars or forcibly in rehab years ago. Judge better make sure she picks up that pesky passport before bimbette makes a run for it. BTW, my heart bleeds purple koolaid for ya, NOT!!!

1536 days ago


I agree 100% with Shawn Champman Holley

1536 days ago


if she had been treated like everyone else her sorry drunk arse wouldve been lock up long ago instead of stringing it along for 3 yrs..she got everything she deserved sound like a typical person on blohans payroll....

1536 days ago


"All we want is for Lindsay to be treated like everyone else and that hasn't happened so far."

UHM! excuse me? this skank has made a mockery of the legal system and she has gotten the best preferential treatment. Make serve the entire 90 days.

1536 days ago


She was wrong about OJ and she is wrong about Lindsay.
Paychecks equate innocense to her.

1536 days ago


She is right Lindsay hasnt been treated like everyone else! She was given 100 chances to make it right but she ****ed up everytime and broke all the conditions of her probation! Who gets 4 ****ing years to finish 86 alcohol education classes? She had to ask for an extension because 3 years wasnt enough so the judge gave her another year! These people are ridiculous! Poor Lindsay she is treated so unfair, they didnt let her go! She said she was taking it seriously what more do they want?

1536 days ago


Please....she WAS treated like everyone else...that's why she's crying about it...she thinks she's did the slapdown from the judge feel....felt good from here.

1536 days ago


True - if she were treated like everyone else, she would already be in jail... and certainly wouldn't have been prescribed such heavy-duty medications for such a long period of time!

1536 days ago


She's right Lindsay's not being treated like everybody else because anybody else would been locked up for 2 years minimum first time around.

1536 days ago


if she was like everyone else, she would have been behind bars until her court date, not at clubs. She also wouldnt have been given such a short jail stay as 90 days or 23 days or watever. i hope to god she violates again and they give her six months

1536 days ago


If she were treated like everyone else she'd already be in jail - and wouldn't have been given 2 weeks between sentencing and starting of jail time.

Please grow up sometime = the thing with the nails was something teenager would do - but then again since she'd been drinking and doing drugs that long, that's her mental age now.

1536 days ago


Criminals who get their sentences reduced usually are so glad they comply with the Court Orders. So your client did not comply, so she should do the time. Unfortunately it won't be the entire 90 days. Next time tell your client not to tell the Judge to F U via her middle finger nail. She should have gotten more time for that.

1536 days ago


And how many slaps on the wrist did she get before this sentencing?? Just like most other celebs. They don't call it celebrity justice for nothing.

1536 days ago


If she was treated like everyone else she would have been throw in jail a long time ago.

FYI to her "lawyer": It's very stupid to tell a judge what she did and didn't do and why.

1536 days ago

Pretty LL    

I wish she'd be treated like everyone else too and thrown in jail for a year. Lindsay is a big whining baby

1536 days ago
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