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Oksana Allegedly Told Dentist -- It Was Mel

7/12/2010 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0712_oksana_EX_getty_01Oksana Grigorieva claims she told her dentist Mel Gibson knocked her teeth out the day after the alleged incident ... sources tell TMZ ... but there's a problem.

TMZ broke the story, Oksana claimed Mel knocked one tooth out and chipped another during an explosive argument on January 6.  We're told Mel denies doing it.

The tape that Oksana secretly recorded with Mel during the showdown catches Mel saying, "You f**king deserved it."

Here's what's interesting about the dentist ... We're told the dentist never reported the incident to police.  Under California law (Penal Code Section 11160), a health practitioner must report to police when the professional "reasonably suspects ... assaultive or abusive conduct" against a "spouse or cohabitant."

Sources tell us Mel and Oksana were indeed cohabitants on January 6.

The dentist could be a critical witness if Gibson is prosecuted for domestic violence.  The failure to report could become a big issue.


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That's what happens when you keep running your mouth sweetheart...

1567 days ago


There's no question, RadarOnline has the 8 minute audio clip of Mel admitting it.

1567 days ago


Mel has no credibility-He is a real peice of work. So discussting...and would you really tell your dentist what really happened? This couple needs to grow up. They will both lose that baby if they keep this crap up.

1567 days ago


Why didn't the dentist report the incident to police?

1567 days ago


Mel is like Joe Blow. Full of hot air.

1567 days ago


What a mess! She should just shut up, its clear she is after Mel to get money. Mel, you should disappear for awhile too and rethink your attitude.

1567 days ago


Most anyone that has been married or in a relationship has cross words they wish they did not say. Sad thing is when you are in your own place I guess you no longer can say things during a fight that you once could. Judge and you shall be judged...
I feel bad for the child but seems her Mommy was out for the cash all along.

1567 days ago


there needs to be a neither option, I wouldnt believe either one of them, they are both dumb, him for being a racist dirtbag who couldnt spot a gold digger, and her for allow her gold digging get in the way of reporting this douchebag to the police when he beat her, they deserve eachother, i feel really bad for their kid, she really doesnt have a chance in this life with these two retards as parents

1567 days ago


Some in the medical profession do not want to become involved. Sadly, statistics do show many women do go back to their abusers several time before they leave if ever. In this case, fame may of had a lot to do with it. He fixes teeth, the publicity would ruin his ability to practice. I do not agree with it, but this may be the case.

1567 days ago


I told ya that he beat her. But, these celebrity worshipers would not listen. However, I do believe she was involved in the release of the tapes. The tapes certainly helped her cause; otherwise, some stupid judge would have given the benefit of the doubt to the rich, famous person.

1567 days ago


Oh BTW The Australia goverment did not let Black Ppl into the country until early 70's so maybe when one looks at where someone has come from like another country then maybe others will understand.
He is an extreme Catholic to the inth degree and some feel it was the Jewish race that put Jesus to death. Have fun but I have given reasons for why he is why he is. Bad behavior is bad but how many have acted wrongly in their own home while fighting with the other half?????????????????

1567 days ago


After hearing both calls all I can say is:

South Park got it right...

1567 days ago


Mel Gibson is a vile human being and is the lowest form of "man" out there. Anyone who defends him doesn't know what a real man is.

1567 days ago


She claims she told her dentist? This girls seems to have crafted a solid story. Don't you think it is more than a little ironic that she taped the conversations... she told the dentist... etc... and the guy, albeit very inappropriate and drunk, was furious for being used financially.... She used him financially and then completely betrayed him. She knew he was a drunk when moved in with him and also when she crafted the whole story.

1567 days ago


even if he did beat her, still doesnt explain why a) she took 7 months to come forward b) she agreed to split 50/50 custody with a beater. Is a mother honestly going to agree to 50/50 with someone as violent and crazy as she's claiming Mel to be? Doesnt seem right to me. Either she's lying to get more money or she truly doesnt gove a rat's ass about the heath and wefare of her child. Either way, she's screwed. No, I DONT beleive Mel is an innocent party here, but many of us would actually WANT our fights with loved ones taped and brought to light? In CA, a tape recording cannot be used unless the party knows they are being taped.

1567 days ago
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