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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer: Persona Non Gratis

7/12/2010 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer isn't her new lawyer anymore ... people connected with him say it's because he wouldn't work for free ... but we're hearing a very different story.

Stuart V. Goldberg met with Lindsay, Dina and Ali on Friday night and it was a done deal, until he got a call over the weekend from Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor, who said they just couldn't afford him ... this is all according to Goldberg's camp.

But on the Lindsay side, it's a whole other story.   Let's just say that even Dina and Lindsay decided Goldberg was ... how do we say it nicely ... a little eccentric.   How 'bout a license plate with letters that reveal the word, "Snake Charmer."

The new leader in the clubhouse? We hear it's none other than O.J. Simpson's former lawyer, Robert Shapiro.   Hey, Shapiro helped get a killer off, so maybe not such a bad idea.



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I agree thought SCH performance was awful but it was evident the D.A and the judge were both out to get Lindsay. Also she said she would look at the reasons for her missing classes well she didn't. In January she was stuck in North Carolina and rented a ride to get back and even tweeted about. She also was in London for the Haiti thing and she did have a deposition she just wasn't given a fair chance at all.

I agree Lindsay should definetly try and exercise while in jail so that she is looking good upon relase. Also it may make it slightly easier for her to sleep in the awful conditions.
I still can't believe how harsh the judge was especially with the inpatient program and the length of the jail sentence.

1563 days ago


@29 Hime. She did NOT test positive for a crapload of prescription drugs. Read the PDF of the probabtion report. She only had aderall in her system all 5 weeks represented and dilaidid 2 weeks around the time of her surgery that does not appear since Jun 7.

How is she on meds for basically taking adderall every week as prescribed. When it gets down to facts, rather than her image and people's assumptions, nothing supports addiction currently.

For the person that said she stumbles and falls, that's more nonsense. She was fimled falling 3 times. THREE times. She's gone out at night to clubs or restaurants how many times this year? 50, 60, 70? Videos reveal that prior to the falls she was talking and there was NO slurred speech, no staggering, just being rushed along wearing heels and not negotiating changes of level in the pavement. Try again.

1563 days ago


@ hime

Saying she hasn't worked in years is an outright lie. At best your ignorant which is no excuse.

1563 days ago


Lindsay needs to work out her strategy out right now she has 7 days to file an appeal or she is going to jail. She also has to comply with the court ordered physchiatric evaluation.

She could get out in 2 weeks and then do an interview about how it allowed her to reflect etc.

1563 days ago


Shapiro should tell her & her "mother" to go online & use his "LEGAL ZOOM" website & they can save money & she can defend herself...{Ha1}

1563 days ago


@32 you and others that put forth these comments about Ali's appearance, did you ever think of how harmful that might be to Ali? What 16-year old girl wants to constantly read that she looks twice her age and older? That's nasty, mean-spirited, and potentially very damaging to any young girl. But it is compounded by Ali being Lindsay's sister and all of the media conditions around Lindsay. This stuff does get back to Ali and it is a shame that people are this nasty.

The lawyer should meet with Ali because Ali needs to know what is going on with Lindsay and what tthe game plan is. She certainly isn't too young to be in the loop of how Lindsay, her mom and her team will go forward dealing with Lindsay's sentence. This is Lindsay's life and livelihood, not a soap opera, this is a real person with real loved ones and Ali is probably the closest person to Lindsay in her family and is a very vulnerable age.

Overall, I think Ali's handles herself remarkably well dealing with all of the stuff around Lindsay and the lies said about her (breast augmentation, plastic surgery, goes to clubs with Lindsay (big lie), lives with Lindsay, etc.). Crazy thing is, this is Ali's normal.

1563 days ago


I am for Shapiro...his son died of overdose and he is the right man to represent her. She should not go to jail and she should be rehabilitated.

1563 days ago


It almost appears that Michael IS looking out for her best interest a little bit.

Representing her would be shooting yourself in the foot!!

You'd go down as "Lindsay's lawyer when she got sent to jail.."

Bad situation all around

# 7 is too funny!!

1563 days ago


I'm glad Lindsay didn't hire the Orange egocentric wannabe screenwriter. Now can you keep taking good decisions and look at yourself?! I'm afraid with all the leeches surrounding her, it's not gonna happen.

1563 days ago

Jacko Whackedit    

They should take Lindsay to a vet and have her put to sleep.

1563 days ago


Normally, a lawyer cannot withdraw from a case without leave of court (permission from the judge). I would be shocked if Judge Revel allows Attorney Holley to withdraw from the case until Lindsay Lohan has secured alternate counsel.

1563 days ago

Swing low sweet chariot    

Someone above wrote ...."In the last 20 years she has appeared in over 24 movies and TV shows. She's appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 5 times, has hosted Saturday Night Live 4 times, done The Late Show with David Letterman 3 times, The Ellen Degeneres Show 4 times, the View 3 times, Total Request Live 9 times, etc. etc. etc. not to mention playing one of the lead roles in quite a few blockbuster movies that have earned hundred of millions of dollars over the years. She was one of Disney's star assets for Christ's sake."

I've been a die-hard SNL fan for nearly 30 years, I can't recall seeing this girl host even once, must have been pretty forgetable. As for Leno, Letterman, Ellen, the View and (what the hell is Total Request???, those numbers seem awfully high. Seems to me you watch waaaaaaaay too much TV ... or maybe only Blowhan appearances ... stalk much?

As for "lead roles" in "Blockbuster movies", that's a total stretch. If by that you are stalking about Herbie, Freaky Friday, Mean Girls ... uh ... that's all I can think of .... her "acting skills" are negligible at best and it's actually quite uncomfortable to watch her "perform". My pinky is getting cramped from all of the quotes I've had to type.

You are delusional and are living in the past, what has she done in the last 4 years? FA!!! If I am wrong in calling you out with these numbers you have contrived, do forgive. Prove me wrong, stalk me through it. It seems to me like a person such as yourself has done the research (infrared surveillance) and knows all about this self-entitled skanks' life, please produce the dates that she appeared on all of these show's and what "Blockbuster" movies she "starred" in that earned multi-millions. Stalk about being full of crap ....

Stalk to ya later ....

1563 days ago


WTF????? Because she might have to serve 23 days in jail??lol...OMG and then, God help us, she has to go to rehab...probibly the thing that MIGHT save this girls life. This world is a trip, please lock up the mother too while your at it!

1563 days ago


Blohan did this to herself. All she had to do was attend
a few classes. All that is happening to her right now, is
her very own fault. Those stupid tears she cried in court
were absolutely priceless. Her cry face is pathetic.

1563 days ago


Robert Shapiro was also Linda Lovelace's lawyer. Can we say publicity stunt. Is he doing this for free? My guess is yes.

1563 days ago
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