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Dwyane Wade Sends a Message to LeBron

7/9/2010 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Dwyane Wade just bought up space on a prominent Miami billboard ... to deliver the following "welcome" to his newest superstar teammates LeBron James and Chris Bosh.


FYI -- sources close to Wade tell TMZ the dude paid for the sign with his own cash.

No word if LeBron plans on buying up another billboard to send a thank you message.

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lebron you be sorry, oh and by the way your still not better than kobe.

1531 days ago

lost respect    

thought the billboard would read Welcome to Miami Queen James .......My BITCH. How sad .......so talented, but what a classless clown. I heard ESPN has already named the trio ........... THE 3 MY EGOS. Also heard the under/over on Riley replacing Spoelstra is six months. Is it true that Riley is bringing in Delonte, so he can have his daddy with him?

1531 days ago

Harry Hippie    

This man lived in or near Cleveland his hole life.What a drag man .The money he will be getting will spending on entertainment will go alot further in South Beach

1531 days ago

miss s    

Yea well lebum is the biggest cle sell out since art modell I live in Indiana So I frankly don't give a damn. When he gets tired of all the damn beaches he will want to bring his funky ass home. Too bad because he can't even piss in cleveland no more.
Cavs you will rise again without the quit king

In regards to the sign I'm sure king james thinks it's just his house now and will demand for "our" to be taken off.

1531 days ago


Before King James' contract is up he is going to ask to be traded. If he is not the "Star" and scoring most of the points and having arguments with other players Miami is going to find out they made a bag choice. Mark my works King James' will be gone in three years if he and the rest of the dream team don't deliver. King James' should've gone to the Bulls where he would've own Chicago like Michael Jordan did. The only reason why King James' didn't come to Chicago is because Riensdorff didn't offer him enough money that's the reason why he didn't come to Chicago. It's going to be a decision that he will regret later mark my work.

1531 days ago


I am excited to see how this venture goes. I want them to get a championship just to show people that it is not about the money with these men, its about the desire to win games and championships with key players. Don't forget that they took a cut in their salaries to make this happen. So the point of this all is that he wants to have a ring under his belt before his career is over, people get a grip! Please! Cleveland needs to be ashamed of themselves and their poor behavior, they are acting like little kids throwing temper tantrums. That man has played in that city DEDICATED to the losing team for over seven years. It is time for him to try something new. That is what FREE AGENT is about!

1531 days ago


wow i wish lbj would of stayed in akron and cleveland with the cavs it's all good i wish him nothing but the best=)

1531 days ago



1531 days ago


"The only reason why King James' didn't come to Chicago is because Riensdorff didn't offer him enough money that's the reason why he didn't come to Chicago. It's going to be a decision that he will regret later mark my work"

you are dumb. he was offered a max deal by the bulls and took less than the max to play in miami. maybe its because the bulls owners are terrible, and treat their stars like crap.

1531 days ago

South Beach    

A greeting and a warning it appears. Well Pat Riley isn't famous for letting players rule the roost, so this should be interesting all around.

1530 days ago

Check it out!    

Ok, I live in Cleveland and just the way he did it, just makes it that much worse! Lebron did this on purpose, He thru the championship faking an elbow injury, because he knew if he won in Cleveland, they would expect him to stay. If you watch the interview with Bosh from the welcome to Miami party, Bosh said Lebron knew FOR MONTHS that he was going to Miami, then he reailized his mistake and tried to switch it up and say DAYS, This "man" thru it all on purpose! I have NO Respect for that looser and I agree with Gilbert, Lebum will regret what he did to this city. P.S. Lebum will never, I mean NEVER be the man Micheal Jordan was, no matter how hard he tries.

1529 days ago

rina booker    

Where would oboma be if he did not dream past being a community organizer or a sentor and then president what if he decides not to run again what are people going to do kill themselves hate him. people r selfish but when all said and done they will trow u under the bus and think of self everytime and most people of celbrity make annoucments on tv. Bet it would not have been an issuse if he had said that he was going to stay here with him going on tv the bwhole thing people is amde that he leaving. Anyone that have better oportunties would leave their job in a heartbeat sometimes u got to go to grow How long is he suppose to stay without the altumite sucess as Oboma cleveland grow uo

1529 days ago


I am from Cleveland and I have a reply to #13 comment First of all no one stopped Lebron from getting a ring he stopped himself. That was very ignorant on your part to state that we should get the first bomb if there is a World War 3 you will weep what you sew. I also have a comment on the Jessie Jackson input Mr. Gilbert should not apologize for anything he said about Lebron. Mr. James knows whatever was said was the truth and I did not take this to be a racist or a slave comment and I am black. There is much more you could be doing right now for the United States Rev. Jackson get over it.

1529 days ago

do ma    

LBJ is just another Karl Malone.... He's going to join all the good players that never gotten a ring....

1529 days ago


lets not forget how these owners notify the players when they have been cut, labron was a free agent, and if i am not mistaken that means he is no longer under anybody's contract, so technically he didnt owe anybody anything. we have to realize, that these players, have a grueling exercise routine, they are the ones that have to do all the traveling, leaving their families all the hard work, all the fans have to do is watch the games, so if anybody labron should be looking out for is his family and himself. people are talking about the 1 hr show but nobody is talking about the money he gave to the girls and boys club for doing that show " the decision". besides owners and players part ways all the time, whats so different about this one. the owner is mad because of the money he is losing, he does not care if labron or his family is happy.

1529 days ago
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