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Lindsay Lohan -- Mixing Jail with Rehab

7/11/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan may get special treatment after all when she serves her jail time ... the kind of special treatment people get when they're addicts.

You'll recall Judge Marsha Revel ordered Lindsay to do 90 days in jail, followed by a 90-day inpatient rehab program.  But we found out there's a program in L.A. County for inmates with drug and alcohol problems -- a program that combines jail with rehab.

It's called the Impact Program -- the brainchild of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  Here's the drill ... according to L.A. County Sheriff's Department Spokesperson Steve Whitmore, the inmates go to jail, where they attend an intense 12-step program for five hours a day, seven days a week.   The program takes approximately 90 days to complete.

Judge Revel has not ordered Lindsay to attend the Impact Program, but if the psychiatrists who are evaluating LiLo believe it's important to integrate jail with rehab, the judge could modify her order. 

And there are consequences for Lindsay -- if the judge orders her to the program, she would almost certainly have to serve the full 90 days behind bars to complete her 12-step.


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She is white trash, who BTW can well afford to pay the county for the jail fees. She could so much to raise funds for charities, etc...intead she acts like trash!

1508 days ago

goldie g    

That's a wonderful waste of the taxpayers' money. Studies repeatedly show the 12-step has a very low success rate. I guess it makes too much sense to spend the money on programs which actually work to help people recover long term.

1508 days ago


Does anybody know how much of an education Lindsay had? Because she strikes me as being extremely uneducated. At the very least, not very bright.

1508 days ago


1. I've been through ALL the avenues of rehabilitation, jail, even prison due to one thing...DRINKING. Thank God I never killed anyone or myself, and with that said I believe to be worthy of explaining what is happening here.

2. They won't send her to IMPACT AND a 90 day rehab afterwards. Simply will not happen because most inpatient programs now a days are 30 day programs. This is mostly due to insurance co. and the high costs involved in treatment. Rehab is a inforamtive thing and nothing more beyond the detox phase. For somebody who has never done rehab this is GREAT. The insight and touching on a spiritual side you may of never known is invalueble but even that alone wont keep you sober. Sick of being sick is what keeps you sober.

3. Anyone who demonizes this girl (or anyone with addiction) is an uneducated ape. Addiction is spawned from ONE SINGLE THING: FEAR. Addicts are not 'bad' people. They are afraid of uncovering certain things about themselves that they may OR (more commonly) NOT KNOW about themselves. This sort of thing causes even some non-addicts to kill themselves. Addicts basically put that process off by using.

4. Lindsay isn't ready for any of this. I think her middle finger attested to that and it may be 90 days before she even has a chance to calm down. Her appealing the decision is EASILY the stupidest thing she could of done, and I bet the bank it backfires with an even harsher sentence. If ANYONE in the world doesn't like being tested: its a judge. Thats why people who take cases to trial tend to get their asses handed to them, and the EXACT reason (A VERY SMART LADY) her first attorney ran for the hills.

5. Her best bet was to leave the sentence be. She will be out in less then 3 weeks (bet the bank on it) and she is a moron if she didnt think she was going to have to do inpatient anyhow. If she had someone in her ear who REALLY knew the system (not this Prison Break monkey) in her ear, and was hell bent on an appeal...she would do the the rehab FIRST. NOBODY is dragged out of rehab on cases like this even if she did have a warrant. At THAT point you have your appeak date coinciding with your release from rehab. At THAT point granted you have a warrant (and were going to jail anyhow even if you lose) you still have ALOT more going for you cause you have (hopefully) a new outlook and head on your shoulders.

5. I pray this girl soaks this up like a sponge (even better she reads this post), and knocks off the drinking, finds out what pills she REALLY needs (if any) moves on. Because she takes Aderol cause it is speed, Trazedone cause it turned out to be an ineffective anti-depressent and works better as a sleeping aid and is perscribed as such (ever wonder why she is on 2 anti-depressnts?) Zoloft cause alcohol itself is the depressant, Dilaudid cause she is cross addicted to opiates, and Nexium cause all the smoking and drinking at her rate will make anyones stomach go nuts with acid.

Been-there-done-that...hope this sheds light on the REAL STORY.

1508 days ago


leave her alone and let her go home

1508 days ago


Does anyone out there recall what the judge said ?
She stated that Lindsay will serve her 90 days, and then right after that, she'll be sent to rehab. So, it's not an in jail program.
I guess nobody out there listens to this judge when she hands down her sentence, including Lindsay.

1508 days ago


Good, she should serve her entire 90 days!

1508 days ago


Stuart G will file the case federally and he will WIN!! Regarding Lindsay, you ALL are very uninformed!! You all assume Michael Lohan is acting for the best interest of his daughter. You all also assume Lindsay is still using, spoiled, etc. What you don't know is that she is clean and compliant, even given the missed appointments. This was a misdemeanor case by a non-violent offender, perpetrated three years ago, during an untreated addiction. The judge was completely in the wrong to publicly admonish her for her drug-induced transgressions she paid the price for and went to treatment for THREE times- over three years ago. Lindsay has made mistakes but this judge and prosecutor have made more as of late. Stuart, please go after Michael while you are at it!! He is the worst kind of human being there is... throwing Lindsay under the bus for his own selfish, sick motives disgusts me. To the attorney general: If you have a problem with Lindsay's prescription drugs, take it up with the physicians who are prescribing them - not a 24 year old woman who is doing the best she can to deal with ADHD, trauma, a stalker for a father, and a judge who is overreacting to a sleazy group of uninformed, hate-filled jealous bloggers. Good luck Lindsay!! May God be with you and congratulations on taking back your power and hiring one of the best attorneys on the planet!

1508 days ago


Nope...she is on her way. What is there to appeal? Appealing a prebation violation hearing is a 1 in a million chance. She has already plead guilty to the crime. Not to mention 30 days is standard for a probation violation and when you have 3 concurent cases handing out 30 a pop because you know she will only do 25% is why she gave her the 90 was to be sure she didnt walk in and out of jail, as she would have had she been given 30 days. The would of booked her and released her in the same motion. I belive her case is a 1 year misdemeanor. Technically the judge could of REVOKED her probation and gave her ass a year and there is nothing she could do about other then waste money on a fruitless appeal. Which you can bet your ass the judge will do if she blows this. No matter what this case is assigned to THAT paticular Judge (who really dont like her now) so she better watch her P's and Q's. You cannot appeal a sentence simply cause you feel it is 'unfair'. If the evidence was there to prove she was in compliance with the classes her attorney would of been sure to of presented it. Instead BOTH of them made the arguement that "We thought we could make up the classes." That **** won't ride. LAW 101 IGNORANCE IS NOT A DEFENSE, and thats what they ran with. This new attorney is taking her for a ride for the press and the cash.

1508 days ago

Good riddance!    

HA!!!! It's always bad news for this idiot! And if it's not, she'll do something stupid to make things bad for herself. C-roaches survive a lot, but sometimes they just hang out and wait to get stepped on!

1508 days ago


a 24 year old woman who is doing the best she can to deal with ADHD, trauma, a stalker for a father, and a judge who is overreacting to a sleazy group of uninformed, hate-filled jealous bloggers. Good luck Lindsay!! May God be with you and congratulations on taking back your power and hiring one of the best attorneys on the planet!

Posted at 2:08 PM on Jul 11, 2010 by madeline


I agree Lindsay is definetly taking at the very least about half of these medications for valid reasons. She literally can't sleep alone so clearly has sleeping troubles. On top of this it is obvious that she intentionally harms herself so most likely struggles with depression. I am really hoping that the appeal works out as Lindsay doesn't deserve this harsh and unjust sentence. Maybe Lindsay can rediscover her Catholic faith and this her faith will help her get through this.

1508 days ago



I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE people like you who don't participate in the HATE talk on this blog. It is refreshing and rare. Thanks!

1508 days ago



I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE people like you who don't participate in the HATE talk on this blog. It is refreshing and rare. Thanks!

Posted at 3:26 PM on Jul 11, 2010 by madeline

HA! DUH!!! That's because you both WORSHIP celebrities!!!!!!! Get your own life and some morals!!!

1508 days ago

Mary Ann    


1508 days ago


it's no big surprise that you can recieve treatment when in jail. it's gets people out sooner and CAN make a big differenece depending on how fed up they are. this will not be the last time she's in trouble with the law fro her drug abuse...

1508 days ago
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