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Lindsay Lohan -- Lawyered Up!

7/10/2010 4:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay Lohan has settled on a new lawyer -- and she went all the way to Chicago to find him.

We're told Lindsay will hire Stuart V. Goldberg, a criminal defense attorney from the Windy City. Goldberg met with Lindsay -- along with her sister and Ali and mother Dina -- for about six hours yesterday.

Lindsay, we're told, called Stuart herself and asked him to fly out to Los Angeles.

Lohan is supposed to surrender to the court by July 20, so Goldberg has his work cut out for him.


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Stephan Pickering/Chofetz Chayim ben-Avraham    

Shalom & Erev tov:
Lindsay Lohan is an artist. How quickly mediasaurs (and the Jew-baiting nonsense printed above by those who can barely spell) forget that Robert Downey Jr. just a few years ago was written off, ridiculed, etc. etc. He, too, is an artist. I was raised, decades ago, in Horrorwood -- and saw, through my father's eyes, the humiliation endured by artists destroyed by the blacklists. Personally, I believe that apologies will be given to Ms Lohan when her next film is released. My advice for her would be to listen carefully to Reb Goldberg, while, at the same time, cut back her use of prescription medications (however necessary they may be). She is in an industry where some things are true, even if they never happened, and some things are false, even if they are witnessed.
Tzeteh' LeShalom VeShuveh' LeShalom, Lindsay...go in peace, return in peace.
STEPHAN PICKERING / Chofetz Chayim ben-Avraham

1535 days ago


Do her ridiculously inflated lips get a cell of their own?? They certainly are a crime!! Her plastic surgeon should be put in prison along with her for commiting lip crime Y-U-C-K-O. She is one sick train wreck, 90 days in jail should really be like 5 years in the slammer!! She was driving DRUNK 3 times!! Lock the ho up!!

1535 days ago


It's very appropriate that her lawyer is orange.

1535 days ago


If the court is playing hardball with LL and is determined to exploit her star status she has every right to fight back by hiring a big gun lawyer. I watched the hearing from start to finish and was horrified at the beat down the clinic owner endured from the judge and prosecutor. It was obvious why LL thought she was in compliance. LL's lawyer was beat down every time she opened her mouth by that judge, who even disallowed the exact questions the prosecutor had already asked.

1535 days ago


come on and tell us

did she show up ON TIME for this meeting?????

1535 days ago


I am hoping that this means she will get clean and start acting again. Lindsay Lohan is one my favorite actresses and I want her to start acting again.

1535 days ago


I am hoping that this means she will get clean and start acting again. Lindsay Lohan is one my favorite actresses and I want her to start acting again.

1535 days ago


Of COURSE he'll defend her. Look at all the publicity it is going to bring him! He knows that he can't screw it up because she's already going to whatever criminals out there see his face and give him a call, is one more case than he already has! He could make a nice income just off the druggies/wife beaters and rapists in the acting community alone! He's probably representing her for free so he can pass his cards around to others just like her.

1535 days ago


He's orange!!! With a cheap suit..almost like her father...

1535 days ago


He's orange and wears an ill-fitting cheap suit. So perfect for Lindsay, a father replacement. Oh and are those plugs under that tangerine scalp?

1535 days ago


My thoughts

1) Goldberg is licensed to practice in Illinois NOT California

2) He is a "screenwriter" and is probably handling this pro bono so he can get exposure.

1535 days ago


Jesus! This is all her fault!
All she has to do is get clean. But she wants to play. She wants to get high with the enablers until she's found freaking dead. Out of control D-list trash!

1535 days ago


Does not matter WHO you hire....

Can you understand SNOWBALLS CHANCE IN HELL??

1535 days ago


Im betting the orange guy is almost 65 trying to look 45

1535 days ago


Lawyered up for what? She's got off with PROBATION already! She violated her probation and that's IT. She put herself in this situation. Go to jail you spoiled brat.

1535 days ago
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