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Cleveland Steaming -- LeBron Picks Miami

7/8/2010 10:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James just took a massive dump on his hometown fans -- announcing that he's going to play for the Miami Heat.

The upside? You can probably get season tickets to Cavs games at a pretty good price right now.

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OK so I am not a baskebasll fan but I do understand sports. Everyone who is saying that he did not bring a championship to Cleaveland should look at the rest of the team. One person does not a sports team make. He wants to win a championship and went to a team that brought in other players that he felt he could play with and win. I am from Seattle and have seen many players leave our pro teams for that reason and it sucks but if the owners are not willing to put money out for several players you will not make it all the way. Hopefully your owners will change up your team and you can win the championship but till then I hope all works out for him.

1529 days ago


He could have had a legacy that athletes can only dream about if he stayed in Cleveland with the CAVs. Now he'll just be a face in the crowd and a lying, back stabbing carpet bagger

Posted at 8:20 PM on Jul 8, 2010 by Bob

well said bob..but the way he handled this will be his worst legacy...cant blame the guy for leaving but how it was handled was a real shame...It would have been great if after he announced it his cell phone rang and it was the fire dept telling him his house was on fire..
and to think some idiots on here thought he was going to New york ,,ha ha
I hope he crashes and burns in Miami..what a jerk

1529 days ago


I don't give a sh*t about any sports, don't know who LeBron James is and I couldn't care less.

1529 days ago


At least now Ohio can help by donating Lebron's jersey and use it to help clean up the BP oil spill when it reaches Miami.

1529 days ago


well lebron can go swimming anytimne in the gulf,,how would he know if he got any tar on himself..He already is a slimy dirtbag

1529 days ago


#40 Brooke,
Lebron was doing a skit as MC Hammer on a tv show.

1529 days ago


Wow Keith, you're an ignorant b@st@rd.

1529 days ago

dirty sanchez    

did you hear about the new iPhone Lebron edition? Apparently it only vibrates because it has no RING!

1529 days ago


Post #75

Actually he made his announcement in Conn., not NY.
By the way, I am a woman, make your own sandwich.

1529 days ago


I'm happy for Lebron and wish him the best. For one: Cleveland hasn't won an NBA title since 1964. They fired their coach and got a new one. They thought by throwing more money in his face that he was going to stay. They are not greatful for what he has done for Cleveland for 7 years. The owner of the Cleveland Caveliers will not have an NBA title as long as he lives, and an owner of Cleveland, because he is wishing bad on Lebron. History doesn't lie since 1964. Lebron has the right to go where he wants to go when his contract is up. He is not obligated to the Cleveland for the rest of his life.The city of Cleveland need to: Grow up, get over it, and move on. Stop crying because he chose another team to play for. I will be going to the games in FL and will enjoy Lebron, Wade, and Boss. Go Miami Heat!

1529 days ago


wtf http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9YFvwJmSXI

1529 days ago


hey -- while you're making my sammich, don't forget to grab me a beer.

thanks jeena and you're right... you don't know basketball

ya, it would be great if someone burnt his house down.
say what?
the 'jerk' comment fits you

super-size my fries or GTFO

1529 days ago


I think LeBron should have handled this business matter in private. There was too much hype. He's a great player though. I love what he does on the court. In the end, he really did what's best for him; he's not a puppet. I just think he should have went about it differently to let his decision be known. The reaction to his decision has been really rough too. I've never seen anything like it all. I hope it works out for the best. I believe the Miami Heat will do great things. They're going to be exciting to watch. I'm going to love watching NBA action because there's some really good teams that will be working at reaching the ultimate prize. It's going to be very interesting!

1529 days ago


I think LeBron's decision was given too much hype. He should have done this business in private. He's a great player. I love what he does on the court. In the end, he did what's best for him; he's not a puppet. The reaction to his decision has been really rough. I've never seen anything like it. I hope it works out for the best. I'm going to love watching NBA action because there's some really good teams that will be working at reaching the ultimate prize. It really will be fantastic to watch.

1529 days ago

kit kat     

why is every one trying to live some one elas life .it lebron has the right to choose where ever he wants to play. get over it
i wish him luck

1529 days ago
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