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Elin Nordegren -- Swooshless

7/12/2010 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren went for a bike ride near her home in Windermere, FL over the weekend ... with a noticeable lack of Nike gear.

With $100 million on the way she can switch to Reebok, Puma, Adidas, Converse, Under Armour ...

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Jason Chambers = Ugly American who gets his facts totally wrong.

He probably hasn't even been to Sweden.

1528 days ago


I've long since heard Elin was a prude. Tiger didn't have this reputation of being a womanizer until after he got married. I'm just saying I find it rather peculiar he goes on a sex binge while married, and was allegedly a choir boy with a vivid imagination pre-marriage.

No excuses, though. But somehow, I get the feeling Elin is laughing all the way to the bank. She basically got paid $20 million a year just to be married to Tiger. Boo hoo.

1528 days ago


Bob #46, I doubt that Elin is a prude. Never heard of a Swedish prude......lol. Tiger looks like he's the prude, but his actions prove him to be a pervert. Actually, his face would make a prude out of a normal woman. Sluts after money aren't particular and don't care what he looks like.

1528 days ago


@ rj : it's false. Nike is still making cycling clothing.
Just take a look at the Tour de France and the super doped Lance. He's wearing NIKE.

Run Elin run far from this pervert and this country of degenerates where ignorance is so common.
People here have no clue who this woman is and still they are bashing her as if she was the one who cheated.

Little Woody and his fan club idiots will one day learn WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND !!!!!!!!!

1528 days ago


This type of thing is very, very cruel, especially to the innocent person.
Take the time in Sweden to search the very depths of your soul! AM I DOING THE RIGHT THING? Think about your marriage vows, which Tiger tore to shreads, but I think he is tryting to repair himself. Think about the future of your children!
MONEY is not the issue here, you already share 100% of everything Tiger is and owns.
The number one person in this picture is Jesus Christ! He came to this earth to save sinners, and paid the ultimate price for all mankind. He was raised on the Third Day so that we may someday join Him in Heaven......
When was the last times you dropped to your knees, and asked God, not only to forgive your sins [because we are all sinners in the sight of God], but those of Tiger?

He is the Way, the Truth and the Life ......

THINK HARD BEFORE YOU SIGN THOSE PAPERS WHEN YOU RETURN! Some advice from a man that has been married to the same woman for nearly 48 years [July 21, 1962]. Sure we have had our rough spots, but they were caused by me, and I fell to my knees and Jesus Christ, Our Lord andSavior, has forgiven my sins.

Now, Grace, Mercy and Peace be with you and your family.


1528 days ago

JR Jake    

I can't believe some of the senseless and vicious remarks made against a woman (Elin) whose husband cheated on her numerous times. What did she do, pimp him? Where was Elin in the wrong that would make others denigrate her? If she wants to move to Sweden, China or Russia with her children who can blame her with all the garbage she has to put up with here.

The story of adultery is that usually a man has A mistress on the side, not a harem. That speaks more of the immoral decisions of a man who thought he was entitled to all good things because we placed him, like Michael Jackson, on the God pedestal. Not a wise decision on anyone's part, except Elin who has maintained dignity and grace through this affair.

Now her stress is that she will have to worry for the next 10-15 years whether any HIV cells lie dormant in her system, and will have to be tested periodically. Yeah, she was really the bad guy.

1528 days ago


While i love and give my best support to Elin, i'd hate to be in her position. The need of taking every step with safety guards would not be worth it.. I so much more like to earn the money and enjoy it than earn a wealth the way she did, and the embarrassasment that comes with it.. just because youre a millionaire doesn't mean you're happy ;-)

1528 days ago


Elin you and Tiger should have went to marriage thearapy, you"re kinda dumb never let your money flow go. that money won't last, unless you invest.Tiger was wrong but people do deserve a second chance. Nobody is perfect. I wish you blessings cause you're sure gonna need them.

1500 days ago


It would suck to have 160... million dollars, then all at once have 60 million, and you still have to pay child support, and alimony, ohhhhhhhh well when you play you pay bubba....thumbs up Ms Woods lol

1489 days ago
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