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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer: Persona Non Gratis

7/12/2010 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer isn't her new lawyer anymore ... people connected with him say it's because he wouldn't work for free ... but we're hearing a very different story.

Stuart V. Goldberg met with Lindsay, Dina and Ali on Friday night and it was a done deal, until he got a call over the weekend from Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor, who said they just couldn't afford him ... this is all according to Goldberg's camp.

But on the Lindsay side, it's a whole other story.   Let's just say that even Dina and Lindsay decided Goldberg was ... how do we say it nicely ... a little eccentric.   How 'bout a license plate with letters that reveal the word, "Snake Charmer."

The new leader in the clubhouse? We hear it's none other than O.J. Simpson's former lawyer, Robert Shapiro.   Hey, Shapiro helped get a killer off, so maybe not such a bad idea.



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Lindsey should re watch her movie, Mean Girls. She is a brat and needs consequences for her actions. God help the innocent person driving if she is not held accountable for her actions. She is the ultimate selfish drunk; she has no regard for life.

1526 days ago


You MUST check out Goldberg's facebook page. All his 800 friends are models from around the world all under age 22. He is almost 65! Also, dont miss his website....self-aggrandizing, whacked out and way over the top. As for his legal skills, well, he is an aspiring screenwriter who came to Hollywood with his own get a movie deal. He has no shame.

1526 days ago


Well, she doesn't need a lawyer, shes needs to talk to Paris to find out how to survive jail.....

1526 days ago


Damn am I good or am I good? Read my comments on the "LINDSAY LOHAN - MIX JAIL WITH REHAB" exclusive here on TMZ from a few days ago. I called this guys cards yesterday. "He is taking the case for press or the cash." I've been in Lindays shoes with the exact same cases...and then some. Any attorney taking this case at this point is simply doing to appease the instance of Lindsay. She has absolutely no basis for an appeal an Mr. Shapiro needs to make it clear to her. She could of saved alot of time and money by just following my comment. I had Georfrey Fieger here in Detroit (represented Jack Kevorkian) and he did some miracle work me Lindsay you are better off listening to people who have been exactly in your shoes and HIRED great attorneys then you are listening to a great attorney at this point. You handcuffed your last attorney by acting a fool an rendering her ineffective and by appealing this? Your judge has the entire legal right to ALL OUT REVOKE YOUR PROBATION AND DO THE FULL PENALTY OF YOUR CASE; WHICH I BELIEVE IS A ONE YEAR MISDEMEANOR! Harvey said it best, "Judges dont overturn decisions by judges unless there was an absolute abortion of the justice." and honey you have the furthest thing from that kind of case. This appeal will blow up in her face. I've been right so far.


1526 days ago


I am impressed.
It never ceases to amaze me how much extremely intimate knowledge strangers from around the country and the world have of these celebrities – as though every word they see hear and read in gossip and tabloids has to be true – despite contradicting one another and changing by the nanosecond…
…I am also so impressed with all the PhD’s in Law we have on these web comments. You folks are really showing that $90,000 education off in the right places.
Your psychic drug wisdom and knowledge is god-like.
Your compassion for one another as well as the Lohan clan is commendable as well.
You certainly treat each other with the civility of 17th century British gentry.
The most important thing though is the advice – as though on July 12th she hasn’t gotten thousands of pounds of advice already from those who actually have something to do with the case.
Perhaps you could all get together and push for an “intervention”
And follow that up by solving the global economic crisis!

1526 days ago


Robert S was sued by a convicted murderer named "Phil" for ripping off the music producer for one million dollars which Robt did not earn. Don't these morons ever learn?

1526 days ago


pathetic, she should just move on and get her ass in jail asap. she's wasting her time.

1526 days ago

boro silicate    

everybody knows robert shapiro is a deal maker, he doesnt try cases. back when he was oj's original attorney he had a guilty plea and a deal set to get, thats when jonnie cochran stepped in. maybe shapiro can negotiate some premium stations for flealo's tv but hes not going to be able to get flealo to walk free.

1526 days ago


It´s funny how losers tend to attract other losers.

1526 days ago


Isn't it an issue that the ambulance chaser have a license to practice law in California? Or does appearing on a 3am ad on TV there count?

1526 days ago


@Mimi Lindsay did attend the classes. She made up missed classes. The whole violation boils down to not going once a week and Lindsay following the Right On program's state guidelines and not Revel's over-the-phone directive to Right On mandating once a week. Petty and ridiculous IMO.

1526 days ago


Shaprio won't do it for less until a new entrant will do it for free.

1526 days ago


Good grief, why can't she just accept she screwed up, do the time and move on with her life. Isn't that what most "grown-ups" would do? Oh yea, she thinks shes above the law. I think it was a mistake to let her turn herself in, they should have taken her straight to jail. Lindsay needs to learn, you play, you pay!!!

1526 days ago


@63 Richard

If you think that the brutal and uncalled for sentence and treatment Paris Hilton got at the hands of the court had any impact on her success since she was released your a fool!

She lay in her cell continuing to get worse for 3 days and then the jailers tried to hide their guilt by sending her home. When the judge put her back in jail it took 6 days of hospitalization to get her well enough to finish her sentence.

The jailers watched someone sink to the verge of mental collapse and did not lift a finger, do you suppose Lindsay will be treated any better.

The sheriffs department will alow her her meds because they dont want to argue with doctors but their cruelity is made obvious by their ban on nicotine gum and patches even though they are both perscription treatments.

Paris has enjoyed great success since her jail time due to hard work and shedding the people she used to have around her. The fact that she could afford help is also a key reason why her time in jail did not ruine her.

1526 days ago


The British newspaper, "The Guardian", is right. Lilo's continuing saga is far more entertaining than her films ever were.

Read it at:

1526 days ago
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