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La Toya: Michael Wanted to Teach Bubbles to Talk

7/11/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson spent thousands of dollars on research to see if it was possible to perform a medical procedure on his beloved pet Bubbles that would give him the ability to speak ... this according to an interview with his sister La Toya.

Michael eventually came to realize that any such procedure would be too risky, but not after flying in experts. La Toya told News of the World, "... He wanted to give him vocal chords and asked doctors, 'Can I give him an operation so that I can know what his thoughts are?'"

La Toya says the most Bubbles ever mustered up was the occasional bark or grunt.


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1530 days ago


Shame on LaToya for selling these stories. What kind of sister is she???

1530 days ago


I really hope she didn't stoop this low AGAIN!!! LaToya should be ashamed. This is the most ridiculous nonsense yet. Are we supposed to be stupid enough to believe Michael would even think of doing something like this? Sad thing is, MJ can't even defend himself from this kind of crap. These are the kind of stories that made his life miserable, and now they are coming from his own sister. It makes me sick to think of how he spent his whole life working hard writing music, performing, donating his money to charities, and helping people from the goodness of his heart and this is the best story she has to share with the world? Come on people!! Don't believe this garbage. Even if by some stretch of the imagination this was true (which I don't believe for a minute), she could have kept this story to herself. Either way, the no talent witch is just trying to get paid by disrespecting her own brother. She's. done it before and HE was good hearted enough to forgive her for trashing him. I want to say "Rest in peace,MJ", but it looks like no one is going to let that happen for a long time to come.

1530 days ago

mj fan forever    

La Toya (like who believes to these craps) would have really need of a new brain (considering that the level of intelligence) and she should be ashamed for the absurdities that spits out. News of the world is a tabloid trash and I quote who has quoted Charles Thomson!!!!

1530 days ago


The stories Bubbles could tell.
I wish he could write a book about their romantic encounters.
How to seduce your chimp.

1530 days ago


Whoever believes this crap, has a problem up there (read "brains")
It's old tabloid junk, amazing to see how some fall into the trap again and again. Well, Bubbles definitely has more brain cells than those who wrote the article,

1530 days ago


when are we finally going to stop hearing about mj an his weirdo ways and thinking and tmz can you get a older photo of mj, he was so hard to lok at in his last years. thanks.

1530 days ago

Bubbling Chimp    

And Bubbles first words would have been 'stop touching me there!'

1530 days ago

Brigha from UK    

If MJ is considered 'wacko' for being interested in this concept, then most university psychology departments must share the insult as animal communication is a recognised academic area of psycholinguistics.
For many years researchers have conducted experiments investigating the communicative abilities of several animal species, the most successful being a type of chimp called a bonobo.
The Savage-Rumbaugh research facility in the US led the field in this area, showing that chimps had amazing language abilities. One chimp in particular (Washoe) developed a vocabulary equal to that of a small child. Using a type of sign language she exhibited remarkable communication skills and would even make jokes! Washoe was eventually retired to a sanctuary and was later observed teaching sign language to her offspring.
Of course, chimps cannot produce language as they have no vocal chords. However, if Michael merely wanted to know what Bubbles was thinking - then it is possible.
MJ could afford to be indulgent with such projects. And why not? It is fascinating area of academic research and I too would love to know what Bubbles was thinking.
Most psychologists study this work as part of their degree course. These academics are never ridiculed for their interest - so, why is MJ, once again being labelled a 'wacko' just for being curious?

1530 days ago


I wish bubbles could talk he would sound much better

than stupid elvis.

1530 days ago


Thank You, LaToya, for adding yet another B*ll**** story about Michael to all the crap that has been printed about him! Just another cheap way of getting your name in that trashy rag "News of the World".
Weren't you also the one who called Michael a criminal child molester just to get your name in print (BEFORE he was acquitted)???
Like Mother and Father, like Daughter - anything to make a buck off your dead brother! What a d*uchebag!
from Asd

1530 days ago


Does TMZ read the comments? Well, it would be pretty stupid of them not to, since sometimes people here know more than they do. But I think maybe they have a hard time keeping up. And I am sure they crack jokes about us. That how it works.

Posted at 2:26 PM on Jul 11, 2010 by aston

Wonder if any of the posts from the readers ever boost Harvey's morale, considering some of the posts I read about Harvey, they were just so hilarious.

1530 days ago


Good thing Bubbles could not talk. He would have been a great witness for the prosecution. I wish he could talk and said no Michael. Don't. Please don't. I don't want you like that. Oh the things Bubble could have told the world.

Posted at 4:28 PM on Jul 11, 2010 by Doreen

I mean, does this stuff come out of a woman's mouth, brain. it's disgusting. unbelievable. i can see it from some stupid kids that come on here and play, but a grown up, an adult woman...sick!

1530 days ago


It is not the dead you should be afraid of, it is the living.

1530 days ago
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