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Oksana on Gibson Rant Tapes: Wasn't Me!

7/11/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva says she never meant for those nasty Mel Gibson tapes to go public -- and she says she has "no idea" who leaked them.

Oksana wasn't very talkative on all things Mel -- but she did say that she didn't want the tapes out there and she thinks "it's terrible" they were released.

Mel's side isn't buying her story -- as we first reported, his lawyers filed a contempt motion against Oksana because they believe she is in fact the leak.


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A more interesting question might be, what is the sore on the left side of her upper lip?? Ewww!!

1544 days ago

jim nasium    

How do You say •• L I A R •• in Russian?

1544 days ago


DOH! She is the leak, she got some serious bucks for that leak I gotta tell you.
Mel is an idiot beyond help and repair. Mel go off and just stay out of the limelight for awhile. Grow a ton of facial hair and just hybernate, keep ya thing in ya pants ya religious two faced fanatic. Oh, gosh dont let a woman show any cleavage, but you can go and impregnant random women. Geesh, better yet, someone take all his money and drop him off in a jungle somewhere, the stupidity.

Oksamabama, you made it "lady". Well the use of the word Lady is kinda well..........hmm.
Men, rich and famous men are SOOO STUPID!! Do they really believe these women want them??? OMFG it just goes on and on and on. I don't agree with what these women, or men in some cases do, but ya have to admit if the star is that stupid............

You Got the man in bed, got pregnant, put up with his craziness and got it all on tape, and I bet a video or two!!! Sell that stuff, and get some serious monthly payouts for the baby girl from good ole "cant keep his penis in his pants Mel" and you are fricking set for life, and could still feed a 3rd world country with Mels money.

As I read this "Law Enforcement Questions Oksana's M.O.", LOL MO? Heck its easy, be relately pretty( does not include those things Jesse James did)make the star(MEL) feel like he is all young, hot, sexy, huge, not famous to you(you never went to a movie, or watch tv)gorgeous, handsome, generous man you have ever met, do alot of oral or whatever his favorite "thing" is, do everything for him and make yourself irreplaceable, massages, home cooked meals, say you are on birthcontrol, get pregnant or at least manage to spend a few years with him, dig up the dirt then, tape record everything, do everything possible to piss him off royally in a very quiet voice, and there ya have it, the M.O. LOL

1544 days ago


what a nasty HERPES

1544 days ago


Whatever!! She TOTALLY leaked those tapes. Probably through a different party of course. She is after more than just his money at this point, she wants to RUIN him. But, she may end up ruining herself first. Hell hath no fury like a gold digger NOT getting paid.......... She plays the silent, worried victim too well. Wonder if she pulled the same bs with Dalton? Would be nice to hear depositions of each of their character from Dalton and Mels ex wife. I mean nobody knows Mel better than his ex wife, and Dalton would definitely be able to shed some light on the character of Oxy, especially after a breakup. Someone's true character is based largely upon how they react to certain adversities in life, like a breakup for instance.....

1544 days ago


really she had nothing to do with the leaks, really?? they both deserve each other, her for messing with a married man with 7 children, him for being a bigot, racist and whatever else fits. both need to go away, and take that baby away from both fo them......

1544 days ago


I don't know who da hell she thinks she's foolin..Revenge is best served cold..don't mean anything if the person your doing it to doesn't know it's you !!! SHE NEEDS TO FESS UP !! it's working in her favor, just like she knew it would...Don't know how to say L I A R in Russian, but do know how to say SNITCH in Slang..&.. story a kid...lmao @ her :)
LUV YA TMZ..ur da best

1544 days ago


Why are people so hateful towards her? It's bizarre. I had no idea people were so prejudiced against Russians. Even battered women who deserve support and understanding. I personally cannot imagine being married to such a douchebag, and no money in the world is worth all that this lady has endured.

To Stacy- it's probably a cold sore brought on by all the stress the poor lady is under thanks to nasty people like you. She is a beautiful lady and I doubt you look half as good. Jealous much?

1544 days ago


Who else could it be? This whole situation should be a lesson to older men who get together with younger women. Once they have the kid, you are done....and they have got you by the balls. They will do anything they can to get your money because, in the end, that is all they want.

1544 days ago


She probably didn't leak them. She paid someone to do it for her so she can claim that now. Beside the point. He said what he said. You go girl, we would have never known what a despicable ass he is (although we had an inkling went he went on the anti semitic rant)

1544 days ago


Why would she make the tapes if she didn't want them "out there". What a freak! I agree with Strunz28, they find a rich sucker, get knocked up and live the high life off of child support.

1544 days ago


I totally agree with your comment regarding the stupidity of wealthy /famous men. It seems their ego gets in the way and they totally BELIEVE that the gold digger loves them for who they are. That, coupled with the fact they know that the woman could never have a better life than they could provide, allows them to act like *******s when they want as well. I mean look at Trumps wife, although I think she's not very attractive, and you know it's not love but a lifestyle she is committed to. If not for Mels last rant against the Jews, nobody would ever believe this from. That's probably exactly why she hooked up with him to begin with. It's the quiet/docile ones you have to watch out for because they own the victime role better than any other personality type. It's passive aggressive behavior ala Psych101.

1544 days ago


It was the tooth fairy or the Easter Bunny, eh?

1544 days ago


I dont believe a word she says! There were only two people there, dont think Mel did it.
Another question , what is the sore on her lip? If she is from Russia, is she her illegally? When will she be deported?

1544 days ago

Ms Kris    

Pinocchio your nose is growing

the money ran out & you are doing this for more

1544 days ago
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