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La Toya: Michael Wanted to Teach Bubbles to Talk

7/11/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson spent thousands of dollars on research to see if it was possible to perform a medical procedure on his beloved pet Bubbles that would give him the ability to speak ... this according to an interview with his sister La Toya.

Michael eventually came to realize that any such procedure would be too risky, but not after flying in experts. La Toya told News of the World, "... He wanted to give him vocal chords and asked doctors, 'Can I give him an operation so that I can know what his thoughts are?'"

La Toya says the most Bubbles ever mustered up was the occasional bark or grunt.


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TMZ are you hard up for a story? It would seem so,news of the world is tabloid trash. Also Latoya made these same comments(almost word for word) in an interview she did with animal planet last month,when she came to Florida to visit Bubbles! When will let MJ RIP! You people at tmz are always trying to find away to make fun of MJ and anything Jackson related,why? It's because of the Jackson family you site shot to fame so fast! Start giving them respect!

1568 days ago


Someone should teach LaToya how to THINK ! She is a disgrace and the people who repeat and print this crap are just as bad!

1568 days ago


This says more about La Toya and a lot of you readers, than MJ. -"just beacause you read it in a magazine, don`t make it actual, factual"

1568 days ago


i think latoya is confused . he was probably trying to figure out something to do with her vocal chords to shut her up.
everyone knows mj had a friendship with jane goodall, who promotes protecting endangered species and chimpanzees..that is y she is credited with inspiring the heal the world song. she got angry when he gave the money to childrens causes instead of the one she wanted
michael was such a charity whore...he gave it out to anyone who asked.imagine that
he was into researching these things much like they do with dolphins.nothing crazy about that but by the time latoya and news of the world get to it , he is discussing world peace with bubbles
.they should leave him alone.he was a philanthropist and that is y he was inquiring about research.jeez

1568 days ago


It`s a good thing Bubbles couldn`t talk. First thing he would say would be "Mike, take that thing out of me". MJ was a sick puppy, and for all of you that want to overlook that, well, there`s that sickness also.

1568 days ago


have a good day all !! :)

1568 days ago


TMZ writers, I think you meant to say, "...but not UNTIL AFTER flying in experts."

As for the story, isn't is just another prime example of how deeply out of touch with reality this man was?

BTW @mjfan212, we ARE "descended from chimps (apes)." It's called evolution, and while the last details are murky, the basics of it are A FACT. If you don't know why trying to get the chimp talking was weird (as opposed to him having human relationships, or spending the money on better and more important things), then you, too, are beyond help.

LaToya is a talentless attention whore; so what else is new?

1568 days ago


Man TMZ you are so hard up for a story you have to report one that was on animal planet, umm, let's see, about a month ago? and from news of the world to boot? yes this was on the animal planet interview they did with latoya that was probably almost a month ago. Wow, anything to bash Michael Jackson who has kept your website afloat for the past year. Yes, that is real respectable isn't it. Keep this up and you will turn into the trashy tabloid that news of the world and others are.

rip mj

1568 days ago


I don't believe this story.TMZ would be better served if they'd stay away from tabloids that print fiction such as this.I know LaToya has said some outlandish things in the past,but this story can not be believed.LaToya is capable of raising eyebrows with her own questionable statements and has no need for someone to put words in her mouth.
Michael wasn't that stupid;he knew how to read and would have studied up on primates and would have known that chimps and apes were not physically capable of voicing words.

1568 days ago


Heh, Raejean you may be descended from apes but the jury`s still out on that one for me. Perhaps you should look into that a little more.

1567 days ago


The dude live in an amusement park, and people try to say he wasn't a nutjob. MJ fans are the most mentally retarded group on the planet aside from actual mentally retarded people.

1567 days ago


@Jim,you the sick one to even think like that!
@Raejean,I do not believe we desended from apes,God created us.
People have spent alots of money for years on these kinds of things,I don't think it was weird.I think it would have been nice to know what animals could say if we could understand them.

1567 days ago

Phantom of the Opera    

Media Conpiracy - Interview with Mr Charles Thomson.;

1567 days ago

Princess Jackson    

Don't know if this is true or not, but how sweet it would be if Michael were able to give Bubbles that ability! :-)

1567 days ago


News of the World!

Come on, we all know that all their stories are bogus!

La Toya never talked to them, she's smart enough to know that they are c*r*a*p.

TMZ, can't you do better than that? Must be hot and slow today..

1567 days ago
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