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Lindsay Lohan -- Frequent Doc Shopper

7/11/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan's dangerous combination of prescription drugs are obtained through “doctor shopping” across the country.


Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she would go to six different doctors for prescriptions. One source says, "When one doctor says no to refilling a prescription, she will go to the next. It’s a whole process to get what she needed.”

We're told Lindsay has doctors both in Los Angeles and New York -- even one of her past rehab facilities still prescribes her meds.

As we first reported, Lindsay has prescriptions for: Zoloft (antidepressant), Trazodone (antidepressant), Adderall (stimulant to control ADHD), Nexium (acid reflux) and the extremely powerful painkiller Dilaudid.

We're told Lindsay “would get a large supply every time” she visited a doctor.


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Jade evergreen    

Still damn denial are you Madeline yes and time take off the rose color tinted glasses and face reality your idol Lindsay is a criminal and druggie who needs to spend time jail for a weeks and 90 days in rehab just might end up saving spoil selfish brat life you worship so much and like people have saying Judge is being fair to Lindsay to what regular person would get if they were in Lindsay situation and Lindsay had so many chance to clean and take responsibility for action but screw that meaning the court,the law and even to her fans who so blindly support anything she does.

1530 days ago


i hope she gets prosicuted to the fullest extent of the law,not only is she a druggy but shes also awhore

1530 days ago


To Katie of #163... Have you ever read a PDR? I only ask because your comment to TMZ about their poor reporting is not an educated answer. Trazadone, in fact, is considered an "SSRI", which is, in fact, an anti-depressant. Why don't you do your homework before ragging on TMZ and making an a** out of yourself? Just curious...

1530 days ago


She is an addict. Been there done that. People need to stop smashing her and start praying for her. I am praying for you girl!! You can do this.

1530 days ago


Now someone tell me isnt that called doctor shopping I thought that the doctors run what is called a KASPER REPORT meaning they see how many doctors you see getting any narcotic in this state thats a felony

1530 days ago


The only drug that raises concern is the prescription for Dilaudid. The antidepressants are just seritonin and noraepenephrine (sp?) reuptake inhibitors, and are not typically addictive nor can you get high by taking them.

I'm on much more powerful and addictive drugs than her for a slight anxiety and tic disorder (similar to tourettes)and i still have my s**t together. the problem isn't anitdepressants is the DEPRESSION. she needs therapy to learn to deal with life... no amount of drugs will fix a person who doesn't have coping skills. In my opinion she needs to stay on antidepressants while going to therapy, then lower the dose as she gains confidance in her abilities to suceed on her own.

1530 days ago


Lilo is possessed, with Anna Nicole Smith's spirit inside her.

1530 days ago


How the hell is this train wreck on dilaudid. It is the highest form of morphine based painkiller out there. It is usually only given to the dying in extreme pain! Ridiculous!

1529 days ago

killa kam    

she is goin thru what alot of other people are going thru .. if this was the girl that lived down your street you would have no clue leave her alone this is a very hard thing to deal with

1529 days ago


thats good fat joe slapped dat bicth to tell the truth i would **** the **** out of her

1529 days ago


thats good fat joe slapped dat bicth to tell the truth i would **** the **** out of her

1529 days ago


Shes going to cry

1529 days ago


TMZ should be a little more responsible on this one. I'm a fan of the show and the site but a little discretion would be nice. The Nexium, Zoloft, and Trazadone are all medications without the possibility of dependence. The only thing I see on there that can cause dependence is the Dilaudid and Adderall.
If they want to make a stink about those than that is one thing....but it's being made out to be more of an issue than it is. I'm not saying the girl doesn't have a drug problem....clearly she has at least an alcohol (which is a drug) problem. But don't act like valid medications used to treat depression (which may help her abstain from drugs) are part of the problem. The zoloft will help with certain types of depression....the trazadone is an antidepressant but most people use it as a sleeping pill that won't cause dependence.

1523 days ago
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